Visiting Douglas Island, Island in Juneau, Alaska, United States

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Douglas Island is a tidal island in the U.S. state of Alaska, just west of downtown Juneau and east of Admiralty Island. It is separated from mainland Juneau by the Gastineau Channel. The Juneau-Douglas Bridge, connecting the island with Juneau, provides a two lane road to and from the island and accommodates both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. For more info, visit this link:

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Douglas Bridge grand opening [10/13/1935].

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Title from film container. Originally issued on 16 mm. film. Shows opening ceremony of the bridge between Juneau and Douglas [10/13/1935]. Shows scenes of the Alaska-Juneau (AJ) Mine.

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Juneau_ Capital of Alaska.

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The City and Borough of Juneau is the capital city of Alaska. It is a unified municipality located on the Gastineau Channel in the Alaskan panhandle and is the 2nd largest city in the United States by area.
Juneau is Alaska’s capital, however you can’t get there by road. Southeast Alaska is sandwiched between the rugged coastal mountain range and the Pacific Ocean. Constructing roads between many of the towns and cities of SE Alaska is prohibitively expensive and sometimes impossible.
Access to Juneau is only by air and sea.
So if you miss the boat you have to fly out.

Downtown Juneau sits at sea level, with tides averaging 16 feet (5 m), below steep mountains about 3,500 feet (1,100 m) to 4,000 feet (1,200 m) high. Atop these mountains is the Juneau Icefield, a large ice mass from which about 30 glaciers flow; two of these, the Mendenhall Glacier and the Lemon Creek Glacier, are visible from the local road system; the Mendenhall glacier has been generally retreating; its front face is declining both in width and height

There’s A New Name – Diane Bish

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Diane Bish plays this piece on the 1928 Kimball Theater Organ of the Capital Building in Juneau, Alaska.

(Sorry, the sound is a bit out of sync with the video. I tried to digitally enhance the sound quality, but it caused the video and audio to be mismatched)

I Am The Town Movie Maven | INDIE ALASKA

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Whether it’s with cult films, theatrical performances, or musical acts, comedienne Collette Costa keeps her Juneau neighbors entertained year-round.

Travis Gilmour
Slavik Boyechko

Slavik Boyechko

Starship Amazing

“Ju-neau why you should become a Jesuit Volunteer?”

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Considering a year of service with Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest? The Juneau, Alaska JVs have this message to share. Learn more about the program and apply at

Cruise 3- Juneau introduction to Judy & Steve Evenson

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Meet Judy and Steve Evenson in Juneau, Alaska and see how the Discover Bible School lessons have altered the lives of the Young people running the school. Produced by Todd Gessele for the Alaska Conference of Seventh-day Adventist and those aboard the Voice of Prophecy Cruise June 1-8, 2012. Since you’re my friend, you saw it first here!

JUNEAU AND SKAGWAY, ALASKA | Buhay Barko ni Baby Boy Ep 25

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Buhay Barko ni Baby Boy Episode 25

Ako nga po pala ang Boyfriend ni Perky. I left Philippines to pursue a new career in life. I am now working on a cruise ship and will be away for six months. And while I’m away, I’ve decided to share some of my experiences here.

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Baby Boy

Juneau & Sitka Alaska

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We worked in Southeast Alaska for a summer driving tour buses. From hiking on glaciers, helicopter rides, whale watching, and dog sledding it was a blast. We loved showing off the last frontier with our passengers and exploring on our days off.