It must be named Reno’s “Sam DNA Dehne International Airport”. BY Proclamation

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Likes(3million) Reno’s acclaimed and Patriotic Guard Angel who has done more for Reno than anybody else in Nevada history MUST have Reno Airport named after him. Nobody else deserves it more. There are people whose names belong on Court Houses and Churches and Schools. But ONLY DNA qualifies by far that the most qualified for the Reno Airport name. Period.
Challengers.. ya better have your A game. Because even Sam’s D game can beat you when it comes to helping Reno and castigating Reno media wacko freaks. Likes(millions).
Here is 1 of 100s of reasons:

Marvin Winans “Yes Lord” at Perfecting Fellowship International Holy Convocation

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Marvin Winans sings a portion of Brian Courtney Wilson’s “Yes Lord” at the close of the Friday evening worship service of the Perfecting Fellowship International Holy Convocation 2016 presided by Bishop-Elect Marvin L. Winans on 5/20/2016 in Arlington, TX at Cornerstone Baptist Church

International Folk Festival 2017 – Fayetteville NC – Jimmy Roman & West End Mamba Band

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Jimmy Roman and the W.E.M.B really got the crowd moving at Festival Park in Fayetteville’s 39th Folk Festival Concert.

Riverside Porto International Church (Valenca – Northern Portugal) welcomes Riverside Lisbon

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On Sunday 16 October 2011 a Church service was held in Valenca Northern Portugal at which Dr Eddie Fernandes (DMin) – senior pastor at Riverside International Church (Cascais, Lisbon) and founder of Christian Motorcycle Association, Portugal, was our visiting speaker
Also in attendance were
Marta Fernandes – co Pastor at RIC and Eddie’s wife (Music leader / singer)
Gabriele (Gaby) Fernandes – daughter of Eddie and Marta (Guitarist / singer)
Francisco Ribeiro (Guitarist / singer)
Santo Attinello – Elder at RIC (Solo singer)
Teresa Attinello – Elder at RIC

Not from Lisbon, but we also had Carina Oelofse (from Porto) playing keyboard

GHI, Ghost Hunters International, Port Arthur Penitentiary,FAKE

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Watch as GH-Lie manipulate the truth.
When Barry takes this photo we see the image in his camera’s viewfinder. Except you’re not looking at the original photo. You’re looking at the enhanced image edited to appear to be the original in the viewfinder.
The reveal exposes GH-Lie.

Captivating Golf-Front Retreat in Bradenton, Florida | Sotheby’s International Realty

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Presented by Premier Sotheby’s International Realty

For more information go to

Magnificent former model home in The Concession Golf Club. This guard gated community is regarded as one of the most challenging courses in Florida. A Nicklaus Signature Course.

Property ID: 48QZBZ

Now Faith Haitian Outreach International Ministries Church of God is Victory

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Pastor Kenya Cesar from Now Faith Haitian Outreach International Ministries Church of God is Victory singing at the ATIC Church in Fayetteville NC

Pastors Epic Mic Toss | @ the Family of Churches Fellowship International Holy Convocation | 6.21.18

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YouTube message of appreciation:
Thank you for taking the time to watch this channel. Please “SUBSCRIBE” if you have not done it already 😁 and follow us for new videos posted daily. If you click the bell you will get notified soon as they drop. Thank you once again!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 This video is a mic toss with Bishop Neal Roberson, Bishop Samuel Blakes, Pastor Moore, Pastor Dale Sanders with the Council of Bishops as back ups….

Vice President Mike Pence arrives at the Corpus Christi International Airport

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Vice President Mike Pence arrived at the Corpus Christi International Airport Thursday morning and is expected to visit Rockport to assess the damage left behind by Hurricane Harvey.