Galatians Part 2 | Church Bakersfield

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“We Exist to Love God, Love Each Other and Change the World.”





Holy Sacrament of Confirmation homily by Bishop Bernard J. Harrington, Part 1 of 2

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This is part 1 of the homily by Most Reverend Bernard J. Harrington, Bishop of Winona in Minnesota for the Holy Sacrament of Confirmation at the Catholic Community of St. Paul in Leesburg, FL.

Tabernacle Baptist Church Praise & Worship in Atlanta, Georgia

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What a powerful praise & worship service yesterday at Tabernacle Baptist Church on 7/10/2016. It was such a blessing to my soul.

GACC Fasts for 2011-Laings Come To Visit

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The Greater Atlanta Church of Christ humbled ourselves before God and came together for a three-week fast to start off the new year. See the video to see how God has already started answering prayers! For more information on joining our faith family, search for Greater Atlanta Church on Facebook or visit our website at

The Blood of Jesus Medley – FBC Jacksonville, FL

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A medley of songs with the theme of the power of the blood of Jesus. Performed by the choir and orchestra of First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL 1993

Alyssa Antonetz sings: “Strong Enough” at Friendship Church in San Antonio, TX

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Alyssa Antonetz sings: “Strong Enough” at Friendship Church in San Antonio, TX on March 13 ,2011

Gospel Music Medley Part 2 – FBC Jacksonville, FL

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Gospel Music Medley Part 2 from the First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, FL. Pastors’ Conference 2000 (Continued from Part 1)

St. Andrews Presbyterian Church (Tucson, AZ)

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Community Renewal says that Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church, winner of the 2010 Salt and Light Award, is one of the most generous churches in Tucson. They are committed to local missions and tremendously invested in this community. Join them at 7650 N Paseo del Norte in Tucson or online at

Pastor Jim Toole… “What I love about St Andrews is the desire to do ministry on many levels. The future of the Church, and the future of St Andrews, is not just to be outwardly focused a church that’s truly listening to the Holy Spirit, to lead us into the community and actually steer us to the needs that are out there and open the doors to powerful ministries.”

Crossroads Career Network, Columbia, SC

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Unemployed people find jobs through local churches using the Crossroads Career Network. Ken Carey and Beck Airheart from Eastminster Presbyterian Church on WIS TV the NBC affiliate station in Columbia, SC.

First Baptist Church Of Winston-Salem, North Carolina(N.C.)

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Shepherd’s Center Of Greater Winston-Salem, S.O.S.. Dr. David Hughes and Decon Jack Shearin talk about S.O.S, Shepherd’s Center Of Greater Winston-Salem and building Ramps for the Needed and Disable people. S.O.S. stands for “Serving Our Savior.”