Lecture – Richard Hays – Did Moses Write about Jesus? The Challenges of Figural Reading

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Lecture by Richard Hays, “Did Moses Write about Jesus? The Challenges of Figural Reading”

Given 7pm – 9pm on May 23, 2015 at The Lanier Theological Library Chapel in Houston, Texas. It is part of the Lanier Library Lecture Series. A series devoted to bringing world class lectures to benefit the community of all those who might be interested.

I am indebted to the generosity of the library to allow me to share these videos of theirs. Please support them by visiting their website for more information and resources:

In his lecture, Richard Hays will illustrate and explore the surprising ways in which the four Gospel writers interpreted Israel’s Scripture as a witness to the identity of Jesus. The talk will first summarize and then extend the hermeneutical proposals explored in his recent book “Reading Backwards: Figural Christology and the Fourfold Gospel Witness.” What might it mean for readers in late modernity to take seriously the interpretative methods employed by the Gospel authors? Are Christian claims about Jesus bound inextricably to these interpretative methods?

Richard Hays bio info:

Richard B. Hays, Dean and the George Washington Ivey Professor of New Testament at Duke Divinity School, is internationally recognized for his work on the letters of Paul and on New Testament ethics. His scholarly work has bridge the disciples of biblical criticism and literary studies, exploring the innovative ways in which early Christian writers interpreted Israelʼs Scripture. Haysʼ work focuses on New Testament theology and ethics, the Pauline epistles, and early Christian interpretation of the Old Testament. He received his Master of Divinity from Yale Divinity School and his Ph.D. from Emory University.

In the field of New Testament Studies, Hays has often been identified with figures such as N.T. Wright, Luke Timothy Johnson, and Raymond Brown. Some of Professor Haysʼ studies surround the narrative interpretation of Scripture, the new Testamentʼs use of the Old Testament, the subjective genitive reading of pistis Christou (“faith(fuleness) of Christ”) in Paul, and the role of community in the New Testament. Hays is well known for his criticisms of the Jesus Seminar and the modern Historical Jesus movement. He has also been vocal about his criticisms of Dan Brownʼs best-selling The Da Vinci Code for its controversial historical claims.

His book The Moral Vision of the New Testament: Community, Cross, New Creation was selected by Christianity Today as one of the 100 most important religious books of the twentieth century. His most recent books are The Art of Reading Scripture (2003, co-edited with Ellen Davis), The Conversion of the Imagination (2005), Seeking the Identity of Jesus: A Pilgrimage (2008, co-edited with Beverly Roberts Gaventa), and Revelation and the Politics of Apocalyptic Interpretation (2012, co-edited with Stefan Alkier).

Professor Hays has lectured widely in North America, Europe, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong. An ordained United Methodist minister, he has preached in settings ranging from rural Oklahoma churches to Londonʼs Westminster Abbey. Professor Hays has chaired the Pauline Epistles Section of the Society of Biblical Literature, as well as the Seminar on New Testament Ethics in the Society for New Testament Studies, and has served on the editorial boards of several leading scholarly journals.

As a theologically conservative Methodist throughout the course of his career, he has remained committed to his Wesleyan roots in emphasizing the importance of charity and friendship in the Christian life. Moreover, Hays is a committed pacifist and makes his position clear in The Moral Vision of the New Testament, in which he argues that Jesus Christ taught his disciples to be non-violent.

The Mature Christian Dr.Kofi Donkor

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SUNDAY SERMON – The Mature Christian
Join Us Every Sunday at 10AM
​Pastor Kofi Donkor is the resident pastor of Christ-Citadel International Church (CIC), Coachella Valley, California. In this capacity, he is responsible for overseeing all the activities that goes on within the CIC Coachella Valley church.
This includes developing, implementing, and maintaining the organization’s mission and vision within the Coachella Valley area. Pastor Kofi has been with the CCIC ministries for almost a decade and has been personally mentored and groomed by Dr. Vincent Akosah (General Overseer of the CIC ministries in the United States). Prior to his current position as the resident pastor of CIC Palm Desert, Pastor Kofi was the head of the intercessory prayer group in CIC Pomona, Ca. He was also actively involved in evangelism and teaching/ training people to become effective leaders in ministry. Pastor Kofi was licensed as a minister in 2009 and went on to become an ordained pastor for the CIC church in Pomona, California.

Christ Citadel International Church operates as a family of churches in the United States and abroad. Our emphases is on attaining balance between the work and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in all spiritual understanding and wisdom giving Jesus Christ central place in everything. The church is currently in Canada, United Kingdom, and many African countries including Ghana, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Botswana, Mozambique, and the Republic of South Africa.

