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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone! Join us as we celebrate with you and take you to all our favorite holiday light traditions around our city. We love to look at Christmas lights and do a lot of neat activities every holiday season. Join us for the fun and we hope you have a very wonderful holiday season!

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Adalia’s slime video:

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Pet Friendly Holiday Cottage In Huish Champflower, Nr Wiveliscombe Somerset

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– A Pet Friendly Holiday Cottage In Huish Champflower, Somerset. This Dog Friendly Holiday Accommodation Nr Wiveliscombe Allows 1 Dog & Sleeps Up To 4 People

Grace Church: Nashville Holiday Worship – “Mary, Did You Know?”

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From the Christmas Celebration at Grace Church: Nashville in December 2014, worship with the Grace Church Choir and Lindell Cooley with Christ Church Choir’s arrangement of the popular Christmas classic, written by Buddy Greene and Mark Lowry.

Mr. Lowry refers to this as “his favorite arrangement” of the song, and invited the Grace Church Choir to perform it at the 2015 GMA Honors Banquet, where he will be honored for his musical achievements.

Republicans Furious Over Bo Obama Holiday Card

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“Larassa Kabel never expected to be chosen when she submitted her painting to be considered for the White House holiday card this September.

The Des Moines, Iowa, artist said “it was a very surreal moment,” when she got the call from the White House secretary’s office while cooking pizza for her family one night, hearing that first lady Michelle Obama had chosen her piece.

The White House released the 2012 Christmas card, painted by Kabel, this morning.”*

This year, the Obamas have released a card for the holidays with a picture of their Portuguese water dog, Bo, playing in the snow. But this has infuriated Republicans because there are no Bible verses or mention of Christmas on the card. Cenk Uygur explains the card and its similarity to a Ronald Reagan card no one had a problem with.

*Read more from Sarah Parnass/ ABC News:

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5 Christmas Party Games You Should Try This Holiday Season! (Minute to Win It)

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Christmas is almost here! Need game ideas for your Holiday party? Here are 5 Minute to Win It themed Christmas games that are both fun and challenging for all ages–kids and adults!
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1. Reindeer Nose Dive – 00:30
Items: Glitter poms, ribbon, patroleum jelly
Rules: Players must swing a red ball attached to a string held in their mouths, so that the ball lands on their petroleum-jelly-covered nose. It must remain in contact on the nose for 3 seconds to win.

2. Jingle in the Trunk – 01:43
Items: Empty tissue box, jingle bells/ping pong balls, belt
Rules: Players must empty a box full of jingle bells attached to their lower backs without using their hands.

3. Christmas Cliffhanger – 02:52
Items: Christmas cards
Rules: Players must blow Christmas cards in an attempt to get it to hang off a table’s edge.

4. Lollipop – 03:36
Items: ping pong balls, 3/8″ metal straw, 1/2″ nuts
Rules: Players must slide 3 metal nuts and a ping pong ball down an upright straw, so that the ping pong ball rests on the top of the straw while the nuts are lowered to the table.

5. Christmas in the Balance – 04:42
Items: Christmas ball ornaments, yard/meter stick, empty gift wrap roll
Rules: With a yard/meter stick balanced on top of an upright gift wrap roll, players must simultaneously hang ornaments on opposite sides of the yard/meter stick.

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Holiday Inn World’s Fair Park in Knoxville Tennessee

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Plan your next trip at
To learn more about Holiday Inn World’s Fair Park go to

Produced by Visit Knoxville & Loch and Key Productions

Music: “Do It!” – by Soulfinger (Knoxville, TN)

Grady Nutt Holiday Trailer – 30 Year Anniversary 2 CD Set

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“The Prime Minister of Humor” was an American original loved and revered by millions of people around the world.

Grady Lee Nutt was born September 2, 1934, in Amarillo, Texas. He began his career as a child, singing gospel music on the radio with his mother accompanying him on the piano. Grady became an ordained Baptist minister when he was only 12-years-old. He loved to brag that he had the authority to perform legal weddings of his middle school classmates, making him quite popular.

He grew up and graduated from Baylor University, marrying his college sweetheart, Eleanor Wilson of Memphis, Tennessee. While attending The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, he became the pastor at Graefenburg Baptist Church in Waddy, Kentucky. In his sermons and later performances, he often told stories about how the people at Graefenburg loved him and changed his life. Grady formed life-long friendships while living in Waddy and his Deacon buddy, Odel Smith, became part of Grady’s folklore.

After graduating in 1964, Grady worked for the seminary recruiting students on college campuses all across the American South. While speaking on college campuses, his humorous performances came to the attention of Ralph Edwards, producer of the hit TV shows “Truth or Consequences” and “This Is Your Life.”

Grady’s popularity soon led to many TV appearances, such as “The Mike Douglas Show,” the country’s top-rated daytime talk show. “The Mike Douglas Show” was a nationally syndicated TV show that ran from 1963 until 1982. Grady was often a guest on the show and also hosted the show when Mike was not available..

In 1979, Grady’s big break came when he was added to the cast of Hee Haw, one of the most popular shows in television history. He was dubbed “The Prime Minister of Humor” and given a couple of minutes each episode to do a routine. These routines became instant classics.

