Free Houses! 6 Beautiful Historical Homes Being Offered for Free

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Who doesn’t love a free house? Join Elizabeth of CIRCA Old Houses as we explore 6 beautiful historical homes currently being offered for free – provided you can move them! If you want to know HOW to move one of these houses, watch our follow-up video here:

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For more information on the homes featured in this video, visit the following links:

Osterville, MA:

Guntersville, AL:

Plano, TX:

Grimesland, NC:
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Indianapolis, IN:

Enfield, NC:


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Claims by disgruntled church members labeling their former churches abusive and demanding, appear wilfully ignorant of the clearly stated mission of the church from the beginning.

The wildly inflated narratives seem more aimed at self congratulation and assurance, than any genuine “cult” experience.

It’s as if there is no idea what the church teaches and preaches from the beginning – as though its biblical moral standards, calls to separation, roles of men and women, and focus on evangelism, suddenly appear as a sinister agenda.

As if Jesus Himself would have escaped the labels “cult”, “high control/demand” and “exploitative techniques” (eg. “anyone who does not forsake all that he has, cannot be My disciple”)

However, a closer look at what the leading protagonists are saying, reveals an insidious common denominator of masquerading Calvinist (Reformed Theology) entities.

Some of the more vehement and vitriolic attacks against orthodox Christian churches – damning them as “heretical” and “cults”, emanate from crusading Calvinists. They are armed with the “authority” of these masquerading entities who produce much of the shady literature purporting to define cults.

For example, often cited as a valid authority on cults, is CARM (Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry)

However CARM is a “5 Point Calvinist entity. Their aim is to “promote and defend Calvinist doctrines, and persuade people to leave and avoid Christian, non-Calvinistic doctrinal points of view.”

CRI (Christian Research Institute) poses as an authority on cults but fails to declare a Calvinist upbringing of its leader.

The International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) links to CRI and “provides no indication of how many of their characteristics are necessary for a group to be considered “cultic.”

“The checklist creators do not adequately define how much of certain practices or behaviors would constitute “excessive,” nor do they provide evidence that any of the practices listed are innately harmful. The ICSA list is “so broad that even mainstream organizations such as Evangelical Protestantism, the Roman Catholic Church, Buddhism and Hinduism fall within the criteria”

Equally Calvinist linked, is “Life After Potters House”, Cult Education Institute and the Australian Cult Information and Family Support (CIFS)

At Cult Education Institute, its Jewish activist director has a criminal history. No wonder his “cult expertise” has subsequently seen him convicted by a Court of “acting in a way so outrageous in character and so extreme in degree as to go beyond all possible bounds of decency”

Another interconnected cult “authority”, masquerading as objective, is Cult Awareness Network,(CAN).CAN declared bankruptcy after a jury found that it conspired to violate the civil rights and religious liberties of Jason Scott, a Pentecostalist, who had been forcibly kidnapped by Rick Ross, a CAN-referred deprogrammer

The Calvinistic, Got Questions is critical of churches that deny Calvinistic doctrines

They justify the historical torture and killing of Christians who denied Calvinism


In 1556, Calvin introduced the most incredibly severe laws against sexual immorality – “Sur les paillardises, adulteres, blasphemes, juremens et despitemens de Dieu”

Some Calvinist crusading Baptist churches express similar tyrannically puritan doctrines

Many followers of Calvinism smear their former churches as cults, interpreting challenges as commands, and suggestions as ultimatums, and ironically promote Calvinist entities as authorities

No wonder then, there is an aggressive trend among some who have rejected the sound, orthodox Christian doctrines of their former churches, to embrace Calvinism and use social media as a backlash against the sound biblical methods they were trained with

Encouraged to gleefully label their former churches cults, the irony is ignored of subsequently belonging to a “religious movement where their theological and positional title is named, not after Christ Who forgave those while He was dying, but after a man who lived 1500 years after Christ, and encouraged the burning alive of men and women at the stake”

“The very traits they point to as identifying cults are encouraged in those who subscribe to its tenets”

Nevertheless, “all Christians believe in concepts of God’s sovereignty, providence, and predestination

These are not concepts unique to Calvinism. Calvinism is simply a false interpretation of them.”

