Dr. Kevin Anderson (genetics) talks with Ian Juby on Genesis Week

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This is the complete interview with Dr. Kevin Anderson (geneticist) regarding “molecular clocks.”

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“Amen-Dola” A Parody by Ian Cunningham, Ian Biggs, Sarah Gonzalez, Amy Vento, and Gina Jeannette

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Based on the song “Hallelujah” originally by Leonard Cohen.
Parody lyrics written by Ian Cunningham (@bigianc) (adiitional writing credit for Angelina Nardella, and Ian Biggs Performed by Ian Biggs (@ianbiggsmusic), Sarah Gonzalez (@sarahhgonzo), Amy Vento (amyy24_), and Gina Jeannette (ginajeannetteofficial) Produced by Ian Biggs and Ian Cunningham
Engineered by Ian Biggs
Mixed and mastered by Chris Wallitsch  Video filmed by Ben Hellman, and Eli Gomez Video edited by Ian Cunningham Special thanks to the following inspirations, fame, Kate Voegle, Chelsey Hagan, Amy Vento, the late James Cunningham and the late great “Fishy”.

Ian McHarg-Suitability Analysis from ‘Multiply and Subdue the Earth’, 1969

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Ian explaining his methods and maps to the City Council of Minneapolis-St. Paul in the 1969 show ‘Multiply and Subdue the Earth’

Judas Priest KK Downing Ian Hill in Corpus Christi, Texas 2.AVI

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Judas Priest in Corpus Christi. KK Downing, Ian Hill. Michael Gibson shot video of the Judas Priest members as they accepted a huge glass British Steel and stopped to talk to us.

GRONK SONG – Ian Cunningham (featuring: Jemar Phoenix, Ian Biggs and Sarah Gonzalez)

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A Parody I made about the great Rob Gronkowski to the tune of Sisqo’s “Thong Song”

Lyrics Performed by: Jemar Phoenix (@jemarphoenix)

Song written by: Ian Cunningham (@bigianc)
Video made by: Ian Cunningham

Additional lyrics by: Ian Biggs (@ianbiggsmusic)
and Sarah Gonzalez (@sarahhgonzo)

Recorded By Travis Bell, at Adorea Studio in Hamden CT.

BREAKING Gunman Ian David Long California Massacre on Police Radar former Marine 11/8/18

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BREAKING California Massacre after Democrats control House Gun Control Agenda False Flag ? 11/8/18

BREAKING ISLAM Sharia LAW NOW in USA Congress 2 Muslim women Democrats elected 11/8/18

BREAKING ALERT – ISLAM Sharia LAW NOW in Congress 2 Muslim women Democrats elected 11/8/18

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