Dr Augusto Ferraiuolo Discusses Italian American Identities in Boston’s North End

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Dr. Augusto Ferraiuolo discussed his book, Religious Festive Practices in Boston’s North End, to a public audience at an event sponsored by the North End Historical Society. Ferraiulo is a native of Italy and a visiting Lecturer at Boston University, Department of Anthropology. The lecture was held on April 26, 2012 at the Sacred Heart Church Hall in North Square.

Ferraiuolo analyzed how Italian immigrants settled in the North End and established a variety of identities, reflecting their Italian regional origins and expressed through their feasts. As an anthropologist, he carried out fieldwork in the North End between 2002 and 2005, comparing the feasts in Boston to each other as well as to those in Italy.

In his lecture and discussion period, Ferraiuolo shared his conclusions about the role of the church, religious societies, cultural symbols, and what they say about Italian-American identity in the historic North End.

Best Italian Melodies – Beautiful Songs from Italy

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Beautiful Songs from Italy

1 Buonasera signorina! – Fred Buscaglione (Peter De Rose, Carl Sigman)
2 Volare – Domenico Modugno (Modugno, Migliacci) (02:34)
3 Granada – Claudio Villa (A. Lara) (06:06)
4 Torna a Surriento – Emilio Pericoli (De Curtis) (09:56)
5 I Sing Ammore – Nicola Arigliano (Massara) ( 13:11)
6 Guarda Che Luna – Fred Buscaglione (Bruno Pallesi, Gualtiero Malgoni) (15:32)
7 Love Portofino – Fred Buscaglione (Leo Chiosso, Fred Buscaglione) (17:52)
8 Grazie dei Fior – Nilla Pizzi (Panzeri) (20:53)
9 La più Bella del Mondo – Teddy Reno (Marini) (24:36)
10 Nessun Dorma – Luciano Pavarotti (Puccini) (27:31)
11 Souvenir d’Italie – Fausto Cigliano (Luttazzi) (29:57)
12 Donna – Nicola Arigliano (Garinei) (32:49)
13 Quanto Sei Bella Roma – Anna Magnani (Detorres, Bixio) (35:30)
14 Estate – Milva (Brighetti) (37:04)
15 Vola Colomba – Nilla Pizzi (Concina) (40:33)
16 La donna Riccia – Domenico Modugno (Modugno) (43:55)
17 Felicità – Sofia Loren (Oliviero, De Crescenzo) (46:21)
18 Torero – Renato Carosone (Nicola Salerno, Renato Carosone) (49:38)
19 Luna Rossa – Renato Carosone (Vincenzo De Crescenzo, Antonio Vian) (52:38)
20 Un Bacio a Mezzanotte – Quartetto Cetra (Pietro Garinei, Sandro Giovannini, Gorni Kramer) (55:59)
21 Maruzella – Renato Carosone (Enzo Bonagura, Renato Carosone) (58:15)

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The Italian Fairy – Corpus Christi School

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The Italian Fairy® performs at Corpus Christi School in Harlem, NY!

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Italian POW Artists in Texas

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Hereford residents recall their interactions with World War II Italian POW artists who beautified a local church with frescoes and gave the town’s young women a variety of keepsakes. This video was produced for our heritage travel app, Texas Time Travel Tours. The mobile app features statewide thematic tours focusing on a variety of time periods and cultures in Texas history. View the mobile tours or download the app at

Italian POW Chapel in Texas

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Italian World War II POWs housed in Umbarger, Texas built a chapel to mark the graves of several POWs who died during imprisonment. 50 years after the war’s end, former Italian POWs returned to Texas to visit the chapel and the people of Umbarger they befriended. This video was produced for our heritage travel app, Texas Time Travel Tours. The mobile app features statewide thematic tours focusing on a variety of time periods and cultures in Texas history. View the mobile tours or download the app at

St. Joseph’s Altars at Brocato’s & St. Francis Xavier, Italian Flag Throwers at New Orleans Piazza.

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Sicilians regard St. Joseph as their Patron Saint for preventing a famine during the Middle Ages, they promised they would prepare a large feast to honor him for answering their prayers. The tradition continues in Louisiana and in this special edition of Celebrating Culture we’ll interview Jack Siciliano who builds one of the largest St. Joseph’s Alters in New Orleans at St. Francis Xavier Church. We’ll also interview Arthur Brocato at Angelo Brocato’s about his unique St. Joseph’s Alter. Finally, we’ll interview Lucio Tanzi who leads the Italian Flag-Wavers of Sansepolcro who came into New Orleans to perform for St. Joseph’s Day.

Maxwell Jeffries Raves About Andreoli Restaurant, Scottsdale AZ.mp4

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New York restaurant critic Maxwell Jeffries gives three thumbs up to Andreoli Restaurant, accompanied by mandolin, guitar and singers.