Texas Chronicles: The Haunted Gallows of The Historic Gonzales County Jail

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For over 70 years prisoners were hung on the gallows at the old Gonzales, TX jail. Many visitors have witnessed strange and eerie things of the years. The Prison is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Texas! A visit to the Gonzales County Jail Museum gave us insight to the life of its former inmates and the death of those who had a date with the gallows.

Colorado Theater Killer Sentenced to Life in Jail

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James Holmes, who was found guilty of killing 12 people and injuring 70 during a mass shooting at a movie theater in Colorado in 2012, was sentenced to 12 consecutive life terms without parole plus 3,318 years.

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Ghost Hunt w/ the COPS Crew – Old Buckeye Jail – The Horror Show

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In this episode, The Horror Show goes on our very first GHOST HUNT with the Crossing Over Paranormal Society!

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Sylville was fatally shot by the police – Louis Theroux: Dark States – BBC Two

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Programme website: Louis meets Sedan Smith, whose brother Sylville was fatally shot by the police.

Hamilton County Jail – Dialogues Chattanooga // 2017

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Go inside the Hamilton County Jail with Dialogues producer Robert Ashton Winslow and the Department of Corrections of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.

The Jail was built in 1977 and has been consistently overcrowded and under-resourced as the downtown city of Chattanooga has grown and revitalized around it. Hear from inmates and Corrections staff the pressures and concerns in the jail.

Dialogues Chattanooga is a documentary webseries asking big questions for Chattanooga’s future. What is your side of this story?

Visit SouthernDialogues.com/chattanooga

Dmx Interview from Arizona Jail

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While awaiting sentencing for several charges in Arizona, DMX granted his first interview behind bars since being arrested.

X opened up with Phoenix station KSAZ about many subjects including his problems with controlled substances, his religious aspirations and plans for an upcoming gospel album and TV show.

The troubled rapper, whose exploits in AZ, were chronicled in the BET reality series DMX: Soul of a Man, is ready to return to the small screen. Im gonna start a TV show while Im in here, [called] Pain and Perseverance, he told the news network. Its about how I can reach people the average person cant reach because Im grounded, and Im gonna give my first sermon in the church. [Watch Below]

X, who said he has completed recording a gospel album, believes he has found his purpose in this world. My true calling to life, [is] to be a pastor so Im in my bible everyday.

While not getting into any specific details the Yonkers MC said he has been faced with many demons since moving to the West Coast. Its through all these hardships that I realized that you know what this is gods country because I met the devil here, he explained. If I hadnt met the devil here I wouldnt realize I was strong enough to overcome the obstacles that devil placed in my path.

As XXLmag.com previously reported, X is currently being held on drug, theft and animal cruelty charges after pleading guilty last month. It is believed that on his next scheduled hearing on January 30, he will be sentenced to 90 days.

Throughout 2008, the rappers legal troubles made headlines, including several driving and drug related arrests, which in turn lead to countless missed court appearances. Elan Mancini

A rehab jail for heroin addicts

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Each day in the U.S. more than 115 people die from an opioid overdose. Whether it’s by abusing prescription pills like Percocet or injecting heroin laced with fentanyl, the consequences can be deadly. Chris traveled to the small town of Greenfield, Massachusetts where a community is taking innovative steps to combat this crisis and break the addiction cycle.


Can this Small Town Lead America in Fighting the Opioid Crisis?

Jails: Inadvertent Health Care Providers

Opioid Crisis Fast Facts

Should We Offer Suboxone in Jails and Prisons?

Opioid Users Are Filling Jails. Why Don’t Jails Treat Them?

Producer: Chris James
Camera: Ilie Mitaru
Editor: Will Colby
Supervising Producer: Allison Brown

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Tour of Carthage Jail (Church of Jesus Christ)

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This is a clip that I am passing along that is a great visual for those who have not been to this historic place. One is reminded of any important place in history which may have had terrible events occur there yet there is always a lesson of some kind to be learned which includes that we should always value life and the pursuit of truth where ever it may lead us, whether or not others may choose to oppose or hate typically out of ignorance and fear of the unknown. There was no man who has had more both good and bad said about him than Joseph Smith. Love him or hate him he accomplished more than any man could’ve done without some divine inspiration and what he accomplished was to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ in it’s fullness to the earth once again. The easy path would’ve been to deny his first vision from the beginning but true to his character of integrity, his entire family believed him from the start(not many families I know of would do this making such a bold claim as to have seen God the Father and God the Son) however this owes to his Christian early 19th Century upbringing to be honorable and tell the truth. He underwent great trials up to and including his martrydom in this jail on July 27, 1844. He was a great man, members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints do not worship him they are only thankful for what he has done to bring us all closer to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Please out of courtesy do not leave hateful or negative comments the purpose of this is to share not to prove anything as I have nothing to prove and know that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and I do my best to love all people of all faiths and ask you do do the same. Thank you.