Galatians Part 2 | Church Bakersfield

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“We Exist to Love God, Love Each Other and Change the World.”





Telemann, Violin Sonata – Diane Bish, Joy Brown-Wiener, John Dee

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This homemade clip is not available for purchase on the program. Diane is joined by Joy Brown-Wiener on violin and John Dee on oboe at Sitka Lutheran Church in Sitka, Alaska.

Turning Point Church – Waco, Texas – Rev. Thomas D. Hale – Move Your Chair

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Turning Point Church – Waco, Texas – Rev. Thomas D. Hale – Move Your Chair

JOY. – Same Place

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JOY. – Same Place



Drone video of Germany
Video name: DJI Phantom 2 Epic (Domtoren Utrecht)
Video description: Beautiful video of the Utrecht church tower shot with low lying clouds. The Dom Tower of Utrecht is the tallest church tower in the Netherlands.
Channel Link:
Video link:

Drone videos of England UK
Video description: Incredible video of the English coast line in the United Kingdom with sun over the sea. North Cornwall coast in England, near Newquay.
Video link:
Channel Link:

Drone videos of Norway
Video description: This video is full of the most remarkable clips of Norway in Northern Europe including fjords in and around Stryn, an area on Norway’s western coast including Heim, Alnes, Ålesund, Stryn, Hoddevik.
Channel Name: Kai Jonny Thue Venøy
Channel Link:
Video link:

Drone videos of Thailand
Video description: This video is a great way to see Koh Yao Noi island in Thailand. Koh Yoa, is a group of islands between Phuket and Krabi.
Channel Name: Philip Bloom
Channel Link:
Video link:
Video name: Koh Yao Noi
Gear: GoPro Hero 3+ Phantom 2 with Zen Muse 2 axis gimbal and FPV.
Drone video of thailand

Drone videos of Norway and drone footage Norway
Video description: Aerial footage over sea ice, ice caps and glaciers. Svalbard, is a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. Midway between continental Norway and the North Pole. Great drone video of Norway
Channel Name and Pilot Name: Peter Cox
Channel Link:
Video link:
Video name: Svalbard – The High Arctic (Ice bergs and arctic)
Gear: GoPro Hero 3+ cameras, one mounted on a DJI Phantom 2 drone.

Drone video African safari and drone footage of Africa
Video name: BeetleCopter in the Serengeti
Video description: This Aerial video captures some of the most beautiful parts of Africa in the wild. The Serengeti is located in north Tanzania and extends to south-western Kenya, and includes Maasai Mara. Drone Videos of Africa are amazing.
Channel Name: Will Burrard-Lucas
Channel Link:
Video link:
Gear: Nightjar: the ultimate GoPro-carrying quadcopter for professional filmmakers.

Drone video of Florida and Drone footage of California
Video description: Great edit with some skilled flying including The Isle of Man, Hawaii, the East Coast of Florida and Winter Park.
Channel Link:
Video link:

Drone video of Alaska
Video description: U.S state of Alaska, over the summer solstice, shot in and around the City of Wrangell. Some of the best drone footage of Alaska.
Channel Link:

Drone video of Indo.
Video description: Epic video of the Mentawai Islands. The Mentawai Islands are off the western coast of Sumatra in Indonesia. Largest islands include Siberut, Sipura, North Pagai and South Pagai. Really is one of the best drone videos of Indonesia ever
Channel Link:
Video link:

Drone video of Mongolia.
Video name: MONGOLIA
Video description: Incredible Aerial video shots of Mongolia, a country in east-central Asia, bordered by Russia and China. Some of the worlds best drone videos of Mongolia.
Channel Name: Tim Browning – Two days on the road, just before the snow. Beautiful country.
Channel Link:
Video link:

Music From The Marble Collegiate Church – New York City (The Joy of Music with Diane Bish)

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A Message from Pastor Dave at Lord of Life Corpus Christi Texas June 6, 2018

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A message from Pastor Dave

Attacking loneliness – Joe Pearson – 09/09/2018

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Filmed in Powell Butte Oregon

20 June 2010 Part Three Hymn Fest United Methodist Church Palm Springs California.

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Part Three of Hymn Fest
United Methodist Church Palm Springs California. Alternative Service, Hymn Festival lead by Music Director Mr. Alan Scott. Learn some history behind the Hymns we love to sing.

Grace Bible Church | Joy In Our Town

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Host Anne Ferrell Tata is on location at Grace Bible Church, located in Virginia Beach, VA. She is joined by Jessi Rueter, Local Outreach Director for Grace Bible Church. Jessi tells viewers and Anne Ferrell about Grace Bible Church’s monthly service day for the community, called Serve the City. Grace Bible intentionally finds outreach opportunities for children to volunteer and serve all over Hampton Roads, VA. Serve the City is open to Grace Bible church and community members, the first Saturday of the month. It is important to include families and children, as everyone, including children are called to serve by Jesus, Jessi tells Anne Ferrell. Loving neighbors and serving “the least of these,” as a way to honor God, is important to teach and model to children, says Jessi. Grace Bible Church’s children friendly service opportunities include serving in a local nursing home doing crafts, working in the community garden, making cards for military care packages and sorting donations at local homeless outreaches, to name a few. At one service location, children help put together blessing bags to handout to any homeless individuals that they may encounter, says Jessi. Kids love serving, families really like to bring children along and it is impactful for families to do outreach together at Serve the City events, Jessi Rueter tells viewers. Jessi shares that she has a baby and wants her daughter to learn the amazing gift of serving neighbors and connecting with the heart of God through service.

The Sermonl for January 7, 2018 from Lord of Life Corpus Christi Texas

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Todays Sermon