Emporia, Kansas: A Song By Tre Scott

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This single from Tre Scott’s top selling album, Sitting On The Throne, is all about the artist’s hometown, Emporia, Kansas! Emporia is a wonderful place to visit but, an even better place to live! This parody is to the beat of California Love by Tupac and Dr. Dre. A big shout out goes to the director, cameraman and video editor who made this music video a success! As always please don’t steal my lyrics unless you give me some credit for them!

What Happened when the Kansas Senate Heard a REAL Prayer

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Videos “Prayer delivered in Kansas State legislature by Pastor Joe Wright” – Hilton Griswold reads

Turning a Christian prayer into Muslim propaganda

“The Senior Citizens’ Song” – Ira Stanphil, Hilton Griswold

Taking the Gospel to Kansas City & Around the World!- Bishop A. Glenn Brady (2016)

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Enjoy and be inspired by this 15min presentation of the international ministry of Bishop A. Glenn Brady as he chronicles various life changing mission trips! Bishop A. Glenn Brady now serves as the Pastor of the New Bethel Church and Bishop of the Hawaii District Council of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World. Visit aglennbrady.org for more information

Video Published July, 2016

School For Sale In Kansas $95,000

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School For Sale In Kansas $95,000

The possibilities are endless for this Solid building and large lot close to ten (10) acres – 9.08 acres by records. Consider dividing into condos, apartments, or a hunting lodge, with privately owned units or for seasonal rental or maybe a sports club, an art, education, health, recreation cultural or religious center. Set up your Business Warehouse, public storage, or industry call center.

Features and high points of the property

* Newer Roof and Gutters (4 years) in Great Condition
* Electrical systems were kept updated by Meadowlark Academy to federal, state, and local government standards.
* Fire and intrusion Alarm System, steel fire doors and emergency lighting.
* The building is wired for updated internet and multiple line telephone systems
* Porch Lift elevator with a rated load of 750 pounds
* The building is equipped with twenty-one (21) independently operating Central Heat /Air-condition Units with approximately four (4) years of use.
* All Classrooms have individual central units, which allows individual temperature and timer settings, also allows simple shutdown unused areas.
* There are 14 classrooms
* 8 Bathrooms, including 2 locker room shower rooms and Staff shower area.
* Main Office with kitchenette and walk-in Vault /Safe by Mosler, Executive Office, Secondary Office, Nurses Office.
* Acoustic Music/ Choral room with private entrance, a large storage room, a separate bathroom, and a kitchen with to the ceiling cabinets and shelving.
* Auto Shop / 3-Garage with separate storage room, work area, and an air-conditioned private office area.
* Meadowlark Academy added four (4) copper plumbed washer hook-ups and three (3) dryer hook-ups.
* 68′ X 84′ Gymnasium and Stage
* The gymnasium has Hardwood floor in great condition. There are 6 basketball goals & retractable bleachers and two Fair Play electronic scoreboards. With a seating capacity of 1040 (640 in the bleachers; you can host dances with a live band, concerts, theatrical performances, or a basket ball game.
* The Stage has theater Curtains and features fold down “pocket” cafeteria tables and roll up server through window to the industrial kitchen.
* Industrial kitchen Features
* 10-Burner Vulcan Gas Range with Double Ovens
* Exhaust and Fire Suppression Hood
* 3-Stage Sanitary System Sink
* Hand-Held Sprayer and Food Service ‘InSinkerator’ industrial Garbage Disposal
* Hobart Dish Washer
* Hatco Temperature Boost water heater
* Separate Sanitary Hand Sink
* 20′ X 11.5′ Pantry with floor to ceiling shelving
* Walk-in Refrigerator / Freezer
* Delivery / Loading Dock
* Outside there are three basketball courts. Two (2) on the northwest side and one (1) on the southeast side which was originally laid as a tennis court.
* Building layout and design with eight (8) entrances, allows easy conversion into 7-9 Units, with an estimated selling price of $25,000 – $35,000 per unit.
* Would make an excellent condo situation with HOA to cover your cost.
* Hunting lodge, for owner or rental units
* The home next door recently listed in the range of $175,000
* In Ottawa County, the City of Delphos has friendly small town charm and casual comfortable pace.
* Town Square Park
* City Library
* Town Hall
* State Bank of Delphos
* United States Post office
* Historic Buildings
* Café / Restaurant
* Gas station/ service station

