New Bethel Church Choir “Put a Praise On It” – 2016 #PAWinc Summer Convention

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New Bethel Church Choir (Kansas City, KS) ministering “Put a Praise On It” by Tasha Cobbs. 2016 #PAWinc Summer Convention in Kansas City, MO. Sunday Evening Service 7/31/16.

The International Christian Education Association #ICEA #SundaySchool #ChristianEducation (
Dr. Barbara Payne, President

Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Inc. #PAWinc (
Bishop Charles H. Ellis III, Presiding Bishop
Bishop Richard E. Young, 1st Assistant Presiding Bishop
Bishop Theodore Brooks, 2nd Assistant Presiding Bishop

Welcome To The Church At Kansas City

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Preparing the Church at Kansas City for the return of our King, Jesus Christ!

The Scriptures prophecy that in the end-times, the Church will awaken– God’s people will hear the prophetic call to come out of Babylon, the dry bones will come together and come to life, and the Church will bear witness as one Body to the resurrection and reign of our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you want to obey the call to leave Babylon and its adulteries, is the place that God has provided for you in these end-times to be cleansed by God’s Word.

Join us, as we prepare for the return of our soon coming King, and as God transforms His people into a Church without spot or wrinkle!

The Chairlady’s Praise Break COGIC AIM 2014 (Kansas City, MO)

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Chairlady Joyce Rodgers Giving The Saints Life After Preaching A Powerful Word Wednesday Morning In The 2014 COGIC AIM Convention In Kansas City, MO

(False Preachers) Bishop Nathaniel Bell Jackson,MS 2008 #8

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The Church of God
5443 Gault Street
Jackson, Mississippi 39209
Pastor, Bishop Nathaniel Bell
(601) 922-3633

The Church of God
1541 Highway 18
Medon, Tennessee
Pastor, Elder Maurice March
(731) 424-4224

The Church of God
14924 S. EdBrooke Ave
Dolton, Illinois 60419
Pastor, Elder Jimmy Carter

The Church of God
14901 S. Honore
Harvey, Illinois 60426
Pastor, Elder Douglas Bell Jr.

The Church of God
1012 Fairfax Street
Flint, Michigan 48505
Pastor, Elder John Phinisee
(810) 624-0652

The Church of God
P.O. Box 536
Prentiss, Mississippi 39474
Pastor, Bishop John Culver
(601) 792-0258

The Church of God
436 S. Jackson Street
Crystal Springs, Mississippi 39059
Pastor, Elder Steve Arnold

The Church of God
1513 Kent Street
Flint Michigan 48503
Pastor, Elder Lawrence Washington Sr.

The Church of God
11443 GarnersFerry Road
Eastover, South Carolina 29044
Pastor, Elder Nathaniel Gamble II
(803) 609-6400

The Church of God
N. Morgan Avenue
Hollandale, Mississippi
Pastor, Bishop Nathaniel Bell
(601) 922-3633

The Church of God
2400 East 30 Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64109
Pastor, Elder Douglas Bell Jr.
(785) 843-6801

For more information contact Minister Douglas L. Bell @ (913)279-8160

Kansas City International Church – Church Life

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Its been more than 2 months since Kansas City International Church has started and we are growing. God is doing amazing things in our midst. Here is a glimpse of what’s going on in the life of our church. You are most welcome to attend our services every Sunday at 10:30AM. Please find the address below:
Kansas City Internatiional Church
1700 SW Market St
Lee’s Summit, Missouri 64082.

For more details call 408-992-1941 or send an email to [email protected]

Supt. Linwood Dillard Closing COGIC AIM 2014 (Kansas City, MO)

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Supt. Linwood Dillard Preaching The Saints Into A Holy Ghost Fit Thursday Night During the COGIC 2014 AIM Convention in Kansas City, MO

Kansas City Missouri Temple

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Video tour of the interior of the Kansas City Missouri Temple.

No portion of this video, in full or part, may be copied, re-uploaded, or edited in any way without permission. Video made by Daniel Smith.

Ninguna parte de este video, en parte o completo, se puede copiar, volver a cargar, o editado de ninguna manera sin permiso. Video realizado por Daniel Smith.

For more information on why Mormons build temples visit:

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Dixie Chicks Tour, Sprint Center, Kansas City Westboro Baptist Church Protest 2016, HD

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Dixie Chicks Kansas City 2016, Natalie mentions the Westboro Baptist Church Protesters outside the Sprint Center.

I love the Dixie Chicks!

Hillary Clinton National Baptist Convention in Kansas City Missouri

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Hillary Clinton stressed her connections to the historically black churches today on the campaign trail, taking a veiled shot at her Republican rival, Donald Trump, who made his first trip to a black church on the campaign trail this past weekend and has been making a pitch for the African-American vote. “I am sure some of you are sick and tired of politicians who just show up at election time… you and your congregations deserve more,” Clinton said at the National Baptist Convention in Kansas City, Mo. this evening. “I happen to be a born and raised Methodist but I’ve been married to a Southern Baptist for more than 40 years,” she said. “Across this great country, you’ve welcomed me into your congregations with open arms and open hearts,” she said.

Trump Tells Black Church Members in Detroit He is There to ‘Learn’

Donald Trump Aims to Build on What Little Black Support He Has

Echoes of Trump’s Controversial Central Park Jogger Letter Linger in Campaign Rhetoric

Clinton took direct aim at Trump, criticizing his support of the “birther” conspiracy theories that question President Obama’s status as a natural-born American.

“If he doesn’t respect all Americans, how can he serve all Americans?” she said of Trump.

“You know better than anyone that people who look at the African American community and see only poverty, crime, and despair are missing so much,” she said in an earlier veiled reference.

Trump has struggled to gain support among black voters, and his numbers dropped among the group following the July conventions, according to the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll which was released Aug. 7.

Before the conventions, Clinton received support from 89 percent of registered black voters who were polled about a two-way race; Trump got only 4 percent.

After the conventions, that gap widened, with Clinton receiving 92 percent of black support and Trump receiving only 2 percent.

Dr. Jerry Young, the president of the National Baptist Convention, also took a veiled dig at Trump, during his introduction.

“What is encouraging to me is her being here is not breaking news. And I am absolutely totally thankfully for that matter,” he said

Revival Update: Life Comes Rushing In at Kansas City Revival

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Like a rushing mighty wind, Gods life changes, heals, and restores at World Revival Church of Kansas City.Come and receive LIFE to take back to your city!

Daystar Television Network continues to air Friday night revival services from World Revival Church of Kansas City at 7:30 PM CST. Service Times: Thursdays 7 PM corporate prayer; revival services Fridays 6:30 PM, Saturdays 7 PM, and Sundays 10 AM.

Wedding day from 1940 in Kansas City, Missouri.

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This is my 95 year old grandmother’s wedding day in 1940. Cameras were not allowed in the church and the wedding was held on a weekday, as the custom of having weddings on Saturday in the U.S. had not started yet. She was 20 years old at the time. Her and the flower girl are the only people from the wedding portion of the video that are still alive. This video is original and has not been retouched or colorized. Also on this video are her 1 year anniversary and a trip to the Lake of the Ozarks in 1950 with her two children (my dad and uncle), my grandfather, who passed in 1976, and my great grandmother, who passed in 1983. The footage was filmed in the Northeast section of Kansas City, Missouri, and at Loose Park.