The Hot Babes of Target strut their Stuff through the Department Store, 1 Oct 15, Mesa, AZ, GOPR0008

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The Hot Babes of Target strut their Stuff through the Department Store, 1 October 2015, Mesa, AZ, GOPR0008, Search for Railroad Track Riding Equipment, Stalking

AMAZING HOT AIR BALLOONING in Taos, New Mexico with the Pueblo Balloon Company

Views:1434|Rating:5.00|View Time:3:14Minutes|Likes:5|Dislikes:0 Sus & Chlo take to the skies with the Pueblo Balloon Company on a hot air ballooning excursion in and around the Rio Grande Gorge. While in the air, their pilot shows them a hot spring that is “clothing optional.” Featuring music by Omar Rane and filmed on location in Taos, NM.

KXSU Hot Seat with Maiah Wynne

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KXSU Arts Reporter Amelia Zeve got to learn some fun facts about 21-year-old Portland-based musician Maiah Wynne in the KXSU HOT SEAT! Maiah will be on SU’s campus May 19th, and we’re super excited to have her. Get to know Maiah a little bit before you get to see her live!

Illinois: 1 injured in hot air balloon accident

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Authorities say a one person was injured in a central Illinois hot air balloon accident.

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Hot Dog Church (UMTV)

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Carraway United Methodist Church in North Carolina has earned the nickname “the hot dog church.” Foodies come from hundreds of miles away to sample the dressed dogs and secret recipe chili that has been a Saturday tradition each summer since 1992. The church is known for good food and good works. Church volunteers have turned out an estimated 250,000 dogs over the years with all the proceeds going to help families and individuals with needs like rent and eyeglasses. Hot Dog Ministry volunteer C.L. Nabors says people are nourished by more than hot dogs here, “We have people who come here who have never been in a church and if we can show them the love we have, maybe they’ll go to church.’’

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Hot Air Balloon has controlled Crash Landing at Phoenix Church!

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So I’m on my morning sunrise walk and find this Hot Air Balloon struggling right above Busy Bell Rd. in Phoenix. Watch and see the controlled Crash landing almost on roof of church!

Hot Shot Load To Niles Michigan

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Hot Shot Load To Niles Michigan


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