Interview with Shirley Phelps-Roper, Leader – Westboro Baptist Church- Topeka, Kansas

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We’ve added a another clip from this interview (in HD quality):

Chris Mason, Founder of stops in Topeka, Kansas to visit the infamous “God Hates Fags” Westboro Baptist Church.

We use WBC’s own hateful message to raise funds for the people and organizations they protest against. If WBC is coming to your town, contact us and we will help you turn their hate into positive change.

When WBC goes to a school to protest a gay/straight alliance, or to a temple to protest with their anti-Semitic signs, we build the website and take online pledges for every minute they will be picketing at that location. The longer they protest, the more money they raise for the gay/straight alliance or temple they are protesting against. We hope that WBC will eventually stop their protesting in order to stop raising funds for the LGBT and Jewish communities.

It is a fun, positive way to respond to WBC’s hateful message.

This interview was part of a project that Phelps-A-Thon.com founder, Chris Mason, embarked on during the summer of 2009.

Driving Equality ( is a 100-day, 16,000-mile, 48-state trek across America to collect stories from LGBTQ people in an effort to raise awareness of the various forms of discrimination faced by our community in each state of the nation. Highlighting the differences in rights, laws, and amendments between the states will shed light on the current social standing of queer individuals today. I hope to create a dialogue about the disparities across the nation, and what can be done to end discrimination for all.

During the 100-day trip, I am meeting with LGBTQ community organizers, activists, and any citizens willing to talk, as well as our opposition. Through these interviews, I will gain an understanding of the current political climates, and explore ways of combating discrimination. Throughout my journey, I will make frequent posts on the website, including photos and video clips.

“Praise The Lord” #151120 – TBN Kansas City

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TBNKC local “Praise The Lord” episode, airdate of November 20, 2015. Featuring host Pastor Tony D. Cobbins from Canaan Worship Center in Kansas City, MO. Pastor Cobbins preaches two messages from Canaan Worship Center. Praise and worship music provided by Canaan Worship Center.

Metal Detecting Old Kansas Ghost Town

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In this video the fellas and I are out exploring another vanished ghost town. All that is left standing is one house and a few outbuildings. Right alongside a railroad, this little town once had a hotel, store, post office, a mill and several residences. It also hosted an old train depot.

This is our first (of hopefully many) trips to this property. This time we were using a Garrett AT Pro, Minelab Safari, Fisher F19, and Scrap Iron was testing out the new XP Deus metal detector.

Since the field was plowed we decided to metal detect it. We spent a few hours but could have spent a few days detecting the field alone.

Supposedly this property has been metal detected before, but I never let that phase me when detecting. There were several items we did found, that if the property were “hunted out”, would not have been there. Including an old ring, an 1890’s Indian Head Penny, several wheaties, and large chunks of lead and iron.

Whoever hunted this property before either had poor metal detectors or did a quick job of it (or both). We found TONS of targets. Another thing to consider is: How experienced were the other detectorists? If they had poor detectors and didn’t know how to use them properly, then you can simply thank them for removing all of the aluminum, clad, and junk so you can come in and find the goodies! Sure, they may pop off some silver every once and a while but harder targets will confuse them and their detectors and after two hours of digging pieces of foil, they will start ignoring them and thus pass over some sweet targets.

Moral of this story: I NEVER let someone tell me that a property has been metal detected before and let it prevent me from hunting it. I know that viewers follow us and hit our sites (sometimes without permission I might add :(. It is likely they find stuff that I missed. That is the name of the game…especially if you are hunting good sites!

