Rev. Marwan Beem from Israel (LANDMARK TABERNACLE CHURCH Fort Worth TX)

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A sermon by Rev. Marwan Beem at Landmark Tabernacle Church. Please visit our website at


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We’re Ben and Becca and along with our 4 kiddos we have been traveling America for 3 months in our RV. We made a much needed stop at the infamous Magnolia Market. Have you wanted to check our Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas with kids?! check ur our experience, we didn’t even break ANYTHING!

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-gopro case w/ mic holder:
-Suction cup mount:

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A sermon by Pastor Jerry Wilkerson from Landmark Tabernacle Church. Please visit our website at

Vulnerablity of Victory (LANDMARK TABERNACLE CHURCH Fort Worth TX)

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A sermon by Pastor Jerry Wilkerson from Landmark Tabernacle Church. Please visit our website at

IOG Baltimore – “Be In The World, But Not of The World”

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IOG Baltimore – “Be In The World, But Not of The World”

Teacher – Bro. Reuben
Reader – Bro. Jared
Date – 8/18/18

These are lessons from our IOG Baltimore, Maryland Class. Enjoy!

Class time: 1:00 pm. EST
Call: 301-233-1851
Donations –

Thanks for watching and peace in Jesus’ name!

The Israel of God Home Office
520 W. 138th Street
Chicago, IL. 60827

Part 2 of 3 HELP!!! Has anyone seen Hieroglyphs like these in the United States

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Part 2 of 3
Some say these were left by the Knights Templar others say they have to do with the KGC treasure, and still others say they are treasure symbols left by the Spanish. Any help on what these could be would be appreciated.
Louis Osmer and Diana Bender share their story of finding these strange hieroglyphs neatly carved into a cliff wall.
Louis goes into some great critical thinking concerning these hieroglyphs and tells a lot of other great stories to go along with them along the way.
I could listen to Louis all day, he has a lot of great stories. There has been 30 of these types of hieroglyphs found through out the Western United States. But to-date there hasn’t been any found east of the rocky mountains or any in Washington or Oregon or Montana, I think there has to be some in these areas.

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A sermon by Pastor Jerry Wilkerson from Landmark Tabernacle Church. Please visit our website at

Blue Diamond Ice Cave; Day 5 Ring Road Iceland Adventure 11/13/2016

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2016 Iceland Ring-Road Adventure

Day 1: 11/9/2016
– depart USA via Iceland Air
– Iceland Air does not prove food or snacks; all need to be purchased

Day 2: 11/10/2016
– arrive Reykjavik, Iceland 6am
– Explore Reykjavik while rest of the group arrive.
– Blue Lagoon Hot springs – 3pm

Day 3: 11/11/2016
– Pinvellir National Park
– Geysir
– Gullfoss waterfall
– Seljalandsfoss waterfall
– Icelandic horses

Day 4: 11/12/2016
– Skogafoss waterfall
– Black Sand Beach

Day 5: 11/13/2016
– Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon “Floating Iceberg”
– Glacier Hike & Blue Diamond Ice Cave
– Northern Lights

Day 6: 11/14/2016
– Detifoss Waterfall
– Myvatn Naturebath

Day 7: 11/15/2016
– Game of Throne Tour
– Godafoss Falls
– Myvatn Lake
– Dimmuborgir Lava Fields
– Grjotagja
– Hverir

Day 8: 11/16/2016
– drive to Reykjavik
– Hallgrimskirja church
– souvenir shopping

Day 9: 11/17/2016
– Flyback home

SST 2018 | California Central Valley Sisters

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Summer School of the Truth with the sisters of Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom, Davis, Elk Grove, Auburn, Reno and Fresno. ♡

Songs Used:
“Thank you Lord that we are your church”
“Hebrews 12:2”

“Back in my Father’s House Again”
“Oh That Christ May Make His Home my heart”

Alpha House, Nevada City, California & Sacramento Meeting Hall

Filmed By:
Daisy Gaeta
Melody Yu
Esther Chu

Palm Springs Cindy: My Retirement Story

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Listen to this heartfelt conversation about a teacher adjusting to retirement.