Y’all US citizens? US Border Patrol K-9 Shakes Down Minivan, DEA License Plate Reader GOPR0442

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Hi, folks, both y’all US citizens? US Border Patrol K-9 Shakes Down Chrysler Minivan, DEA License Plate Reader GOPR0442
0:01 99 Cent Only Stores, 11274 S Fortuna Rd, Yuma, Arizona, 99only.com
0:06 18 July 2018
3:31 Fortuna/Foothills
4:09 Interstate 8 East
4:38 24/7 Get Fit Foothills, 11370 North Frontage Road, Yuma
5:15 Desert Grace Community Church of the Nazarene, 12134 E North Frontage Rd, Yuma desertgrace.org (928) 305-1132
5:54 Foothills Church of Christ, 12654 N Frontage Rd, Yuma
5:57 Gila Mountain United Methodist Church, 12716 North Frontage Road, Yuma gilamountainumc.org
6:11 Foothills Blvd
6:31 Fortuna De Oro RV Park, 13650 North Frontage Road, Yuma cal-am.com
7:04 Mina De Fortuna Self Storage, 11262 S Ave 14 E, Yuma
7:36 US Border Patrol Inspection Station, 1 Mile, Open
7:57 US Border Patrol Inspection Station Ahead, Be Prepared to Stop
8:58 Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) License Plate Reading Cameras
12:10 Hi, folks, both y’all US citizens?
12:17 Canine and US Border Patrol Agents shake down white Chrysler Minivan
14:27 Telegraph Pass
16:38 Exit 21
16:45 Exit 21, Dome Valley
18:27 Parking Area, 1 Mile
20:59 Ave 25E
22:20 Highway Worker
22:24 Highway Patrol, Arizona DPS Traffic Stop
24:03 Exit 30
24:28 Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Wellton, 28784 Commerce Way, Wellton, AZ 85356 wyndhamhotels.com (928) 785-3777
24:59 Ave 29E, Wellton
25:01 Chuck’s Stage Stop, Restaurant & Pizzeria
25:34 Dusty Rose Country Emporium
25:41 Railroad Track
25:44 Sun County R.V. Park
25:51 Phalique Studio

Douglas County Nevada K9 Officer Driving Out Of Control

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K9 Deputy in car 323 rushed up behind me in Mound House, rode my bumper, cut between me and another car, making them slam their brakes, then cut me off and brake checked me, causing me to slam on my brakes!!!

He then began weaving in and out of cars in Dayton Nevada, almost causing other wrecks, and tailgating other vehicles who were forced over.

He started doing 65 in a 35 and was forced to slow down by other cars.

This is unacceptable! New almost wrecked me and I had a NINE MONTH OLD BABY IN THE CAR!!! UNACCEPTABLE!

Douglas County Sheriff: 775-782-9935

Brockton MA Police K-9 “Gomo” Laid to Rest (12-21-11)

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Over 30 police departments from throughout southeast Massachusetts and Cape Cod attended a funeral service for fallen Brockton, Massachusetts police K-9 “Gizmo”. The service was held on Wednesday, December 21, 2011 at the Angel View Pet Cemetery in Middleboro, Massachusetts.