Pastor Jeff Johns speaking @ the Rock Church, Danville, Illinois

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Recorded: 09.17.2013 @ the Rock Church in Danville, Illinois

Another View from the Pew
Jeff Johns is Senior Pastor of White Horse Christian Center of West Lafayette, Indiana

The Rock Church was Pastor Jeff’s home church just before he started pastoring in the Lafayette area.

Martin Luther King and Rev Vernon Johns

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Dr. Vernon Johns, Martin Luther King’s Predecessor at Dexter Ave Baptist Church~Before Malcolm X, Before Martin Luther King Jr. Vernon Johns took the First Step on the long road to Freedom. Controversial Pastor Vernon Johns, one of the earliest voices of civil rights served as the outspoken spiritual leader of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama.
But the church council and local politicians deemed him a troublemaker and he was voted out as pastor…ONLY TO BE REPLACED BY FUTURE CIVIL RIGHTS LEADER, MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. 1994 Movie True story, The Vernon Johns story

Celebrate Martin Luther King’s Birthday weekend with us in D.C. and Philadelphia ~

wwwgistofreedom Lesley Gist.

The Road to Freedom: The Vernon Johns Story

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This inspirational saga follows the life of Vernon Johns James Earl Jones — now known as the father of the civil rights movement — during the years he preceded Martin Luther King Jr. as minister of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama.

University Worship Service – 10/09/16 – Cheryl Bridges Johns

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This morning’s Scripture readings speak of God’s plans for our flourishing. The prophet Jeremiah writes God’s commands to the exiled Israelites: to build houses, plant gardens, raise families and seek the welfare of their city of exile. The apostle Paul urges us to be workers approved by God, and in Luke’s Gospel, Jesus heals ten lepers. The Lord has good plans for us to grow even in difficult situations, and calls us to give of ourselves in love.

To jump to a specific point in the service, please use the below key tags:

11:08 – Processional Hymn: I’ll Praise My Maker While I’ve Breath (Old 113th)
18:34 – Old Testament Lesson: Jeremiah 29:1, 4-7
20:06 – Anthem: Almighty and Everlasting God (Orlando Gibbons)
22:29 – New Testament Lesson: 2 Timothy 2:8-15
24:04 – Gradual Hymn: Jesus Shall Reign (Duke Street)
26:10 – Gospel Lesson: Luke 17:11-19
30:18 – Sermon by Cheryl Bridges Johns: Flourishing Among the Exiles
1:00:36 – Offertory Anthem: Do not be afraid (Philip W.J. Stopford)
1:09:08 – Closing Hymn: All Who Love and Serve Your City (Charlestown)

What a Beautiful Name – Melissa Jones, Allison Johns, Steve Bowersox, & Andrew Cunningham

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“What a Beautiful Name” performed by Melissa Jones, Allison Johns, Steve Bowersox, & Andrew Cunningham




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Shrine to the Knights of Malta St. John’s Co-Cathedral

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One of the most magnificent Baroque churches in the world.
Described as the first complete example of the high Baroque anywhere, St. John’s Cathedral (I673-77) epitomises the role of its original patrons, the Knights of St. John.

The Cathedral is testimony to the talent of Maltese military architect Gerolamo Cassar, with Mattia Preti’s intricately carved stone wall designs, as well as the painted vaulted ceiling and side altars with scenes from the life of St John. The Cathedral also houses one of Europe’s most impressive and famous art works — Caravaggio’s Beheading of St. John the Baptist.

The Cathedral was a shrine to the Knights, as many sons of Europe’s noble families from the 16th to 18th centuries lie buried here. Their intricate, marble-inlaid tombstones form a magnificently crafted pavimento. Also a resting place to the founder of Valletta, Grand Master Jean Parisot de la Vallette, his tomb lies in the crypt, a quiet sanctuary and place of contemplation away from the busy streets outside.

The polychrome marble floor:
Angels, skeletons and other ethereal icons are inlaid with breath-taking precision and artistry into the marble quadrangles of the Co-Cathedral floor, a distinct theme or message in each section. The 405 tombs represented constitute a vibrant and festive procession that expounds upon both the inevitability of death and the rapture of the life beyond.
The Oratory and Museum:
Attached to the church are the Oratory, which houses two magnificent paintings by Caravaggio and the museum, with valuable collections of vestments and books and Flemish Tapestries based on drawings by Rubens.

Address: St John’s Co-Cathedral, St John Street, Valletta – Malta
Open daily from 9:30am to 4:30pm (only until 12:30pm on Saturdays); closed on Sundays except for services

St. John’s Episcopal Church welcomes new pipe organ

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Curt Sather, organist and choirmaster at Olympia’s St. John’s Episcopal Church stands in front of the new Hermann Schlicker pipe organ Dec 14th as Rene’ Marceau, Sean Haley and Roger Meers from Marceau Pipe Organ Builders Inc. continue their installation.The church will present their Dec 17th Festival of Advent Lessons & Carols while introducing the spectacular pipe organ to the public.


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When curious people in the States (NY-PA-OH) where I had worked in the past ,asked me in different occasions ; ‘What kind of place is this İzmir-Turkey you came from ? .. I used to answer ; Jesus Christ asked apostle St.John ( as his last wish from him ) to bring his beloved mother Mary to Ephesus ( just 60 kilometers from İzmir ) when he was being crucified in Jerusalem — In other words God himself brought his mother to Ephesus to spend rest of her life on earth , St.John established his Church in Ephesus(still standing very old and big brick building with ancient baptismal marble small pool and other structures still standing , it is called St.John’s Church in Ephesus which is build 2000 years ago ) — Heaven on Earth land of Milk and Honey , beautiful weather (
needles to say , in winter never snows in İzmir and no hurricanes or tornados ever seen here ) true homeland of Figs- Grapes and Olives and Apricots and Cherries and excellent biodiversity for millions of years ; on this land called Anatolia . Early people had realized this fact since Neolithic times.. Çatalhöyük , Hattians and Pelasgians and later 12 Ionian colonies by the Mediterranean .
No further explanation ever needed ( what kind of place I came from) after my words above , theological and historical facts have been so clear , as the believers of God ; of course they quickly realized .. How beautiful place this Ephesus/İzmir should be … indeed it really is ..


St. Johns Episcopal Cathedral – Denver

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The Cathedral of St. John in the Wilderness in Denver, Colorado is the seat of the bishop and the cathedral of the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado and part of the Episcopal Church in the United States. Construction began in 1909, the first service held in the cathedral in 1911, and it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.
Father John H. Kehler traveled from Virginia to the group of mining camps known as Denver City in January 1860 and delivered the first public services of the Episcopal Church in what would become Colorado Territory. He eventually established the parish of St. Johns in the Wilderness, so named because the nearest Episcopal parish was seven hundred miles away in Kansas. The first Cathedral was at 20th and Welton and held its first services in 1881. Dean H. Martyn Hart was the first dean of the Cathedral, and he worked with other Denver clergy in 1887 to create the Denver Charity Organization. the first community charity solicitation fund in the United States – later renamed The United Way. The cornerstone for the current Cathedral was laid on January 24, 1909, and the first service held within on November 5, 1911. Of the original design, the two transepts, choir and great tower have never been built. Only the nave was completed of limestone with a “temporary” brick chancel. The height of the ceiling in the Nave is 65 feet. It is 185 feet long and 52 feet wide. In the intervening years it has come to contain much artwork of significance, including Oberammergau carvings (many from the 1st Cathedral) and stained glass from the Edward Frampton studios of London and the Charles J. Connick studios of Boston. In 2010 the Cathedral will be celebrating a special anniversary.