OFFICIAL DAY COGIC 110th Holy Convocation Bishop Charles E Blake St Louis MO

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Official Day C.O.O.I.C 110th Holy Convocation 2017
CogicisLive with Presiding Bishop Charles E Blake
Yours Truly,
Elder Manuel L. Thomas
SMP Social Media Pastor
Social Media Global Community Church
Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake
You need the power of the Holy Ghost in your life.
Why is the Holy Ghost important?
What is the baptism of the Holy Ghost?

Belisarios the Hammer | Hellenic Revival #12 | CK2 Holy Fury

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With the Hellenic faith now restored, only one thing is left for us to do! Ibreed! Well, perhaps a holy war or two, or three, or more. One thing is certain however, Belisarios the Hammer is far greater of a man in history now than Charles the Hammer.

Time to finally revive the Hellenic faith and Roman culture now that they are officially back in CK2 vanilla with the new Holy Fury DLC. Thanks as always to Paradox for providing me with a press copy to try out the game before release.

“In Holy Fury, Pagan rulers who reform their religion instead of converting will have a chance to design that new Reformed Paganism. A religion of peace or one of war?

Will you be guided by the stars or bow to the whims of bloodthirsty gods? Who will lead this new church? Build a new creed on the ashes of the old ways.”

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Zolita – Holy (Official Music Video)

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A young girl explores a lesbian relationship in a patriarchal schoolhouse and starts a secret feminist girl cult.

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Directed and Written by Zolita and Jake Saner
Director of Photography… Jake Saner
Assistant Director…Skyler Johnson
Producer…Andre Bato
Executive Producer…JEZ
Associate Producer…Zolita
Editor…Stephen Michael Simon
Assistant Editor…Zolita
Choreographers…Ashley Robicheaux and Andrea Murillo
Stylists…Zac Weiss and Jarrett Edward
Production Designer…Tyler Givens
Assistant Production Design…Christian Coppola
Assistant Camera…Ben Elias
Gaffer…James Rosser
Key Grip…Bucky Illingsworth
Grip…Daniel Yankiver
Steady Cam…Patrick Morgan
Stunt Coordinator…Drew Leery
Sound Design…Phillip Kim
Lead Makeup…Nana Zhang
Makeup Assistant…Lulu Lin
Lead Hair…Hide Suzuki
Production Assistant…Victoria Brandt
Set Photographer…Amber Mahoney

Lilith…Haley Pehrson
Headmistress…Eva Mueller
Edie…Sasha Frolova
Girl 1…Briet Olina
Girl 2…Juliet Johnstone
Girl 3…Sea Shimooka
Girl 4… Lily Dale
Girl 5…Em Watson
Girl 6…Ariel Winn
Dancer 1…Ashley Robicheaux
Dancer 2…Andrea Murillo

Song Produced by Ømen

Special Thanks: The Cadosia School House

Bishop Sedgewick Daniels Closing at COGIC 109th Holy Convocation

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General Board Member Bishop Sedgewick Daniels preaches the second evening worship service of the 109th Church of God in Christ Holy Convocation on 11/9/2016 in St. Louis, MO

Luminous : Fr. Barbut Claudio – Holy Mass

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Scripture is illuminated. This program features religious and lay preachers including:Fr Martin Graham, Fr Andrew Black, Fr Edward Mcgee, Fr Frank Portelli, Fr Patrick Cahill, Fr Eamonn McCarthy, Fr Gareth Leyshon, Fr Ben St Croix, Fr Emmanuel Parnis, Fr Alan Neville, Fr Dominic Borg, Fr John Yakes, Sonia Werba, Jholadys Grullon, Lisa Dsouza, Jacinta Crockford, Mary Cruz and many more.

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Benny Hinn sings “HOLY HOLY HOLY” (Holy Are You Lord)

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Fire Conference Chattanooga, TN | April 11-12, 2008 |

Holy Are You Lord
Can you hear the sound of heaven like the sound of many waters,
Sound of worship coming from the throne;
There are cries of adoration as men from every nation
Lift their voice to make His glory known, singing…
Holy, holy, holy are You, Lord,
Holy, holy, holy are You, Lord

Holy Ghost Terrorizing Christians in a Church

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Amazing Video of what can happen when you worship a Man who came out from a Women 2,000 years ago.

Check out the hot new T-Pain video “Church”!

