Rickey Harvey & Lee Williams & Spiritual QCs 2017 “He Laid His Hands on Me”

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Parks Chapel AME Church in Oakland California, June 11, 2017.
Rickey Harvey teamed with Lee Williams and the Spiritual QCS for a rendition of “HE LAID HIS HANDS ON ME” This was done with no rehearsals whatsoever, so please overlook the mistakes. Dr. Harvey was honored to appear with the Famed Legendary Lee Williams and the Spiritual QCS…. the Group was grateful to have him and they fit like hand and glove…….God Bless Lee Williams and the Spiritual QCS and Dr. Rickey Harvey

Fallen Middletown soldier laid to rest

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Sgt. Michael F. Paranzino, 22, of Middletown, an Army soldier killed in Afghanistan, is laid to rest Monday, November 15, 2010, with a Mass at St. Lucy’s Church, and burial with full military honors at St. Columba Cemetery, both in Middletown. Paranzino is survived by his wife, Lindsey Paranzino, parents Francis and Melane Paranzino, brother Daniel Paranzino, mother-in-law Cindy Hightower, and sister-in-laws Lazandra Hightower and Kate Christopher.

Providence Journal video by John Freidah

Town laid to waste by hurricane, military, livestock

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Cameron, Louisiana
1. Wide shot, zooms in to water tower reading town’s name
2. Tracking shot of damage
3. Various of debris
4. Pan of businesses destroyed
5. Wide shot of damaged structure, truck driving past
6. Aerials of Cameron showing almost nothing still standing
7. Lieutenant General Honore,Military Coordinator for Hurricanes looking out window of helicopter
8. SOUNDBITE (English) Lieutenant General Russel Honore, Military Coordinator for Hurricanes:
“Well, we’ve got a water tower, and we’ve got a courthouse. That’s it of the basic city infrastructure. The bank is ruined, schools, churches, all destroyed. Many businesses, all the grocery stores. This place will have to be rebuilt from the ground up.”
9. Tracking shot of damage

Vermilion Parish, Louisiana
10. Various of livestock
11. Sugar cane farmer, Errol Domingues, walking
12. SOUNDBITE (English) Errol Domingues, Farmer:
“If things hold true to this, the acreage that won’t be harvested on our farm will be somewhere, the gross wages, of $2 million (US) dollars.”
Q: You’re one of the bigger producers in this area?
A: “In Vermilion Parish, we’re one of the larger producers, yes.”
13. Farmer walking


The coastline of southwestern Louisiana will take years to restore after Hurricane Rita unearthed graves, ripped apart levees and infected farmland with saltwater, the commander of the military relief effort said.

Army Lieutenant General Russel Honore took a handful of reporters along Thursday for a helicopter tour of heavily affected Cameron Parish, near the Texas border

Honore said that the entire coastline will take years to rebuild.

In Cameron Parish, the courthouse and water tower were about all that remained standing, Honore said.

And In some fields, sugarcane was bent over for as far as the eye could see.

Farm equipment was stranded in fields, and wood and sheet metal siding was sprinkled across marshland.

Relief workers were setting up a tent city near the beach, where officials could sleep, shower and work as they try to get basic operations of government running again.

A primary concern there was a shortage of gasoline.

Until fuel supplies are readily available, it is impossible to even set up distribution sites for food and water because people who lost their homes and businesses have no gas to get there.

But residents had not yet returned.

The only people present were soldiers in fatigues who were clearing debris and a few relief workers.

Meanwhile, sugarcane farmers in neighbouring Vermilion Parish said they were concerned about saltwater and debris that landed in their fields and smashed their crops.

One farmer, Errol Domingues, lost about half his 4,200 acres (1,680 hectares) of sugarcane, worth about $2 million (euro1.66 million) when his farm was inundated with saltwater from the Gulf, about 15 miles (24 kilometers) away.

He said he would likely have to sell off his cattle, because feed was ruined by saltwater.

The brackish water also cost him his crawfish pond.

In Louisiana, as many as 160,000 buildings could be condemned and bulldozed, according to Mike McDaniel, chief of the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, citing the agency’s first overall damage assessment of the parishes affected by the storm.

The storm also destroyed 350,000 cars and other vehicles, as well as 1 million stoves, refrigerators and other appliances, McDaniel said.

