Mark 6:7-13 Jesus Needs Help – Homily Sunday 2015-07-12

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Jesus Needs Help – Homily Sunday July 12, 2015

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This week’s topic — Jesus Needs Help
Given by —– Rev. John Deary
St. Katharine Drexel Parish
Cape Coral, Florida
Sunday —— July 12, 2015

Diocese of Venice Florida
Bishop Frank J. Dewane

Bishop Burbidge’s Homily for Ash Wednesday and the Lenten Season 2018

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Bishop Burbidge talks about Lent as an opportunity for conversion, to leave the former self behind and to chart a new path in Christ. He also discusses the disciplines of prayer, fasting and almsgiving, and why they are important for a healthy and blessed Lent.

“St. Teresa of Calcutta, when asked what has to change in times of turmoil, said three words: You and I.”

On prayer: “No matter how strong our desire, we cannot do it alone. Pray Psalms 18, 31 and 51, and listen to what Jesus is saying to you.”

“Fasting reminds us that nothing in this world can satisfy our hunger…only in Christ do we find joy and serenity.”

On almsgiving: “Jesus taught us that no gist is too small. The Lord will use it in miraculous ways.”

Solemn High Mass Homily honoring Immaculate Heart of Mary and Blessing of New Pipe Organ

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This Solemn High Mass honors the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and also marks the Blessing of the Parish’s new pipe Organ, enabling the new pipe Organ’s Liturgical use. This Homily includes the chanting of the Gospel (Jn 19:25-27). This homily from St. Benedict’s Parish in Chesapeake, Virginia ( St. Benedict’s is a Catholic Church under the aegis of the Diocese of Richmond and is staffed by the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, and Home of Daily Confession and daily Tridentine Latin Mass in the Tidewwater area. All sacraments are according to the Liturgical Books of 1962.

Ascension Thursday St Gianna Oratory Tucson AZ Homily By Canon von Menshengen ICKSP

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The Rebuilt Message Series: Church of the Nativity Story | Rebuilt Parish

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This video recording of Fr. Michael White’s 2013 homily just before the launch of the book Rebuilt, reveals the story of how Church of the Nativity realized they needed to change the way they were doing things. It is the story of stopping everything, asking the WHY question, and then starting over.

Fr. Michael recounts the story of “Family Friendly Fridays.” It was at that event that Fr. White came to a realization of the deep impact of consumerism on the parishioners at Nativity.

Michael and his associate, Tom Corcoran, worked very hard providing more and more programs. The faster they ran, however, the more the demand rose. They found that the people in their parish were demanding consumers. They created consumers who became super-consumers.

What is the “WHY” of their parish? What is the mission of the Church? The why of their parish is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Christ gave us all a why; he said “Go, make disciples” (Mt. 28:19). The focus of everything they do, every ministry, is forming disciples.

The gravitational pull is always towards consumerism. Churches have become comortable consumer exchanges for the convinced. For this reason, they become irrelevant. As a Catholic Church, we have become irrelevant. When we make church all about us, and our comfort, then we make mass irrelevant. If parish life becomes about us, then we will never form new disciples.

Go, make Church matter to Catholics.

Find out more about Church of the Nativity at

Homily on Pornography by Fr Stephen V Hamilton fathers day

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Fathers Day 06/18/17 St Monic’s Church Edmond, Oklahoma
Fr. Stephen V. Hamilton, Apologizes to Parishioners for Failing to Address Pornography Epidemic

Action Item: At Fr. Hamilton’s encouragement, please read this article with your son. Statistics show your son is already exposed or needs the positive reinforcement from his parents to grow in virtue. As Father said, “It is serious sin that needs to be confessed immediately, and especially before coming forward to receive Holy Communion.” Don’t be afraid, take courage. Your son’s salvation is at stake.

Action Item #2: Your priest has full permission to use this homily as his own without crediting Fr. Hamilton. Please go and encourage your pastor to give this homily. Father Hamilton has received many thank you’s for this courageous homily.

By Rev. Stephen V. Hamilton,
Sollemnitas Corpus Christi
Dt. 8:2-3, 14b-16a; 1 Cor. 10:16-17; Jn. 6:51-58
18 June 2017 (Father’s Day)
A Pornography Homily Given this past Fathers Day 06/18/17

I want to begin today with a brief prayer. If you are so inclined you can close your eyes and ask for the grace of the Holy Spirit. “Lord Jesus Christ, we pray that You would cover us, our families, and all of our possessions with Your love and the power of Your Most Precious Blood. Bind and drive out from among us any spirits who are opposed to Your Kingdom. Soften our hearts and heal our wounds so that we may receive Your Word today. Surround all of us with Your heavenly Angels, Saints, the strong arms of St. Joseph, and the mantle of Our Blessed Mother. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.”

