DBoy The Sudanese King( Ena Jam Woneyin)

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DBoy The Sudanese King (Check My Songs Out)
Ayiik Aleer aka DBoy (The Sudanese King) was born in South Sudan in the Town of Bor, Duk on May 15, 1988. DBoy has four brothers and three sisters, but one of his brothers and sister died in Bor, Duk before he was born. In 1989 soldiers attacked Bor, Duk when DBoy was one year old, and he didnt know anything about that time. Two of his sisters wanted to hold him, and they were young at that time, but they want to save their younger brother, and then DBoys family ran to the town of Equatoria, Amea. In 1993 soldiers attacked Amea when he was five years old. Again DBoys family ran to Loboni, but at that time he was walking, so he and his family stayed in Loboni for two years. Again North Sudan soldiers attacked Loboni South Sudan when he was 7 years old, so DBoy, two sisters, one brother and mom decided to go to Ethiopia, but his dad disagreed with them, so DBoy, two sisters, one brother and mom left his dad in Loboni in 1995. They walked to Ethiopia by foot, but it took them two years to get to Ethiopia, so his family arrived in Ethiopia, Panyudu Refugee camp on April 17, 1997. At the same time DBoy joined the soccer team and church. He loved to sing for kids, church and his trip dance, so in 1998 he decided to become a musician. He told his family he wanted to be a musician, but at that time he didnt know anything about rap music. On November 15, 2002 some refugees fought in village 12, but some of the refugees had guns and shot Dinka people, so the Dinka people ran to Nuer villages and lived with the Nuer people. In 2005 DBoy, his niece, nephew, and mom got forms to come to the United States. On July 29, 2005 they went to get medical checks, and then they lived in Ethiopia. On December 8, 2005 they came to the United States, so they arrived in the United States on December 9, 2005 in Erie, Pennsylvania. DBoy began to make music, but he didnt get a DJ to make beats for him and at that time he didnt know how to speak English and Rap, but he knows how to sing. DBoy moved to Des Moines, Iowa on July 15, 2006 and went to school in September. In early 2008 he started Rap by Rapping his first name up to his great-grandfathers name, so he started recording in April 2008.

Location- Des Moines – Iowa and Kansas City – Missouri
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2010 Sacred Steel Jam & Fellowship

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2010 Sacred Steel Jam was sponsored by Del Ray Grace and the Amazing Grace Praise Band of Toledo, Ohio. This annual event is designed to promote fellowship and unity among the sacred steel players from various churches of the living God organizations. Thanks to all of the musicians that answered the call and traveled from far and near to participate with us. Avaiable soon on DVD & CD at www.sacredstrings.com.God bless you and the future of Sacred Steel!!!

Volunteer Jam XX : A Tribute to Charlie :30 Spot – 3/7/18 – Bridgestone Arena

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Since 1974, Volunteer Jam has brought together some of music’s greatest performers. Now, 43 years later, friends, fans, and an extraordinary lineup of musicians will come together for a very special night honoring music legend Charlie Daniels — Volunteer Jam XX. Wednesday, March 7th, 2018 // Bridgestone Arena, Nashville TN

This unforgettable concert event will feature performances by Charlie Daniels and The Charlie Daniels Band, Alison Krauss, Billy F Gibbons of ZZ Top, Blackberry Smoke, Bobby Bare, Chris Janson, Chuck Leavell, Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry, Jamey Johnson, Justin Moore, The Oak Ridge Boys, and Ricky Skaggs and many special guests to be announced in the coming weeks. Hosted by SiriusXM’s Storme Warren.


Tickets on sale at all Ticketmaster locations and the Bridgestone Arena box office. A portion of the proceeds from 2018’s Volunteer Jam will be donated to The Journey Home Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit co-founded by Daniels and manager David Corlew to help Veterans.

Lubbock Christian University Singers Hallway Jam Out

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Lubbock Christian University Singers Jam Out as Dr. Doyle watches

Filmed by Grisanti Guitar Studio Visit PH 806-747-6108 [email protected]

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Horatio Parker: Jam Sol Recedit

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Horatio Parker (1863-1919): Jam Sol Recedit
John Weissrock directing the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Choir

American composer Horatio Parker was also a well-respected organist and choir director during his life which led him to compose a considerable amount of music for both organ and chorus. This piece Jam Sol Recedit (Now sinks the sun) was composed in 1900.

John Weissrock was the acclaimed organist and choir director of the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, during much of the 1970’s. Music was taken from a private recording.

Winter Jam 2018 Knoxville TN | Street Preaching

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Street preaching in Knoxville TN Winter Jam 2018.

A Lot of people ask why we would ever preach at a Christian concert, well within the first few minutes of the video you will see why. It’s because so many christians want the love of God but they don’t want to have to obey God.

There is a lot of bad fruit at these “christian” concerts. I was watching a video of Skillet at Winter Jam and it looked more like a secular concert then a Christian concert. There was fire shooting up out of the stage, and lasers. It looked more demonic than Christian.
Here is a link to the video:

Some of the bands in the concert are Skillet, Kari Jobe, Newsong, Nick Hall, building 429, KB, Jordan Feliz, Dan Bremnes, Mallary Hope, and Westover.

Stop sinning and Obey Jesus, Knoxville winter Jam 2018