Treebeards Restaurant, Houston – 39 Ghost Hunters

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39 Ghost Hunters do a paranormal investigation of Treebeards Restaurant in Houston, Texas where the food is so good that some costumers never want to leave. Located in the second oldest building in Houston, Treebeards has seen its share of history over the years and has numerous claims of paranormal activity.

GHI, Ghost Hunters International, Port Arthur Penitentiary,FAKE

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Watch as GH-Lie manipulate the truth.
When Barry takes this photo we see the image in his camera’s viewfinder. Except you’re not looking at the original photo. You’re looking at the enhanced image edited to appear to be the original in the viewfinder.
The reveal exposes GH-Lie.

ADJ Installation: Hunters Nightclub

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ADJ Helps Hunters Nightclub in Palm Springs Deliver Weekly Wow-Factor! Read the full story here:

Venue: Hunters Nightclub
302 East Arenas Road, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Owners: Mark Hunter, Patrick Volkert and Jennifer Seymour

Lighting & Video System Design, Installation & Programming: Jim Gokey & Herbie Mejia

ADJ Dealer:
Pro Sound & Stage Lighting
10743 Walker St, Cypress, CA 90630

ADJ Gear List:

Dance Room
1 x ADJ M4040 Mirror Ball
1 x ADJ HD MB40KG Mirror Ball Motor
8 x ADJ Inno Pocket Spot LZR4 x ADJ Sweeper Beam Quad LED
4 x ADJ Galaxian 3D
4 x Elation Flex Pixel Tape
6 x Elation Professional EVLED 256 LED Panels
22 x Elation Professional EZ4 LED Panels2 x Elation Professional EVLED-Image VSC
4 x Antari M7 RGBA Fog Machines
2 x Global Truss Triangular Truss Circles (18ft. + 16ft.)
Various Global Truss Square Truss Sections
Various Accu Cables
Elation Professional COMPU Show SDE Software
Elation Professional MIDICON PRO
Elation eNode 4
ArKaos MediaMaster Software

Main Bar Area
6 x ADJ 64B LED Pro
2 x ADJ Fusion TRI FX Bar
5 x ADJ Ultra HEX Bar 121 x ADJ HEXCON
1 x ADJ RGB 3C
1 x ADJ VF Flurry

Old Brownsville Texas City Jail Paranormal Investigation – Audio Enhanced

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The Graveyard Shift Paranormal Investigations team investigated the Brownsville, Texas Old City Jail building back in February 2012, here is the investigation and paranormal evidence. The audio has been enhanced and made louder on this video, due to the sound quality on the previously uploaded video. Graveyard Shift Paranormal maintains the commercial right to everything in this video.

ABANDONED 310 West Church St Apartments | Jacksonville, FL

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History and photo gallery here:

Instagram: @abandonedfl
Twitter: @abandonedfl

Ghost Story, Haunted Historic Building, former Church, Movie Theater

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Kingman AZ, March 24, 2012. Do you believe in haunted houses, buildings, hotels, theaters, mines, etc? I went into this business, the Boston Antiques and Collectibles place in downtown Kingman the other day, totally unaware of the stories that it was haunted, so bear with me as I did the report in a bit of an awkward fashion. I was expecting something like this.

According to Dennis the owner, about a year and a half ago a Ghost / Paranormal investigation team came out and spent a night in the place, having documented that the place was haunted. Reportedly 3 ghosts are known to be at the location, a woman, a man (projectionist of the former theater), and a little girl that has been seen with a bag of popcorn.

I did alittle research into the history of the place, actual dates differing according to who’s telling the stories, first having been Lang’s Theater around 1931, Henry Lang the owner at the time. Then around 1939 the place becomes the State Theater which served downtown Kingman Arizona from that time till around the late 1970s. I couldn’t find anything about the place being a church, but Dennis testified that it was at one time.

If you all like these types of stories or investigations, send me a message, and I might be willing to get into this a bit more, as it’s always been a fascination of mine since I was a kid. I saw George4title (g4t) cover a few of these type of stories, and of course many other people have given their personal testimonies of paranormal experiences online, around youtube and such.

Good day everyone, the Mark Allen Channel.

Haunted New Mexico: Memorial General Hospital Shadow Man (Slowed & Enhanced)

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Shadow Man video captured by Ramiro Galvan of Paranormal Research Investigations at the old Memorial General Hospital building in Las Cruces (Look into the green light at about :10)

Coyote hunters concern Rio Rancho couple over neighborhood safety

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A Rio Rancho couple says people are using bows and arrows to hunt coyotes in their neighborhood. For obvious reasons, hunting in a city is against the law. – Source:

Haunted Silver Terrace Cemetery Virginia City Nevada Ghost Lights of Silver Terrace By Soul Seekers

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On this Episode The Soul Seekers Set out To The Gold Mining Town of Virginia City Nevada to investigate some of the Historical Haunted Locations in this Town. Our First stop is the Town’s Oldest Pioneer Cemetery The Silver Terrace Cemetery Also known as Boot Hill, This Location was a location Ghost Adventures Filmed at during the filming of their Documentary. This Cemetery is reported to be one of the most active paranormal hot spots in the entire world. Well known for it’s Famous Cemetery lights Ghost Lights, Anomalies that are seen floating next to the Tombs at night. Can Soul Seekers make contact with the Old Pioneer Spirits said to Habitat inside these cemeteries? Soul Seekers gives you an in depth look at one of the Most Haunted places in the United States. ENJOY!

Haunted Locations In Oklahoma!

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Haunted places in Oklahoma.. Watch in HQ.