​The Christ Citadel International Church in Palm Springs , California is dedicated to serving the people and residents of Coachella Valley, with a mission of accepting and receiving all people to nurture and discipline them in the love of Christ, the Word of God, and to help them identify God’s purpose and destiny for their lives.

Contact Dr. Kofi Donkor:
4501 A Sunny Dunes Road,
Palm Springs, CA 92264
[email protected]

Urshan Chorale at the Apostolic Truth Church of Wisconsin

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The Urshan Chorale. This video is presently shown freely on Stream. Therefore Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. If anyone from the Urshan group, of whom I met, has a reason or desire for me to take down this video or otherwise feel it is a infringement, please say so and I will comply with said wishes and remove video. This channel does not receive anything from this or any other video in play. Rather they are shown here solely for inspirational, spiritual and educational purposes. Even as Jesus said, “Freely you have received, freely give.” Matthew 10:8

Good Shepherd Lutheran: Omaha Nebraska

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Visit us at www.goodshepherdomaha.com | 5071 Center Street, Omaha, NE 68106 | 402-553-6512

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and School is a family-focused congregation completely dedicated to our Good Shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ. We consider our primary goal training all people for true life now and in eternity. Therefore, we are all about connecting YOU to Christ.

In line with this goal, Good Shepherd also operates a full-time Christian school (preschool through 8th grade) which is part of the 4th largest nationwide network of parochial schools. Our school is nationally accredited (exemplary status.)

Dr Charles Stanley Message From Atlanta Georgia From First Baptist Atlanta

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Dr Charles Stanley Message From Atlanta Georgia From First Baptist Atlanta

Church Every Sabbath ( Saturday ) in Knoxville Tennessee

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The Church of Spirit and in Truth Missions

“Give Me Jesus” – First Baptist Church | Jackson, MS

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Catherine Sledge gives testimony in song. “No matter what happens, just give me Jesus.” – November 9, 2014

“My Faith Still Holds” – First Baptist Church | Jackson, MS

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My Faith Still holds unto the Christ of Calvary! First Baptist Jackson worships with this wonderful song, led by the Sanctuary Choir and Orchestra. Chip Wilbanks sings the solo. Sept 28, 2014

Erik & Yesenia Bakke Bringing Hope to North Las Vegas- ABC Channel 13 News Spot

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Erik and Yesenia Bakke pastor at The Potter’s House Christian Fellowship Church at 4444 West Craig Rd in North Las Vegas, NV. This video came about after a member of his congregation wrote a letter to ABC News Channel 13 about how much her life has changed because of Erik and Yesenia, and more importantly because of Jesus Christ.

Crosswinds Assembly of God Dedication 9/27/14

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Crosswinds Assembly of God Fernley,NV dedication by Rev. James Braddy, District Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, Northern California and Nevada District.

Embracing Your defining Moments by Jason Sciscoe

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Please keep Jason and this ministry in your fervent prayers for a blessing. His Bio. Jason comes from a great heritage of apostolic ministry. He is a fourth-generation Pentecostal. Though born in St. Louis, Missouri, Jason spent his first fifteen years in Racine, Wisconsin, growing up in a pastor’s home. He received the Holy Spirit at the age of five and was baptized at the age of six. When Jason was eight, God called him to preach and confirmed His calling by giving Jason his first vision of mass evangelism at a junior camp when he was eleven. Jason preached his first revival three days after his sixteenth birthday and began full-time evangelism when he was eighteen.

Beyond the tremendous foundation of spiritual education given to him by his father, Pastor William Sciscoe, many other mighty men of faith worked extensively mentoring and tutoring him over a period of years.

In 1991, Jason moved to Columbus, Ohio, with his family. He married Kimberly Brown (his longtime friend and prayer partner) in 1996. They continued to evangelize together until becoming co-pastors of The Apostolic Church in Beaumont, Texas in May 2000. They worked with Senior Pastor Marvin L. Cole for four years.

In May of 2004, Jason and Kimberly Sciscoe launched their international ministry. In his more than twenty-five years of ministry, Jason has preached and ministered in churches, singles meetings, youth camps, international crusades, healing crusades, Holy Ghost crusades, and in prayer conferences in more than thirty states and eleven countries.


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Overnight, Firefighters were called out to church on fire. Fire investigators believe this to be a case of arson. Church Members are now having to come together, to repair the damage.

“Victory is Mine” – First Baptist Church | Jackson, MS

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Featuring Evelyn Adams and the Sanctuary Choir and Orchestra of First Baptist Church, Jackson, Mississippi – March 2, 2014 – www.FirstBaptistJackson.org

Christ United Methodist Church Youth Sunday 2015

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The Youth of Christ United Methodist Church, 14606 E. 39th Street, Independence, MO, 64055, led the worship at the Traditional and Contemporary services on 8/9/2015. This service was connected to the 2015 Youth Mission Trip in Marvell, Arkansas.