Closing- John White II My Season is Shifting at ABEGAT

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The American Baptist Eastern General Association of Texas, Incorporated is currently made up of 33 churches in various cities across the state of Texas which include; Angleton, Edna, Dickinson, Galveston, Hitchcock, Houston, La Marque, Montgomery, San Antonio, Seguin and Victoria. The Grand Ole East is more than a group of churches who have joined together to form an association. It is a mission and vision driven organization. It was established in 1870 and continues to grow in fellowship. Its leadership consists of a moderator, three vice moderators as well as various directors of ministries and auxiliary officers.

Reno Chamber Orchestra NCMF Masterworks II

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Nevada Chamber Music Festival Performance
Thursday, December 29, 2016
Location: South Reno United Methodist Church
Sinding Piano Quintet in E minor, Op. 5
James Winn, piano; Ruth Lenz, violin; Rebecca Hang, violin; Dustin Budish, viola; Brian Schuldt, cello

II youth day 2018 IIsailo dance II loyola school II bhubaneswar II

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#YOUTH DAY 2018 was celebrated at loyola school bhubaneswar by the youth of st.vincent church, maa velankani church and kalinga bihar church.
date: 02/09/2018
place: Loyola school Bhubaneswar

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Truth or Tradition? Part II, Mark Brand, Antioch Church, Dallas, Texas

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Sunday morning worship service at Antioch Church in Dallas, Texas on August 31, 2014. Pastor Mark Brand preaches Part II of his message entitled, “Truth or Tradition?” from his ongoing series, “Jesus: He is Everything You Need,” based on the Gospel of Mark. – Captured Live on Ustream at

FRANCE – 50th Anniversary Of Paris Liberation

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Church bells rang out across Paris on Thursday (25/8) as the city celebrated the 50th anniversary of its liberation from Nazi occupation. Fresh flowers adorned plaques marking the sites where some 2,000 French people died in street fighting in the final days before the Germans fled in August 1944.



choir singing inside notre dame cathedral
officials seated on pews
charles de gaulle’s son philippe de gaulle
wide view crowd outside
priest ministers mass
bishops exit the cathedral in procession
british ambassador, sir christopher mallaby
foreign minister alain juppe outside in crowd
us ambassador pamela harriman
statue of gen le clerc at the Porte D’orleans
WS row of tanks
flag of second armoured division
french veterans PAN along line of french veterans
wreath of flowers
american veterans
french veterans
cu prime minister balladur
balladur inspecting troops
leotard, defence minister (right) jacques chirac mayor of paris
and balladur standing with widow of gen leclerc (in black hat)
balladur pins medal on veteran
veteran walking around with flag
president mitterrand making presentation to resistance leader
soldier marching past troops

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John Paul II Newman Center – University of Nebraska at Omaha

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After many years in the making, catholic students at the University of Nebraska at Omaha will finally have a place they can call their own after using St. Margret Mary’s Catholic Church.

Ghost Story, Haunted Historic Building, former Church, Movie Theater

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Kingman AZ, March 24, 2012. Do you believe in haunted houses, buildings, hotels, theaters, mines, etc? I went into this business, the Boston Antiques and Collectibles place in downtown Kingman the other day, totally unaware of the stories that it was haunted, so bear with me as I did the report in a bit of an awkward fashion. I was expecting something like this.

According to Dennis the owner, about a year and a half ago a Ghost / Paranormal investigation team came out and spent a night in the place, having documented that the place was haunted. Reportedly 3 ghosts are known to be at the location, a woman, a man (projectionist of the former theater), and a little girl that has been seen with a bag of popcorn.

I did alittle research into the history of the place, actual dates differing according to who’s telling the stories, first having been Lang’s Theater around 1931, Henry Lang the owner at the time. Then around 1939 the place becomes the State Theater which served downtown Kingman Arizona from that time till around the late 1970s. I couldn’t find anything about the place being a church, but Dennis testified that it was at one time.

If you all like these types of stories or investigations, send me a message, and I might be willing to get into this a bit more, as it’s always been a fascination of mine since I was a kid. I saw George4title (g4t) cover a few of these type of stories, and of course many other people have given their personal testimonies of paranormal experiences online, around youtube and such.

Good day everyone, the Mark Allen Channel.

Two Organ Improvisations by Kyler Brown based on watercolors by Marilyn Foley — Improv II

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Two Organ Improvisations by Kyler Brown based on watercolors by Marilyn Foley
Improvisation I — in four movements
Improvisation II — a toccata

Marilyn Foley, watercolorist
Kyler Brown, organist

From an organ concert given Friday, October 14, 2011, at 5:30 PM

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Savannah, Georgia
Schantz Organ Company, 56 ranks, built in 2003

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