Alabama 4-Year-Old Uses His Allowance To Feed Homeless People

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Austin Perine is a 4-year-old from Alabama. Once a week, he transforms into his superhero alter ego President Austin and distributes meals among the homeless in his city.
You can check out President Austin’s GoFundMe page here:

ABQ TRUE | HELLFIGHTERS Christian Ministries Homeless in Albuquerque

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ABQ TRUE rode along with the Hellfighters Christian Ministries soul snatchers motorcycle club as they visited homeless camps to feed and clothe the homeless in Albuquerque, New Mexico. #ABQTRUE #ABQ

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Hellfigthers New Mexico – Soul Snatcher Unit

Hope Lutheran Church in Los Angeles, California

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Hope Lutheran Church In Hollywood, California

A DEVOTION for you from HOPE

Obstacles are what you see
when you take your mind off
the Goal.

Lord, keep me focused and fed and
lead me on. Amen

“CONCERT WORSHIP” with us Sunday at 10:30 am
Come and Celebrate with us!

Centering Prayer session at 9:15 am
with Albert Borgo.

Sunday School for Children at 10:30 am
during Worship – preparing now for the Palm Sunday Pageant
Bring your Children.

Great after church Food and Coffee and other good things.
Be with us!!!!!!!

Suspicious vehicle call @ 9:45pm near church; Boise, Idaho; smoking marijuana allegation; Copblock

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Jeff Edward Hill of Boise police is not doing anything suspicious, so that gives him permission to ask for my birth date, and not having to give his own in return.

I got out and walked around waiting for them to leave before me. I noticed they drove around a little bit to watch my movement pattern, but it turned into nothing.


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Chesapeake Area Shelter Team (CAST), Overnight Shelter Program for the Homeless

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The Chesapeake Area Shelter Team is the community of faith providing overnight winter shelter for the homeless in the city of Chesapeake, Virginia. CAST launched on January 2, 2013. Each scheduled week of CAST, there is one church location for homeless guests to receive shelter, meals, resources, and fellowship.

Las Vegas Church Of Restoration Revival.The Vision of Evangelism.

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‘THE VISION”. NOV. 1ST.2014. 6:PM.


Church Every Sabbath ( Saturday ) in Knoxville Tennessee

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The Church of Spirit and in Truth Missions

OKC Church Cares for Homeless

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Crossroads Church of Oklahoma City offers food, water and other essentials to the homeless every Tuesday. In 2016 alone, the church provided 5,000 articles of clothing. UCentral’s Albert Hellebuick takes a closer look at the services the church offers.

Church gets shut down for helping homeless – Ventura CA

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The Harbor Church is one of the smallest churches in Ventura, CA., yet arguably they do the most to help the homeless. Each day, Harbor Church opens its doors to the homeless, providing: daily chapel services, worship music, Bible studies and prayer. They also engage the homeless through pastoral counseling. They also offer daily breakfast and lunch, hot showers, clothing and laundry facilities to those in need.

Because they help the homeless each day, the City of Ventura has ordered the church to close its doors during the week. Neighbors have been complaining to the city because they hate seeing homeless walk past their houses. They’ve filed complaints with city about the homeless behaving poorly in the neighborhood. But when asked to provide specifics or point out the individual that behaved poorly, neighbors are mysteriously mute. Enoch Magazine discovered The Harbor Church 4 years ago and has helped them with video needs ever since.

3000 Bags for Homeless Connect | Henderson, Las Vegas, Nevada | iMPACT Update

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iMPACT is here:

Benny Perez is Here:

Benny Perez is Lead Pastor Here:

Watch Full Episodes of the TV Show here:

Church Sunday Live Stream:

Artists: Scribbling Idiots

Appears courtesy Illect Recordings

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07/27/2018 | Board of County Commissioners | Homeless of Pahrump

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A local church and its staff spoke to the County Commissioners about their mission.

A Bethel Dream Center Update

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This is more of an update on the work we do in Bethel, Alaska. As a family we serve in our community through the Bethel Dream Center, a Christ centered para-church ministry. This lifestyle has added a great deal of texture and richness to our family’s life. Thank you for watching, even though this vlog is a little different from the other episodes.

The Ministry:

📷 Instagram
Pictures of Alaska and the family.

✑ Twitter
quotes, because I get inspired and challenged by them


Mighty Love by Joakim Karud
Keep on Going by Joakim Karud
I Feel the Heat by Joakim Karud

Food Bank Review: St Mary’s Church; Boise, Idaho; I rejected over half of what they offered.

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Nice choices here. They told me there is also a Salvation Army down the street further. I want to walk to the salvation Army tomorrow for more fresh food. ANything to stop spending from my emergency fund helps.

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Gales Hope Bags handed out/ San Jose Ca. (RV USA) EP. 15

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Gales Hope Bags handed out in San Jose Ca. with City Encounter Church. Gale has a non profit that she started. We take a gallon size bag and fill it with toiletries, socks and food. We pass them out all over the country. Some of the churches we goto partner with us and we all go to their local parks to hand Gales Hope Bags out. This week we were in San Jose, CA. and were able to pass out about 100 bags. We also use the bags to connect with people in a personal way that allows us to minister to them. Watch the video and check out our website at … If you would like us to come to your town.
Shot at Bill and Dude Overtons Roping Arena in Bakersfield CA.


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Amazing Grace Mission Episcopal Church, Tallahassee, FL

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The amazing ministries of Grace Mission in Tallahassee, FL — for more information, please visit our website!