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The Israelites: Spiritual Israel Doctrine Laid To Rest Romans 11

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IUIC Tallahassee in the Classroom, This is a series where we will deal with everyday issues that are holding our people back from reaching the full measure of Christ.
Israel United In Christ

This Black, Hispanic, Latino and Native American Heritage:

The so called Black, American Negros, South American Latinos, West Indians, Hispanics, and Native Americans are the True Israelites as proved in the Bible.
Showing the connection between our Slavery and the curses in the bible.

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Original Royalty:

1 – Laid To Rest – Lamb of God (Live in Raleigh, NC – 07/20/17)

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Filmed with an iPhone 6s at Red Hat Amphitheater in Raleigh, NC on July 20, 2017 during Slayer’s “Summer 2017 Tour” with Lamb of God & Behemoth (featuring Jon Rice [ex-Job for a Cowboy] on drums)

Upcoming Shows (so far):
Jul 27 – Logic w/ Joey Bada$$ & Big Lenbo @ Red Hat
Aug 1 – Dying Fetus w/ Oceano, Slaughter to Prevail, Betraying the Martyrs @ Canal Club (Richmond, VA)
Aug 22 – Decapitated & Thy Art is Murder w/ Fallujah & Ghost Bath @ Arizona Petes
Aug 26 – Delta Rae w/ The Church Sisters @ Lincoln Theater
Aug 29 – Kendrick Lamar w/ YG & DRAM @ Spectrum Center
Sep 13 – Penny & Sparrow @ Neighborhood Theater
Sept 16-17 – Music Midtown 2017 @ Piedmont Park Atlanta
Sept 30-Oct 1 – Louder Than Life (Louisville, KY)
Oct 21 – Between The Buried & Me w/ The Contortionist, Polyphia, Toothgrinder @ Neighborhood Theater
Nov 4 – alt-J @ ExploreAsheville.com Arena
Nov 16 – Jay-Z @ Spectrum Center

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NOLA legend ‘Dooky’ Chase laid to rest surrounded by family, friends

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Dozens of family members and friends gathered at St. Peter Claver Catholic Church to celebrate the life of Edgar Lawrence “Dooky” Chase Jr., who passed away Nov. 22.
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Bradley Co. Fire Captain Laid To Rest Following Crash

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A community in Bradley County mourned the passing of a local fire captain as his family laid him to rest Monday.

Wallace Varnell, captain of Bradley County Fire-Rescue Station 3, was one of two men killed in a car accident last week on Georgetown Road. Edward Brewer was the second victim who died after he lost control of his car and collided head-on with Varnell’s car, according to Tennessee Highway Patrol.

Varnell was buried with full firefighter honors with a procession through Cleveland as fire trucks led him to Mt. Carmel Cemetery. People who knew of him and even those who didn’t paused for a moment.

“I’m a former employee of Jasper County Fire-Rescue in Ridgeleand, South Carolina and just stopping to pay my respects for a fallen brother,” said Rita Anderson, who watched the procession from Keith Street and 25th Street.

Bradley County firefighters transported Varnell on his fire truck from Station 3, many saluting the leader on his last ride.

“Anytime we lose someone especially like the man we lost today, it does bring tears to our eyes,” said Sheriff Eric Watson, of Bradley County. “It’s a gain for heaven but it’s a loss for Bradley County.”

Churches shared their condolences with those he leaves behind, and the moving images touched county leaders.

“It makes you tear up, when I saw all the fire trucks go by it really gets you tore up just to see that neighboring counties support each other like that in a time of need,” said Charlotte Peak-Jones, a Bradley County commissioner.

His loss creates a void that cannot be filled for many.

“He worked for free. He volunteered for free at the fire department and rescue,” said Watson. “He saved many people’s lives and he was a mentor to their young people as well.”

As his family buries Varnell at Mt. Carmel, local leaders wanted to share a message.

“We are all thinking about them. They are in our prayers, and we’re here for them if they need support,” said Peak-Jones.

At least five fire companies surrounding Bradley County and nearby Georgia counties came for the funeral. He volunteered at Station 3 for 22 years.

Companion Funeral Home has not announced arrangements for Brewer.

By Briona Arradondo

Brockton MA Police K-9 “Gomo” Laid to Rest (12-21-11)

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Over 30 police departments from throughout southeast Massachusetts and Cape Cod attended a funeral service for fallen Brockton, Massachusetts police K-9 “Gizmo”. The service was held on Wednesday, December 21, 2011 at the Angel View Pet Cemetery in Middleboro, Massachusetts.