City Church Chattanooga burglary suspect Jason Helton arrested

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Chattanooga police say a church burglar they arrested started destroying the patrol car he was in.

An employee of City Church called authorities around 7 a.m. Tuesday.

After 37-year-old Jason Helton was locked inside the car, police say he tore it up, pulling up the floor, ripping up seat cushions and pulling out electrical wires.

Now he’s also been charged with destruction of property.

Glow in the Dark – Jason Gray – Toledo, Oh – 10-22-15

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Big Daddy Weave, Jason Gray and Citizen Way at Emmanuel Baptist Church, Toledo, Oh 10-22-15

Wake Up – According To God’s Word

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Welcome to WakeUp, a morning scripture with your morning coffee. Enjoy Pastors Scot and Jason Anderson from The Living Word in Arizona, as they look to the Bible to speak to you each morning and then pray over your day. Whether you are sitting down with your coffee, or getting ready, or already on your way, be inspired with the Word of God every single day as you WakeUp 🙂

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Country Boy’s World – Jason Aldean

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She was raised up in Jersey
I said, “Oh, Lord have mercy!”
Never seen a one-light town till she moved down here.
She said, “I’m so bored outta my mind.
Need a Starbucks and a Wi-fi.
Or a jet airliner to fly me anywhere.”
I said, “Do you wanna take a drive in my truck?
Don’t pay no mind to that twelve point buck
Laid across my hood.”

You ever been to Rome, Georgia?
Picked peaches off the trees
Climbed a water tower in Paris, Tennessee
Been to Florence, Alabama
Drank Muscadine wine
Just give me a chance to change your mind
So before you go and fly away girl
Let me show you ’round a country boy’s world.

Somewhere between there on a dirt road
When I rolled down the window
She smelled the wildflowers on that summer wind
Just a bite of homeade ice cream
And a glass of Mama’s sweet tea
This ol’ hollar’s got a way of makin’ freinds.
She’d never seen a glowin’ feild of fireflies
Or the twinkle of a star in a southern sky
And she fell in love.

We went down to Rome, Georgia
Picked peaches off the trees
Climbed a water tower in Paris, Tennessee
Went to Florence, Alabama
Drank Muscadine wine
She gave me a chance and I made her mine
Said she’ll never fly away and she’s my girl
It’s cause I showed her round a country boy’s world.

Oh, now she’s ridin’ shotgun, sayin’ baby let’s run wild.

And go down to Rome, Georgia
Pick peaches off the trees
Climbed the water tower in Paris, Tennessee
Go to Florence, Alabama
Drink Muscadine wine
She gave me a chance and I made her mine.
Said she’ll never fly away and she’s my girl.
It’s cause I showed her ’round a country boy’s world

A Mighty Fortress Is Our God – Arranged by Jason D. Payne

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A Mighty Fortress (Ein feste Burg) arranged and performed by Jason D. Payne at First Baptist Church of Amarillo, Texas on the 81 rank, four manual Reuter pipe organ (recorded with GoPro camera). Sheet music of this arrangement is available here:

Jason Aldean – Alabama Medley (ACM Honors) 9/1/2015

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Jason Aldean performing “Tennessee River”, “Love in the First Degree”, and “The Closer You Get” honoring Alabama at the ACM Honors ceremony in Nashville, Tennessee on September 1, 2015.

Elder Jason Lowery singing Welcome Home & preaching at Lexington Church Sunday July 31, 2016

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Lexington United Baptist, INC. ~ ALL WELCOME!
9477 Rockwell Rd. Lexington, KY 40516. Worship Services Each Sunday at 10:30.
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Jason Davis Shares his most Memorable ‘On the Road’ Moments

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For nearly 40 years Jason Davis has been “On the Road” searching for stories. If there was ever a story to tell anywhere in the world, Jason was the one to do it. At end of this month Jason is retiring after an amazing 45 years in television news.