Russian Dance “Kalinka”/ “Come, Come, Ye Saints’ ~ Kansas City Temple Cultural Celebration

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The youth of the Independence, Missouri Stake perform a traditional Russian dance, “Kalinka”, followed by “Come, Come, Ye Saints” at the Cultural Celebration for the Kansas City, Missouri Temple.

Jesus Christ Has Risen Today – Easter Vigil 2010 Grace Episcopal Cathedral Topeka, Kansas USA

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The choir of Grace Episcopal Cathedral Topeka, Kansas, USA sings “Jesus Christ Has Risen Today” during the Easter Vigil Service 04/03/2010. The hymn is preceded by the Episcopal Bishop of Kansas, The Right Rev. Dean Wolfe proclaiming Christ’s resurrection. We were joined by other churches for the Vigil, St. David’s Episcopal, Topeka, KS. and churches in Wamego, Holton and Junction City Kansas.

Best Ethiopian Food Store in Kansas city Area – Niagara Grocery

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Best Ethiopian Food Store in Kansas City Area
Ethio Mart / Convenience Store 10919 Shawnee Mission Pkwy
Shawnee KS 66203 or Call 913-631-2151

If you are Look for the best place in Shawnee Kansas then look no more we have everything you need and want best Ethiopian store in Kansas, Best Ethiopian store in KansasThe Best Ethiopian Food Recipes on Yummly | Ethiopian Red Lentil Stew – Misir Wot, Ethiopian Chickpeas, Slow Cooker Ethiopian-spiced Chicken And Black Lentil Stew.

Below is a number of 10 yummy Ethiopian foods you must eat before you die, 10 Delicious Ethiopian Foods You Must Eat Before You Die to start with tibs.

How to cook great Ethiopian food the best resource for authentic Ethiopian recipes, Ethiopian Spices, Ethiopian Food images & Ethiopian cooking Videos.

The day I told my friends I was traveling to Ethiopia is the day I learned that Ethiopian food is The Next Big Thing.

Things you need to know about Ethiopian food so you can begin to feast on the best dishes Ethiopia has to offer.

A selection of the best Ethiopian Food recipes as how-to step by step videos Brought to by How To Cook Great.

IMAGINE ETHIOPIAN FOOD WITHOUT BERBERE, the red pepper powder that gives a spicy wot its palatable fire.

Read the Ethiopian Food discussion from the Chowhound General Discussion, Ethiopian food community.

An overview of Ethiopian food, from injera to mixed plates to stews (wats), kitfo, and coffee.

Explore Martina Breuer’s board “Ethiopian Food Recipes” on Pinterest.

Authentic Ethiopian Food and Spices.

How to cook great Ethiopian food the best resource for authentic Ethiopian recipes, Ethiopian Spices, Ethiopian Food images & Ethiopian cooking Videos.

This is the chief spice blend found in Ethiopian cooking, a fragrant blend that’s somewhere between Indian curry and Southwestern chili powder.

Read the Ethiopian cooking discussion from the Chowhound Home Cooking, Ethiopian food community.

So it’s an ideal recipe to start with if you are new to Ethiopian cooking.

Behold, eager eaters, the culinary magic that is Ethiopian cooking.

3) Speaking of heat, spice is a huge part of Ethiopian cooking.

Savor traditional Ethiopian cooking from family recipes.

An essential spice in Ethiopian cooking is fenugreek.

Ethiopian Cooking School: Sweet Potato Bread.

Ethiopian Cooking with Pepper and Spice.

Wheatly Provident Hospital – Kansas City, MO

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After a few weeks of deleting content off my computer I was able to finally work on a little video for you guys. I haven’t hit all spots around the Kansas City Metro Area but I plan to in the coming months as I build my team!

Photo Credit: Tristen Lang

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