Seattle Among Cities Rocked by Homeless Crisis

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As the West Coast’s economy booms and more people move to the area, the number of homeless people has spiked to crisis levels. The Associated Press found that the number of homeless people is now 168,000 in California, Oregon and Washington. (Nov. 6)

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A practical way to help the homeless find work and safety | Richard J. Berry

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When Richard J. Berry, the mayor of Albuquerque, saw a man on a street corner holding a cardboard sign that read “Want a job,” he decided to take him (and others in his situation) up on it. He and his staff started a citywide initiative to help the homeless by giving them day jobs and a place to sleep — and the results were incredible. Find out how your city can replicate Albuquerque’s model with this frank and optimistic talk.

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Webinar – Tent City, USA The Growth of America’s Homeless Encampments

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Tent City, USA The Growth of America’s Homeless Encampments and How Communities are Responding

The Webinar aired on 12-20-17

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NOLA Street Preaching – CRAZY homeless demons!

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Street preacher Lonnie Matherne along with Evangelist Jimmy Miller preach the gospel one Sunday morning in the French Quarter, New Orleans. WE encounter a man who claims to be the great grandson of Jesus Christ and later A hard hat wearing kook who supports the false religion of Islam opposes the preaching.

Churches feeding, housing homeless families

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Denver7 reporter Adam Hammdond tells us how one program is giving homeless families a chance.

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From Homeless to A Restored Life

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Jameson LaFountain became homeless in Dothan, Alabama, more than 1,300 miles from his home in Update New York. He was already separated from his wife and family, and now he was stranded and homeless in Dothan. He decided to totally surrender to Jesus Christ, and transformation began. Within eight months, God restored Jameson to his wife and family. In this testimonial video, Jameson explains how God took him from homless to a restored life.

Wealthy Neighborhood Calls Cops on Church’s Homeless Jesus Statue

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St. Alban’s Episcopal Church has caused quite the uproar in the wealthy neighborhood of Davidson, North Carolina. What’ve they done? They installed a “Homeless Jesus” statue, which neighbors have called the police over believing an actual homeless person had entered their community…

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