Kids Martial Arts Demo at Wakefield 12 – Raleigh, NC – Marquee Cinemas (Karate Kid premiere)

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A demonstration that was held at Wakefield 12 Marquee Cinema in 2010 during the Karate Kid premiere. Professor Rob and Guy Pendergrass as well as many of the Junior Champions demonstrate self defense, throws, and weapons disarmament technique. We offer programs for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and Self Defense. For more info about Pendergrass Academy check us out at
Pendergrass Academy
12339-104 Wake Union Church Road
Wake Forest NC 27587

Porn shown to kid at church – First Centenary United Methodist Chattanooga

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A homeless man has been arrested after police say he showed pornography to a 4-year-old during church.

It reportedly happened during an evening service at First Centenary United Methodist.

The boy’s mom told police her son was sitting next to the homeless man, who began showing him porn videos on a cell phone.

40-year-old Mark Wilson was kicked out of the church. Police later found him under an overpass. He told them he uses one of his two cell phones exclusively for pornography.

Wilson has been charged with sexual exploitation of a minor – and is being held on a $10,000 dollar bond.

Blacks Attack Whites in Milwaukee, Threaten & Follow “White” Reporters, Shoot 18-y-o White Kid

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Sources: (WND / Paul Joseph Watson) Milwaukee madness: White people ‘hunted’ for attacks
(Hot Air / Tim Pool) Reporter: I’m leaving Milwaukee because white people are being threatened and attacked

Black agitators in Milwaukee threatened, chased, hunted, attacked, assaulted, and shot white people after a black cop killed armed black thug Sylville Smith (who was carrying a stolen gun) the other weekend. Blacks video recorded themselves shouting, “They’re beating up every white person…. He white! Beat his a**!” A mixed-Korean journalist Tim Pool left Milwaukee because he “looks white” to blacks, after seeing a white 18-year-old local shot in the neck by a black, seeing the attacks on whites and anti-white threats and hate speech, like “F*** white people!”

The young man who was shot was dropping off a friend after attending the Wisconsin State Fair, saw the live crowds and decided to see what was happening; he witnessed blacks throwing bricks and objects at police, but did not think the “protestors” (rioters) were attacking other civilians.

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Dr. Kevin Leman in “Have a New Kid by Friday”

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Have a New Kid by Friday is now a DVD video seminar for groups, classes, and churches! Six 25-30 minute videos teach practical parenting solutions that can change your child’s attitude, behavior, and character — in 5 days! Each kit comes with everything you need to run a class or small group, including a DVD with all six lessons, a workbook, a leader guide, promotional posters and clipart, and an audio CD set of all six lessons.

Kid Arrested for Church Fire After Posting About it Online

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Donation info:
Mission Hill Baptist Church
4653 Business 61 South
Palmyra, MO 63461

A kid going by the name Jediknight12345 posts about how he’s going to burn down a church; he proceeds to post pictures online, which leads to his arrest.

Kid Rock – You Never Met A Motherfucker Quite Like Me [Official Video]

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This is the official video for Kid Rock’s “You Never Met A Motherfucker Quite Like Me” from the album “Cocky”

Watch the best Kid Rock videos on YouTube here:

Official website:

Scientologist OT 8 Wally Hanks beating a kid 1988

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Wally Hanks was also accused of child rape, but the cult of Scientology silenced his accusers. He was never charged with anything, and most likely went on to abuse more children. Just Google his name. These criminals need to be stopped. The abuse documented in this video took place in 1988, at a place called “The Mace Kingsley Ranch School”, in Palmdale, California. Wally supplied the children with beer when they behaved, and beat them when they misbehaved. I hope Wally will come clean before he dies and admit to all the children he hurt.

There is tons of stuff on the web about “The Ranch”, and sadly, it is all true.

Punch Your Gay Kid!

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In May 2012, Pastor Sean Harris of Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville NC instructed his church members to punch their gay sons. I wanted to highlight this example of the kind of hate filled speech that are coming from Christian Pastors in this country.

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Kid Gets His Xbox Donated Prank, Throws Xbox Out Car Window Skit

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Today daddy takes the xbox as a prank and tells Leland he’s going to donate it. See what Leland does next…..

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KID MADE OBSTACLE COURSE (6.30.13 – Day 457) |

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RetroFuture Dirty – Kevin MacLeod (
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KID MADE OBSTACLE COURSE (6.30.13 – Day 457) |

The Preacher’s Kid (2010) Official Trailer #1 – Drama Movie HD

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The Preacher’s Kid (2010) Official Trailer #1 – Drama Movie HD

Small-town preacher’s kid Angie King leaves the church and her Augusta, GA home to pursue a dream of singing stardom.

Kid Rock out as Christmas Parade Grand Marshal, James Shaw Jr. invited to be honored

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The 65th Nashville Christmas Parade Organizers have announced that Kid Rock will not longer serve as the Grand Marshal of the Nashville Christmas Parade.