Humanitarian Organizations, Volunteer Work & Disaster Relief Video – Church of Scientology

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The Church of Scientology provides volunteer global humanitarian aid and world disaster relief volunteers, while working with over 50,000 schools, governments, churches and human rights organizations across 193 nations, to change the world. Watch this new humanitarianism video for statistics on how Scientologist volunteer workers are helping communities. More on

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‘Our Help Is Yours’

You are here.
So are 7,252,659,834 others.

203,421,712 suffer from drug addiction.
697,845,431 victims of crime.
1,991,208,953 human rights violations.
There’s only one way to solve it:

The Church of Scientology works with over 50,000 schools, governments, churches and human rights organization to make a REAL Difference for more than 700,000,000 men, women and children across 193 nations.

Tutoring, criminal reform, drug education, drug rehabilitation, human rights education, mental health reform, mentoring and worldwide volunteering in a global network of 700,000 volunteers from all faiths.
• Volunteering 50 million hours to help people freely, selflessly and indiscriminately.
• Teaching 19 million children the Truth About Drugs.
• Helping 4 million people lead lives without drugs.
• Enabling 43 million students to better their education.
• Making 111 million aware of their human rights.
• Allying 187,000 officials and advocates worldwide.
• Putting 112 million morals education materials in people’s hands.
• Giving aid to 24 million people in times of NEED.

Because changing the world is a big job.
But we can, TOGETHER.
Our help is yours.

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American Raider Pastors Sell Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine

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Pastor Roman Skots, who escaped justice in the U.S., unlawfully took land from his compatriots in Ukraine, forged documents, and blackmailed and bribed public officials while other members of his family sold humanitarian aid from the West. The administration of American and Ukrainian Protestant churches encouraged and covered up the fugitive’s shameless deeds.

Hezekiah’s Seal in Oklahoma Part 2

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Live Event
June 10 th 2018 Hezekiah and Isaiah seals in Edmond Oklahoma what does it mean?
June 12th 2018 President Trump and Kim Jong-Un meet in Singapore what does that mean?
Join us Tonight for the Prophetic meaning and signs of hope from these current events!

Casa Hogar Sion Orphanage with NewSong Church: Look Who’s Traveling

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Visiting Casa Hogar Para Niños orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico with NewSong Church to deliver Christmas presents to the orphans.
Casa hogar para niños


Travel with us! ►►
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Casa Hogar Sion

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Church of Scientology Opens New Building in Atlanta Georgia Reported by Fox 5 Atlanta

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Fox 5 News in Atlanta, Ga reports on the new building for the Church of Scientology located in Sandy Springs (a municipality just north of Atlanta city limits).

Fox 5 Atlanta also reports :

SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. – The Church of Scientology Atlanta held the grand opening of its new facilities in Sandy Springs on Saturday.

The new Church will deliver all Scientology services as well as offer our array of humanitarian programs to the community at large.

“This is Scientology for a new American South,” said David Miscavige, the ecclesiastical leader of Scientology and the Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center. “And so whereafter that ribbon falls for Atlanta and she in turn rises up, should anyone ask to what is Atlanta rising, you can truthfully say: she’s rising to eternity!”

The new home of the Church is located in the Atlanta metropolitan area and the City of Sandy Springs, atop a rise overlooking the bustling Roswell Road. The 45,000-square-foot Williamsburg-style mansion speaks “Southern charm” and welcomes all from Atlanta and beyond.

“Today honors a tale of Ideal Org creation that epitomizes Ideal Org spirit,” Mr. Miscavige said just before cutting a giant ribbon that officially opened the Atlanta Ideal Church of Scientology Organization.

Joining the Church’s opening celebration were 1,500 Atlanta Scientologists, plus those from along the Eastern Seaboard. Also attending were leading voices of the Atlanta community who welcomed the Church to its new home.

The Information Center also offers a detailed overview of the many Scientology-supported humanitarian programs. These include a worldwide human rights education initiative; a far-reaching drug education, prevention and rehabilitation program; a global network of literacy and learning centers; and the Scientology Volunteer Ministers program, now representing the world’s largest independent relief force.

Atlanta’s Ideal Org also features a chapel that provides for Scientology congregational gatherings, including Sunday services, weddings and naming ceremonies, as well as a host of community wide events open to members of all denominations. The Ideal Org further includes multiple seminar rooms and classrooms, in addition to an entire floor dedicated to Scientology auditing (spiritual counseling).

Impacting Fires Gathering

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Live Event
Tonights service is Live from the Impacting Fires Gathering in Lawton Oklahoma with
Curt Landry and Chuck Pierce.