Grady also toured the country during his TV career, entertaining thousands with his unique brand of American comedy and storytelling. He wrote several books that appeared on bestseller lists and he released several hit comedy albums and even a Southern Gospel record. He was passionate about visiting with his fans and giving back to his community.

In 1981, NBC aired the sitcom pilot, “The Grady Nutt Show.” The show starred Grady as a minister of a local church. Each week, his church members got involved in some kind of funny crisis and Grady would try to step in and fix it.

On November 23, 1982, Grady finished a speaking engagement in Cullman, Alabama. He boarded a charter flight home and immediately after takeoff, the plane crashed, killing Grady, the pilot and co-pilot. The world and his peers mourned the loss of this great American humorist and story teller.


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The Santa Fe Railroad (Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway), in conjunction with Dudley Pictures Corporation, presented the viewer with this color film, “Southern California Holiday.” Dating to the 1950s, the picture illustrates the theme of vacationing in sunny Southern California and using the Santa Fe railroad system to travel there. Narrated by voice actor Art Gilmore, the film opens with a Santa Fe train speeding down the track at mark 00:45 as the audience is told, “In all the world, there is probably no single area holding so much charm and beauty and the good things of life than Southern California.” What follows is a nearly non-stop presentation of the Golden State. Starting with Los Angeles, Gilmore explains how the “thrill of Southern California is in the air.” The viewer is treated to the “vast, seething metropolitan city” as cars race down uncongested freeways on their way to downtown LA, where they can take advantage of shopping or visit the Los Angeles Mission, shown at mark 01:33, or the familiar City Hall, shown at mark 01:40. The “Miracle Mile” of Wilshire Boulevard is up next, “one of Los Angeles’ most modern and important shopping centers before seeing shots of the famed Brown Derby Restaurant and the Ambassador Hotel, as well as the Griffith Park Observatory where “even for as deep a subject as astronomy, there are always keenly interested visitors day and night.”

At mark 03:10 we are taken to Forest Lawn Memorial Park, where visitors come to admire the landscaped grounds, walkways, churches, and chapels (not to mention the final resting place of countless celebrities), followed by the Huntington Library. At mark 04:10 the viewer sees the famed Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, and we catch glimpses of the celebrated handprints and footprints of stars such as Gary Cooper, Shirley Temple, and Nelson Eddy, before visiting the headquarters of NBC and CBS starting at mark 04:47, and then the Hollywood Bowl, with a sunrise Easter service shown at mark 06:00.

“One of the more interesting aspects of Hollywood is the motion picture industry,” Gilmore tells the audience, as we see the exterior of RKO Radio Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Republic Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer Studios. “Every line of business in the area benefits either directly or indirectly from the picture industry,” the audience is told. Scenes from the Sunset Strip and purveyors of maps to the stars’ homes follows, as do scenes of the unique architecture of Beverly Hills and at mark 08:15 a stop at the landmark Beverly Hills Hotel and Miramar Hotel. A polo field developed by humorist Will Rogers is next at mark 08:47, followed by a tribute to the state’s many golf courses and a visit to the University of California at Los Angeles.

Catalina Island, sailboating on the Pacific Ocean, and tanning on the beaches are contrasted with ski slopes just a few hours away, as Gilmore touts California as a haven for fans of warm or cold weather activities. Hopalong Cassidy visits a citrus fair at mark 13:00 while audiences later cram into the Los Angeles County Fair, enjoy horse racing at Hollywood Park and Santa Anita Park, or tour one of the state’s many missions.

“In the past brief quarter of a century, Southern California, aided mightily by the essential cooperation of the railroad, has undergone a truly awe-inspiring growth in its industrial life,” Gilmore continues at mark 17:25, stressing the state’s role as a manufacturer of automobile tires, “to keep the wheels of America turning.” Stockyards, oil drilling, chemical factories, steel foundries, and aircraft manufacturing are also key parts Southern California economy, as is tourism, especially to areas like La Jolla and San Diego. Among the latter’s many attractions — San Diego Zoo, which is shown at mark 20:45 as giraffes, elephants, and bears “smile” for the camera.

And just a “stone’s throw” away from San Diego … Tijuana, Mexico … “warm, typically Latin, and friendly to call,” the viewer is told at mark 22:27. “Tijuana is a colorful border town devoted to gayety.” Back in the USA, the film encourages visitors to Palm Springs, where such entertainers as Jerry Colonna and Leo Carrillo (of “The Cisco Kid” fame) are shown celebrating “Circus Week.” At mark 23:56, the viewer is reintroduced to the convenience of Santa Fe as “shining rails speed the traveler through this colorful panorama to New Year’s Day in Pasadena” and Tournament of Roses parade — just one more of the treasures of Southern California, “a land of sunshine and happiness, proudly and happily served by Santa Fe.”

This film is part of the Periscope Film LLC archive, one of the largest historic military, transportation, and aviation stock footage collections in the USA. Entirely film backed, this material is available for licensing in 24p HD and 2k. For more information visit