(C) 2007 Zomba Recording, LLC new T-Pain video “Church”! (C) 2007 Zomba Recording, LLC…T-Pain Teddy Verseti Church chris brown kanye hip hop Cobra Starship’s video for ‘The Church Of Hot Addiction’ from their album, While The City Sleeps, We Rule The Streets, in stores now on Decaydance Cube’s new video “Go To Church” with Snoop, Lil Jon, and lots of cameos….go to church ice cube lil jon snoop dogg Charlotte Church & Amy Winehouse cover Michael Jackson’s classic Beat It as the finale to her first Channel 4 series on Friday 13th October 2006….amy winehouse Charlotte Church Crazy Chick…Charlotte Church Crazy – Nelly Furtado and Charlotte Church Finale of the Charlotte Chruch show, a cover of Gnarls Barkelys infamous CRAZY!…Crazy Nelly Furtado and Charlotte Church The Orthodox Church – A visual journey This video presents some sights and sounds of the Orthodox Church….Orthodox Christian The Pentecostals Of Alexandria – Balm In Gilead Christian Life Center Stockton CA, Choir singing I’m A Pentecostal Written by their Pastor Nathaniel Haney Check out the video from their live recording here CLC – I’m A Pentecostal Marjoe Gortner, the Pentecostal child preacher, was forced into the denomination by his parents Marjoe Gortner the Pentecostal child preacher Tennessee Crazies Crazy Church People The Craziest Church Ever Check out ya boy in the red, or th… more) Added: June 21, 2006 Check out ya boy in the red, or the club!? Church, or The Club?! The groom starts shouting when the preacher is annoucing the couple to be husband and wife…funny as hell!!!!!!! Shouting Groom Us acting crazy at Trinity Christian College. (more) Added: November 16, 2006 Us acting crazy at Trinity Christian College Church Shouting Elder Stephen F. Smith Taking the Saints to Church and Shouting the Saints! Elder Stephen F. Smith, who is now Pastor of Sure House Church, Inc. in Collierville,Tn. closing out his first Sunday Morning Message at Temple of Deliverance COGIC in Memphis,Tennessee,when he was an associate Elder there. Temple of Deliverance COGIC was pastored by the late COGIC Presiding Bishop G. E. Patterson! Shouting the Saints! Woman clips one of the benches and takes herslef out Woman takes a fall shouting in church Islam is NOT a religion of peace and tolerance.In fact it is quite the opposite.We are in danger.They are going to spread islam
In this video an ex-muslim lady describes how Islam is bad and against any form of civilization. And she gets labelled heretic by those bastards.I hope she is still alive after being so brave.

Islam is NOT a religion of peace and tolerance.In fact it is quite the opposite.We are in danger.They are going to spread islam at the point of a sword…or a nuke the strong ties between terrorism and Islam on a show on Al-Jazeera tv…Wafa Sultan Al-jazeera Memri Islam terrorism Jesus Lebanon christianity Arabic muslim Angela Collins convert to islam .. she talks about how and why she did so…Angela Collins convert islam muslim The trouble with Islam download an audio version of this video at atheism Islam Muslim religion medieval jihad war insanity Radical Islam: Terror in Its Own Words (Part I)Fox News special highlighting Islamists in their own words….terrorism islamism Absolutely amazing recitation of the Holy Qur’an by a young boy. It left me speechless. Can’t get enough of this recitation. He is blessed with a beautiful voice. His name is Hasan bin Abdullah Al Awadh Caturday gato katze funny chat katt hilarious Caturday cat amusant komisch pussycat kitten funny drole gato cats Caturday funny lindo comico cats katze poes kat leuk grappig funny cats hilarious Funny Bloopers Funny Funny Sports bloopers!!!…Sports Bloopers funny krazaykid006 Funny Commercials II

So many folks enjoyed the first group I thought I’d put together some more. dononeg……funny commercials dononeg beer bear george bush is funny george bush is funny…george bush YAY! Funny Animal Videos! This is a popular video featuring Tyson the skateboarding dog, hilarious cat videos, and an awesome penguin video! **If you get tired of the skateboarding YAY! Funny Animal Videos!

This is a popular video featuring Tyson the skateboarding dog, hilarious cat videos, and an awesome penguin video! **If you get tired of the skateboarding

Hymn of Praise “Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty”

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Hymn of Praise “Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty”

January 20, 2019
Second Sunday after the Epiphany
8:30 a.m. and 10:55 a.m.

Visit us at:

1401 South Polk Street Amarillo, Tx 79101

Sunday Worship Services at 8:30am and 10:55am in the Sanctuary.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 806-374-2891

Holy Cross Church chorus/ Coros de la Iglesia de Santa Cruz

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Christmas mass December 25, 2012
Misa de Navidad Diciembre 25, 2012

All the spanish choirs of St Anne’s Church in Porterville singing together for the first time.

Todos los coros de la Parroquia Santa Ana en Porterville cantando juntos por primera vez.

“Stay With Me” during Holy Thursday Mass at St. Isidore’s

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Stay With Me, performed by the choir at St. Isidore’s Catholic Church during the Holy Thursday mass of Holy Week.

The St. Isidore’s Choir is directed by Frank Schmeidler. St. Isidore’s serves the Catholic community and students of Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas.

Video quality is not the best, but I made this video for the purpose of audio.

You Are Holy | OMNIPOTENT | Indiana Bible College

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You Are Holy | OMNIPOTENT (2016)
Lead Vox Kalyx Ballestero, Stesha Barkley & Austin Hicks
IBC Chorale

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