It’s time to kill some of our categories. | Pastor Steven Furtick

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We’re always trying to categorize our experiences, but Jesus is a category killer.

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Deer Doggin’ 2017 | Dogs Strokin’ a Buck! (No Kill)

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Deer dog hunting Oak Tree Hunting Club. Good audio of a buck race we had Sunday. We came close to killing him but he wouldn’t hit the road. Maybe next time!

Voiceover guy: Allen Scofield

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Rapper Bun B hires Hitmen to Kill Trae Tha Truth

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Houston’s daily southern rap review is catching you up on “Trae The Truth” recently being shot. A statement has been released from unknown in house source that Port Arthur, Texas Underground King Bun B has involvement in shooting outside of Houston nightclub… Stay Tuned!

Untold Truth of FEMA Camps, Death Barges Jailing up Hurricane Victims! Martial Law Kill Plans!

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Artificial Hurricane Harvey Irma Maria Jose!
Untold Truth About FEMA Death Camps, Barges in Texas Hurricane Harvey! Walmart Kill Plans Exposed! Martial Law Initialed!
FEMA Camps, Death Barges Jailing up Hurricane Victims! Martial Law Kill Plans Initiated!
FEMA Barges arrived Arthur, Texas to round homeless victims up.
Walmart Prisons prepared to jail Texas’ Homeless people!
Untold Truth About What Really Happened In Texas, FEMA And Artificial Hurricane Harvey Irma Maria Jose – WATCH TIL THE END!

Kill Gay People – North Carolina Pastor’s Outrageous Sermon

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“North Carolina Pastor Charles Worley shared with his congregation this weekend how he thinks the country should deal with the scourge of gay men and lesbians: Lock them into a pen with an electrified fence, drop food down to them, and because they can’t reproduce, they will die out. The Pastor’s leper colony-esque proposal came in response to the president’s endorsement of same-sex marriage…”.* Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur break it down on The Young Turks.

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Ok to Kill Children After They Are Born? | Dan – Brooklyn, NY | Atheist Experience 23.03

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The Atheist Experience episode 23.03 for January 20, 2019, with Tracie Harris and Mandisa Thomas of Black Nonbelievers.

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[hate5six] Kill Verona – November 10, 2013

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Kill Verona at The First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia, PA on 2013-11-10

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Kill the Spider- Carlos Whittaker

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Every faith story has its ups and downs, but the Christian life is so much more than our failed attempts to stop sinning; it’s about believing our identity as a child of the living God. Carlos Whittaker explores the difference between trying to correct sinful patterns and uprooting the root sin. Freedom is not found in striving; freedom is found in surrender.

This teaching is from our guest speakers series with Skip Heitzig from Calvary Church.

(BIZARRE NEWS) Puppeteer wanted to kill and eat children – JULY 24th 2012

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A Florida puppeteer who entertains children at birthday parties, schools and churches, secretly wanted to rape, kill and eat them, cops said.

Ronald Brown, 57, of Largo, was arrested last week after federal agents found that he’d allegedly been chatting online with child pornography suspects about “extremely graphic discussions regarding kidnapping, sexually abusing, murdering and eating children,” according to a federal complaint obtained by the Tampa Bay Times.

The details are gruesome.

Brown — whose Puppets Plus website promises “grins and giggles” for kids — was reportedly caught in online chat rooms with people the feds were investigating as part of a child pornography ring in Massachusetts. He allegedly fantasized about strangling, dismembering and eating his victims.

During one chat session, police claim he said he wanted to tie a child up, lock him in a closet and then eat him for Easter supper. In another, he allegedly stated that his mouth watered when he looked at a female toddler.

In a search of his home on July 19, cops found a CD full of photographs showing dead children and kids posed in bondage positions, The Weekly Vice reported. Brown also told FBI agents that he wanted to eat a little boy he met at a local church.

Brown lives in a neighborhood near several playgrounds and regularly invited children over to his house for pizza, according to the news site.

But it isn’t the first time he’s been eyed as suspicious. In 1998, he was investigated after police found several pairs of boys’ underwear in the front seat of his car. He maintained that they were puppet clothes.

Brown was arrested and booked on charges of conspiring to kidnap a child and possession of child pornography.

A Time to Kill

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John Grisham’s bestseller A Time to Kill hits the screen with incendiary force, directed by Joel Schumacher (Batman Forever, The Client). Sandra Bullock, Samuel L. Jackson, Matthew McConaughey and Kevin Spacey portray the principals in a murder trial that brings a small Mississippi town’s racial tensions to the flashpoint. Amid a frenzy of activist marches, Klan terror, media clamor and brutal riots, an unseasoned but idealistic young attorney mounts a stirring courtroom battle for justice. The superb ensemble also includes Brenda Fricker, Oliver Platt, Charles S. Dutton, Ashley Judd, Patrick McGoohan, Chris Cooper and both Donald and Keifer Sutherland. These and other talents make A Time to Kill “one ofthe year’s most powerful films” (Jeffrey Lyons, SNEAK PREVIEW/ABC WORLD NEWS NOW). MPAA Rating: R

Darrius Stewart: MEmphis Police Kill Black Teen @ Black Church After Traffic Stop

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Eric Church – Kill A Word (Live At Red Rocks)

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Music video by Eric Church performing Kill A Word. (C) 2016 EMI Records Nashville