“Richard King” “LIVE” “Jesus Is Real” July 11,2016 “Mia Cuppa Caffe” Fresno Ca.

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Uploaded on 7/27/2016 1st Live video by Richard King.Singing without the electric guitar. Richard King’s new CD is called; “Win The Battle”. Richard King is now living in the Fresno Ca. area. Interested Churches, Managers and agents please email Richard King at; [email protected] Also Please Check Out: “This Little Of Mine”, “How Great Thou Art”, and “Let Me Not Offend Thee” ‘Live!! by Richard King on youtube also just uploaded 7/28/2016. God bless you.

McCann: Chris German’s Wedding, July 31, 1982

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Part of the Gordon McCann Ozarks Folk Music Collection at Missouri State University’s Special Collections and Archives.

This recording includes tape 1 sides A and B. This tape was recorded July 31, 1982 at Chris German’s wedding, St. Louis, Missouri. Taylor McBane- fiddle, Pete McMahon- fiddle, Charlie Walden- fiddle/guitar, Chris German- fiddle/guitar, Bill Shull?- fiddle, Gordon McCann- gutiar, & others.

Taylor McBane- fiddle & Pete McMahon- fiddle:
1. “Twinkle, Twinkle” (in the key of G)
2. “New Broom” (in G)
3. “Leather Britches” (in G)
4. “Gelsaw’s Tune” (in D)
5. “Hooker’s Hornpipe” (in G)
6. “Buckley’s Reel” (in G)
7. “Capri Waltz” (in G)
8. “Jack Diamonds” (in A)
9. “Wake Up, Susan” (in A)
10. “Sally Goodin” (in A)
11. “Barkley’s Reel” (in G)
12. “Kansas City Rag” (in G)
13. “Missouri Waltz” (in G)
14. “Hell Among the Yearlings” (in D)
15. “Blackfoot Rag” (in D)
16. “Missouri Waltz” (in G)
17. “High Level Hornpipe” (in Bb)
18. “Grey Eagle” (in A)
19. “Tom & Jerry” (in A)
20. “Sam’s Tune” (in C)
21. “Fourteen Days in Georgia” (in C)

…end tape 1 side A…
Tape 1 side B

Taylor McBane- fiddle & Pete McMahon- fiddle:
22. “Over the Waves” (in G)
23. “Varsovienne” (in G)

Charlie Walden- fiddle:
24. “Clarinet Polka” (in G, D, & C)
25. “Woodchopper’s Reel” (in D)
26. “Soldier’s Joy” (in D)

Pete McMahon- fiddle:
27. “Marmaduke’s Hornpipe” (in D)
28. “Ragtime Annie” (in D)

Taylor McBane- fiddle:
29. “Peach Tree Limb” (Flop Eared Mule) (in G & D)
30. “Whiskey Before Breakfast” (in D)

Taylor McBane & Charlie Walden- fiddle:
31. “A & E Waltz” (in A & E)
32. “Kansas City Rag” (in G)

Chris German & Bill Shull- fiddle:
33. “Give the Fiddler a Dram” (in G)

Charlie Walden & Taylor McBane- fiddle:
34. “Sally Johnson” (in G)

These recordings are made available for research purposes. The views expressed in the recordings are those of the individuals speaking and do not necessarily represent the views of Missouri State University. If you are a rights holder and need to contest the inclusion of this recording, please contact [email protected]

Some of this material may be protected by copyright law. Permission of the copyright holders is required for commercial use, reproduction, or anything beyond what is allowed by fair use.

St. Louis, German’s Wedding–7-31-82
Chris German’s Wedding.mp3
Untitled 1.wav

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Gala Dinner – Dallas, Texas- July 4th, 2017

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Come, let’s fellowship and have dinner with Major 1, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and Prophetess Mary Bushiri, plus get prophecies, healing, deliverance, receive the word and prayers.

Go to to register

Police Officer Records UFO Footage In Milwaukee, WI July 2015

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A Police Officer captures several scary UFOs floating in the Milwaukee, WI area on July 25th 2015 at 8:15pm

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Gustavo Rojas, a police officer in Milwaukee,WI captured these strange UFO anomalies. He uploaded the video to Facebook and there have been many different opinions on what the lights could be. Some people think they are alien life forms floating in the sky while others believe they are “floating Chinese lanterns”. Tell us what you think in the comments and send your creepy photos and videos to


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Farm Monitor – July 21, 2018

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On this week’s Farm Monitor… a program in Southwest Georgia is helping put more fresh; local produce into the hands of consumers, learn what goes into getting power restored following a major weather event; see how UGA’s student community garden is teaching food production and community outreach; and Ranger Nick looks at the vital role gophers play in South Georgia’s forest ecosystem.

Police Radio Traffic – Active Shooter Newark Ohio July 24th 2017

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On July 24th 2017 Newark Ohio Police were dispatched to a possible active shooter near the Bob Evans restaurant. Reports indicate that Phillip L. Parker II, 29 of Marion Ohio located his ex girlfriend Sarah E. Bennett, 26 of Newark Ohio and proceeded to open fire on her. She fled the scene and was involved in a motor vehicle accident nearby. Police report that Parker died of a accidental self inflicted gun shot wound. Bennett was struck once and is expected to survive with only minor injuries. A child with her was not injured.

[hate5six] Striking Distance – July 06, 2001

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Striking Distance at Falls Church VFW in Falls Church, VA on 2001-07-06


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2010-07-10 – Washington, DC –
2018-04-05 – Richmond, VA –

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Fourth of July Parade Sitka 2018 – Selling Macarons

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We ate Ashmo’s black cod tips and Graceful Pastries Macarons, then watched the Fourth of July Parade in Sitka, Alaska. Like Grace’s “Graceful Pastries” on Facebook, buy her extraordinary baked goods, and visit her Go Fund Me page to help her open a bakery in Sitka Alaska.

July 1, 2018 “Do You See Her?”, Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley

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July 1, 2018 “Do You See Her?” Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley
Alfred Street Baptist Church, Rev Dr Howard-John Wesley, Pastor.

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