Consider this hypothetical situation: What if we all knew that some defect in the water pipes of this church was resulting in harmful exposure to a high percentage of parishioners and running the high likelihood of serious physical health risks and even death… and we did nothing? We said nothing. I take it you would think that is crazy and irresponsible. You might even sue or demand the Pastor and other parish staff be replaced. We have basically that very situation, but in the area of spiritual health. And most people hear almost nothing about it from pulpits. Little is said or done to battle the crisis which is at epidemic proportions.

Today I want to discuss a topic that impacts many men and women across many age categories. While the impact is broad, it does seem true that this spiritual health risk seems to have a more significant hold on men and boys. Since the male susceptibility to this challenge is so high I am intentionally using Father’s Day to treat this topic and to call men in particular to battle, to better health of soul, and to better fulfill the role of protector for their family. Of course, I want to be sensitive to younger ears among us, but at the same time it could be irresponsible for me to be vague. Thus, I am going to speak this word one time so that no one can doubt what I am treating today, but after that I will use other language so as to limit exposure to younger ears. I think it is necessary to speak on the topic of the pervasive presence and use of pornography in our society.

Holy Angels Catholic Church, Chicago, Illinois, Mass 11-26-2017

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Holy Angels Catholic Church, Chicago, Illinois, Black History-Omar Ibn Said

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Omar Ibn Said

Omar Ibn Said, also know as
“Uncle Moreau” was unusual
among enslaved people in the
abtebellum United States in
that before he was captured
he was highly educated and
could read and write fluently
at a time when most African
slaves were illiterate. Said’s
autobiography is unique be-
cause it is the only personal
account of a slave written in
his own native language while
he was in bondage in the
United States.

Omar Ibn Said was born in
1870 along the Senegal
River in Futa Tooro, West
Africa to a wealthy Muslim
family. When his father died,
Said at age five was sent to
a nearby town to study Islam
and become a teacher.
Religion was paramount in
Said’s life and he was devout
to the Muslim faith. With ex-
tensive religious training
Said became well educated
and fluent in Arabic.

At age thirty-seven, after
returning to his village, he
was captured by a slave-
raiding party. Said was
taken to the Atlantic
coast of Africa where he
was placed on a ship
bound for Charleston,
South Carolina, Said
was brought across the
Atlantic in 1807, the
last year slaves could be
legally imported into
the United States from
the African continent.

When Said first arrived
in America he was sold
to a North Carolina
slaveholder, according
to Said, was Godless,
This deeply disturbed
Said because of his
strong faith and he
fled his owner’s farm.
Said was captured and
promptly jailed in Fay-
etteville, North Carolina,
While in jail he wrote on
his cell walls with ashes
in Arabic pleading for
his release. His jailers
could not read his
writings. However
James Owens, who lived
nearby heard of Said’s
unusal abilities and
purchased him from
his first owner. Owens
claimed Said was
pleased to be purchased
b y a man of strong faith.

Owens took an interest in
eduating Said and purchaed
a copy of the Holy Q’uran
in English which he read
to his new bondservant
along with a Bible which
would help him learn
English. Around 1820
Said converted to
Christianity and began
to attend church with
the Owens family where
he had his own seat
reserved. This con-
version was not
necessarily sincere
since most of Said’s
writings still made
reference to Mohammad
or Allah.

In 1831 Said wrote the
only autobiography of a
slave written in his native
language, Arabic. Said
was offered numerous
opportunities to return
to Africa, via Liberia as
a Christian missionary,
but each time he declined
the opportunity. Omar Ibn
Said lived to be 94. His
death in 1864 came as
the Civil War was raging
and Union forces were
freeing slaves throughout
North Carolina and Virginia.
Said died, however, on the
Owens farm without gaining
his freedom.

“Autobiography of Omar
Ibn Said, Slave in North
Carolina, 1831,” The
Anerican Historical
Review 30: 4 (July, 1925)

-ibn-sayyid; Sylvaine A.
Diouf, Servants of Allah:
African Muslims Enslaved
in the Americas (New York:
New York University Press, 1998).

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Feast of Corpus Christi Procession in Buffalo

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A 1/2 mile Procession, and a Holy Mass were held on Buffalo’s East Side in observance of the Feast of Corpus Christi, also known as the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ. This video shows the procession as well as Bishop Richard Malone’s Homily.

The annual procession takes place between two traditionally Polish churches, St. Stanislaus B & M, and Corpus Christi. This year, the Most Reverend Richard J. Malone, Bishop of Buffalo, led the Procession and celebrated the Mass.

Joining parishioners of St. Stanislaus and Corpus Christi churches, were Priests, Deacons, Felician Sisters, St. Casimir Church, the Chopin Singing Society, Harmony Polish Folk Ensemble, and the Polish Heritage Dancers, among the many faithful from across the Diocese of Buffalo. Hymns were sung in English, Polish, and Latin.