Political Forum at New St Johns in Port Arthur, TX

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Political Forum at New St Johns. This election will be labeled the battle for Edison Square. Whoever you elect will determine the vote if low income housing will come into your neighborhood or not.

Councilmember Freeman’s mother was used as a plant to ask about the Edison Square project and if the candidates would support it. Some of the candidates said that Mayor Prince nodded to signal to Derrick Freeman’s mother to ask the question. Also looking at the information about the “new” PAC “Unite Port Arthur” we can tell that it would influence the vote on the Edison Square project because Carl Parker is the treasurer and it’s first two donations are by Ike and Chris Akbari.

Veronica & John’s Wedding

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At St. Leo the Great Catholic Church in Winston-Salem, NC and Village Inn Event Center in Clemmons, NC

“Car Wash” St John’s Lutheran Church Des Moines, IA

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Mary Jorgensen Bernau, a member of St John’s Lutheran Church in Des Moines, Iowa, shares a memorable moment from the youth mission trip showing how you can always give just a little more.

ThyssenKrupp Hydraulic elevator at Saint John’s Church, CU, Omaha NE

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Shot 10/28/2016.

I could’ve sworn that there was no elevator here. Turns out that I was looking on the wrong side of the building,

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Martin Luther King and Rev Vernon Johns ~www.BlogTalkRadio.com/TheGISTofFREEDOM

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Dr. Vernon Johns, Martin Luther King’s Predecessor at Dexter Ave Baptist Church~Before Malcolm X, Before Martin Luther King Jr. Vernon Johns took the First Step on the long road to Freedom. Controversial Pastor Vernon Johns, one of the earliest voices of civil rights served as the outspoken spiritual leader of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama.
But the church council and local politicians deemed him a troublemaker and he was voted out as pastor…ONLY TO BE REPLACED BY FUTURE CIVIL RIGHTS LEADER, MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. 1994 Movie True story, The Vernon Johns story www.blogtalkradio.com/TheGISTof Freedom.com

Freedom Trilogy by Paul Halley (St. John’s UMC Chancel Choir, Lubbock, TX)

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St. John’s United Methodist Church, Lubbock, Texas; conducted by Andrew Kreckmann. Featuring soloists Nathanael King, Marenda Natera, Esteban Castillo and Nicole Casteel. Clint Barrick, piano; Alexa Vogelzang, organ.

Christmas at St. John’s House – St. John Missionary Baptist Church, Little Rock, Arkansas Part 1

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Thanks to everyone that came out to “Christmas at St. John’s House”. Here is part 1 of the movie clip. Part 2 is at

The Family Movie
Veronica St. John — Veronica Williams
Ray St. John — Ray Hughes
Trish St. John — Dominque Douglass
Isaiah St. John — Zavion Dailey
Madea St. John — Marsha Chandler
Grandma — Darlene Owens
Austin — Nicholas Chandler

Camera 1 — Terrell “5if” Loring
Camera 2 –Michael “Question” Sykes
Camera 3 — Michael “Turnpike” Carvell

Film Editing — Michael Carvell

Sound Technician — Jamar “Knowlej” Hector
Sound Assistant — Theodore Carver

Director Photography — Michael Carvell
Co-Directors — Shuntrice Brooks, Twanda Harris
Director – Henry “Chip” Parker

Producer –Reggie Hammond