In fact “there are similarities between the ancient heresy of Gnosticism and present day Calvinism

The intellectual pride of the Gnostics refined away the gospel into a philosophy making salvation exclusive and not universal”

It is equally revealing that Calvinist “cult authorities” promote hypocritical, post modern humanist/socialist values that are assumed to be superior to age old, time tested, religious values and doctrines


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2. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH,WILMINGTON 34°13’59.37″N 77°56’43.33″W
3. TEN COMANDMENTS,MURPHY 35° 7’13.78″N 84°15’0.26″W
4. BELL TOWER,RALEIGH 35°47’10.39″N 78°39’48.54″W
5. FORT FISHER,KURE BEACH 33°58’18.39″N 77°55’9.11″W
6. SMILEY,ASHEVILLE 35°29’20.13″N 82°31’4.81″W
7. CATHEDRAL,CHARLOTTE 35°12’26.37″N 80°51’9.64″W
8. NASHER MUSEUM OF ART,DURHAM 35°59’56.67″N 78°55’44.00″W
9. DOG BONE SHAPED POOL,CHARLOTTE 35°13’47.58″N 80°55’18.90″W
11. WORLD’S LARGEST CHEST DRAWER,HIGH POINT 35°57’48.68″N 80° 0’29.36″W
12. MUSEUM OF ART,RALEIGH 35°48’33.96″N 78°42’10.02″W
14. MUSEUM OF NATURAL SCIENCES,RALEIGH 35°46’55.81″N 78°38’22.97″W
15. FORT DOBBS,STATESVILLE 35°49’18.96″N 80°53’49.10″W
16. ACORNRALEIGH 35°46’37.26″N 78°38’9.12″W
17. BILLY GRAHAM LIBRARY,CHARLOTTE 35°11’25.93″N 80°54’33.60″W
18. PILOT MOUNTAIN,PINNACLE 36°20’24.22″N 80°28’29.78″W
19. ROCKEFELLER MEMORIAL,SWAIN 35°36’39.73″N 83°25’28.62″W

Historical Greenwood Cemetery – Clarksville, Tennessee

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Some interesting facts about one of Clarksville, Tennessee’s oldest cemeteries. Cave Johnson, Postmaster General to President James Polk, Frank Sutton and other memorials…and much more
Rosalind Kurita – Host
Carolyn Ferrell – Guest
Video/Editing – Gary Baker

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Visit to a very unique historical cemetery in Humble , TX

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There was rumors circulating about this cemetery in Humble, Tx. Just about 10 miles away from where I live, this place was hidden from sight, on the side of the rail road tracks. Even though it was rumored to be haunted, it seemed very peaceful.

St. Paul AME Church, 146 Years Old Presents a Historical Exhibit

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St. Paul AME Church, 146 Years Old Presents a Historical Exhibit Highlighting the
African Methodist Churches of Texas

Houston, Texas – St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church will host a historical exhibit and theatrical presentation entitled, “A Gospel Singing and Storytelling”. The exhibit will encapsulate 165 years of the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) historical and spiritual legacy while celebrating their contributions to Texas which started in Galveston and now spans the entire state of Texas.

For almost two centuries, the AME Church has played a significant role in the spiritual programming and initiatives to uplift neighbors, empower children, and unite the communities throughout the state of Texas. “It is unique in that it is the first major religious denomination in the Western World that had its origin over sociological and theological beliefs and differences (AME, n.d.).”

The Mother Church of Texas, Reedy Chapel dates back to 1848 when Black slaves were given the land at 20th and Broadway by their white owners for a place of worship. The slaves worshipped outside until a structure was built. Reedy was one of the locations in which General Order #3 was read, announcing the end of slavery in Texas. After the end of slavery, Reedy also served as a school, educating freed men and women. Throughout her history Reedy has endured The Great Fire and numerous hurricanes but still stands. In 1866 following the close of the Civil War the church was organized as an A.M.E. Church (Reedy, n.d.).

