Bless Weekend – International Singers sing O The Blood – Gateway Church

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International Worship Leaders sing O The Blood at Gateway Church.
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“O The Blood” by Thomas Miller & Mary Beth Miller
© copyright 2010 Gateway Create Publishing

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Former Members Church of God International – Crispy Perez

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Watch Excommunicated member of MCGI Crispy Perez statement about Iglesia ni Cristo of Manalo.

Former Members Church of God International – Crispy Perez :: All about Crispy Perez & Members Church of God International

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The International Church of Cannabis opens on 4/20

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The International Church of Cannabis opened its doors to the public on April 20, 2017, the unofficial annual marijuana holiday. The renovated church at 400 S. Logan St. is the headquarters of Elevation Ministries, a newly formed Colorado nonprofit religious organization that claims cannabis as its primary sacrament.

Video by Katie Wood, The Denver Post

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Is the International Church of Christ a Cult? Fox News Investigates on ICOC with Catherine Crier

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The FOX News Channel presents a variety of programming with up to 17 hours of live programming per day. From this report: “Church members pressured our FOX files associated producers to confess every last detail of their sex lives. And during our Bible study, FOX files was told that outsiders would accuse them of being a cult, especially parents. According to Robert Thornburg the ICOC practice a kind of spiritual rape, and Ex-members say the ICoC dominated their lives.”
This investigation documentary on the International Churches of Christ was made in 1999.
FOX FILES make investigations into issues of national security, crime and high-profile interviews.
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I am the Bread of Life….Faith International Baptist Church Kissimmee, Florida

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7769 West Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy
Kissimmee, Florida 34747
Sunday 11AM English Sunday 6 PM Spanish
#independent #baptist #kjv #church near Disney