Visiting Kodiak Alaska – A Few Views of Kodiak to Consider

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This video does not contain brown bears. Youtube would not let me choose a thumbnail for my video so I had to upload a photo (I shot this on Kodiak though) so I didn’t have those three dumb dots on the screen. I do have bear videos coming. So please stay tuned to see those! I have AMAZING pictures as well! Hope you will check out my website to see the photos and stay tuned for the videos! 🙂

Kodiak Island Alaska is one of the most remote and beautiful places I have ever seen in this amazing world. There are so many natural beautiful things to see and do on Kodiak.
Here are just a few of the places you will want to go to and see while visiting and photographing Kodiak.
I would HIGHLY recommend photographing Kodiak Island. Each bend in the road promises new surprises. Some of my most favorite views were heading toward to the town of Chiniak where they recently had the big fire.
Don’t miss touring the United States Coast Guard Base in Kodiak while your there. It is the biggest and largest Coast Guard Base in the United States.

Neat movies and TV shows have been filmed on Kodiak and at the base. Ill add to this list when my internet connection is better.

TV Show – Deadliest Catch, Kodiak,
Movies filmed in Kodiak – The Guardian (Kevin Kostner and Ashton Kutcher)

Divine Liturgy at St Herman of Alaska reliquary – Holy Resurrection Cathedral Kodiak 2010.avi

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I missed the boats to Monks Lagoon, however I attended services at St Herman’s reliquary – Holy Resurrection Cathedral in Kodiak.
Bishop BENJAMIN was lone celebrant and it was beautiful. simple, plain and humble… kinda what I would imagine St Herman was like when he lived amongst my ancestors over 200 years ago.

I will follow with other videos of the final portions of the service – but first I have a meeting to attend.
This video clip is from the part of the Liturgy when bread and wine is offered up as a sacrifice and then Blessed making the Change to the Body and Blood of Christ. Our religion claims Apostolic Succession whereby we can trace our lineage back to the Last Supper, the first communion, on that day, in that room with Christ Himself.

A January walk after the snow, on Orthodox Christmas Day in Kodiak, AK

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A short walk on the day of Russian Orthodox Chirstmas.
Note the gray skies at the begining and the nicely clearing blue skies at the end of the walk.
And since it is “Christmas Day”, we’ll finish by the Russian Orthodox Church, as an eagle checks us out.
Makes winter look fun, doesn’t it?
Merry Christmas in January!

Flight to Kodiak, Alaska on Alaska Airlines 737-400

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A 45 minute hop down from Anchorage to Kodiak, flying into its typical weather conditions. Normally operated by 737-400 Combi and smaller turboprops, today this route was flown with an all-passenger 737-400. Lighter load made for a quick takeoff from Anchorage. Great engine sound as heard from seat 3A in First Class.