Mormonism: Black People Are Cursed?

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Don’t miss this very moving moment from outreach at the Mormon Temple in Mesa, Arizona. Jeff Durbin and Ivey Conerly speak with an Mormon gentleman who has spoken with Jeff and his team for over a decade. They have a good relationship with one another and this moment is powerful.

Joseph Smith (founder of Mormonism) taught that god told him that all of the Christian churches were wrong, that their creeds were an abomination, and all Christians were corrupt. Joseph also taught that there was so much division between the churches that he didn’t know which one to join.

Watch what happened.

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Salt Lake Temple Square Walk Inside

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Salt Lake Temple Square

Temple Square is a ten-acre complex located in the center of Salt Lake City, Utah, owned by and headquarters for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS Church). In recent years, the name has gradually changed to include several other church facilities immediately adjacent to Temple Square. Contained within Temple Square proper are the Salt Lake Temple, Salt Lake Tabernacle, Salt Lake Assembly Hall, the Seagull Monument and two visitors’ centers.

This visit to Salt Lake City is actually in four parts:

Part 1 – Temple Square Part 1:

Part 2 – Mormon Tabernacle Visit:

Part 3 – Temple Square A Walk Inside:

Part 4 – Fort Douglas Museum:

For more videos of the local area

– Heritage Museum of Layton

– Hill Aerospace Museum Part 1
– Hill Aerospace Museum Part 2

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Mormon Illuminati Plan to Fake Alien Invasion False Flag Event

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Mormon Illuminati Plan to Fake Alien Invasion False Flag Event

Salt Lake City Welcome

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Welcome to BYU Hallowed Ground Sacred Journeys, Salt Lake City series.

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Salt Lake LDS Temple

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The Salt Lake Temple is a six-spired granite edifice representing the inspiration and theological underpinnings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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Sermon “April 6th, 1830-A Turning Point” Elder Bill McQuinn

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April 6th, 2014

The Church of Jesus Christ
Zion’s Branch
Independence, Missouri

Sermon: Elder Bill McQuinn
Epilog: Elder Clay Barber

Sermon Title: “April 6th, 1830-A Turning Point” (Choose To Follow God)

Sermon Notes:

April 6th, 1830 was a turning point in the restoration gospel, when Joseph Smith asked God what church to join. God answered that Joseph should not join any of the existing churches, as they were all an abomination to the true gospel.

It is up to us to follow the light of the true gospel.

We must study the gospel, with faith believing, and live by the gospel. Once we show our understanding to God, He will open up more knowledge and understanding to us.

God does not impart knowldege to those who do not seek it of him.

We must consciously choose to stay on the straight and noarrow path defined by the gospel, as God does not force us to follow him.

Our choice to follow God is a liberty given to us by God. But when we choose to follow God, we can be free from the bondage of sin.

The Book of Mormon is both a testament to the truth found in the Bible and a record of the Nephites.

Stand firm in the gospel and know that when you are a part of the covenant made with The House of Israel, you stand apart from the “natural man”.

God will preserve His people, those who are a part of the covenant made with The House of Israel.

When you are a part of the covenant made with The House of Israel, you have a higher responsibility to follow the gospel and set an example for the world.

Touring the Tucson Arizona Temple. (Beautiful place)

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We went on a tour of the Tucson temple. It was so beautiful inside. The building has a dome on top where the gold statue sits.


Mormonism Exposed by Street Preacher at Salt Lake City Tabernacle | Part One

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Mormonism Exposed by Street Preacher Jesse Morrell of at the Salt Lake City Tabernacle | Part One…. The Morrell Family is a Missionary Family that is supported by the body of Christ. They bring the gospel to the lost full time through open air ministry. To find out how you can help support the Morrell’s, visit their website at


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Church of Christ – Church of Christ History Discussion

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Presentation by Apostle William Sheldon on the History of the Church of Christ and the Temple Lot. This is the same presentation that is presented in the Temple Lot visitors center.

Secret Filming inside Salt Lake City Temple

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