Sermon: Satan’s Unseen Kingdom: How It Operates

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How does Satan’s unseen kingdom operate? We are going to look at the adversary of ours, Satan the devil, and we’re going to take note of what we sometimes may not fully understand. The Bible talks about and tell us what we need to know about this adversary, and an aspect of what he is that we may not fully grasp and comprehend in our everyday thinking.

Sermon presented by Ken Martin on August 2, 2014 in the Columbus, Georgia congregation.

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Visiting Lancaster Cohousing one of the pilot site of NOBEL GRID project in United Kingdom

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Lancaster Cohousing is one of the five demonstration site of the NOBEL GRID project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Lancaster Cohousing provides the best test-bed for NOBEL GRID project since it has lots of on-site renewable generation (solar PV panels, hydro electric scheme and a single biomass boiler) as well as a mixed-use consumption.

Carbon Co-op have teamed up with Lancaster Cohousing co-operative to test new hardware developed in this Horizon 2020 project, the SMX, which is designed to be fitted to already installed smart meters on site adding large amounts of smart network functionality and providing an AMR system for the use of tenants, householders, and the local co-operatives.


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IUIC: Prophets Warn Pastor Sean Coney of Kingdom Seekers Church /Prentiss MS

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‘The Kingdom Age, and the Falling Away of the Church’: Jimmy Swaggart at FWC

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Brother Swaggart did not give a title for this message at the begining, so I determined the title by the general content….
Brother Swaggart begins and ends this message preaching primarily about the ‘Kingdom Age’, but you can feel the Holy Spirit begin to take Brother Swaggart’s message mid way thru…. Rebuking the condition of a large portition of the ‘Church’ that is embracing the world, rather than seeking the Spirit of GOD.

Recorded on 3-21-2012