The African Methodist Episcopal Church has a unique and glorious history. The church was born in protest against slavery – against dehumanization of African people, brought to the American continent as labor. The Mission of the African Methodist Episcopal Church is to minister to the spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and environmental needs of all people by spreading Christ’s liberating gospel through word and deed. At every level of the Connection and in every local church, the African Methodist Episcopal Church shall engage in carrying out the spirit of the original Free African Society, out of which the AME Church evolved: that is, to seek out and save the lost, and serve the needy (AME, n.d.).”

Jena LA Tornado Historical event High Risk Day

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April 2, 2017

High Risk for severe thunderstorms via Storm Prediction Center as of 12:01 PM CDST for west-central and north-central Louisiana.

(Citations needed to state source of news material featured at beginning of video).

It is uncertain as to whether or not the citizens of Jena, LA knew just how close the town came to being another Tusculusa or, God forbid, Joplin. “They (the citizens) knew it was big and dangerously close, although they couldn’t see it. I was amazed how prepared the townspeople were, especially in a city without sirens.”

Four tornados struck La Salle Parish on April 2, between 3 PM and 5:30, three of which came within 2-5 miles from striking the heart of Jena. “This is as lucky or blessed as one could ever hope to be in this situation” according to one spotter.

A known chaser passed through town just in time to greet the boiling, black mesocyclone that produced the third tornado, which was a quarter-mile-wide, and about 3 miles WNW of Jena around 5:17 PM). He stated, “Jena was obviously spared that day, as the long track tornados lifted right before hitting the town, and some touched down again and moved eastward, each missing the town proper.”

The video contains a new but competent group of spotters who are new to the area and come from the Tornado Alley region of the Texas Panhandle near Amarillo. Bear in mind, their cameras were shaky, as filming took backseat priority to their work as spotters (driving and exchanging realtime info). They synchronize well between realtime radar and visual confirmation.

The video contains the super-cells that were responsible for producing four separate EF-2 tornados each of which came dangerously close to Jena in La Salle Parish. The third Tornado formed about 4 miles north of Midway.

This EF-2 Tornado was a quarter of a mile wide and moved less than a mile during its 3-5 minute lifecycle. We were fortunate enough to catch only fair images of the actual Tornado. The high precipitation that day made most of the tornados rain-wrapped.

The HP nature of the storms added to spotter difficulty, as the foliage is a hindrance in itself. A vague and large funnel can be next to impossible to view and confirm, and this one is no exception. We happened to catch a peep of the large funnel plowing through distant woods before it, too, took refuge behind the rain curtain surrounding a major portion of the updraft.

Austin Historical Locations

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Austin, located on the Chicagos west side, began as an upscale suburb built from railway riches. Created in 1865 by businessman and real estate investor Henry W. Austin, the neighborhood has one of the largest populations in Chicago. It was annexed to the city in 1899 much to the citizens dismay and has since experienced great community and economic transformations. From its wide roads, picturesque community parks and gorgeous architecture, Austin boasts some of Chicagos greatest historical locations.

One of these buildings is the J.J. Walser Jr. House, located at 42 N. Central Ave. The building, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright was built in 1903, just four years after the neighborhood was annexed to the city. It is known to be one of his most significant buildings in the Chicagoland area. Although it is built on a narrow lot, the home still exhibits his well-known horizontal designs.

Another city landmark in the neighborhood is the Hitchcock House, located at 5704 W. Ohio St. Built in 1871, the neighborhood was still an independent suburb known for the commuter railways. Build for railroad part executive Charles Hitchcock, the home is known for being one of the oldest houses in the community.

The Fraternite Notre Dame is a breakaway Catholic church located in the neighborhood. It is one of four churches in the world in which the Fraternite Notre Dame operates. The church created controversy in 2000 when it opened up its main house for North America in the neighborhoods former Gammon United Methodist Church, which was built by renowned Cleveland architect Sidney Badgley.

Laramie State Bank Building, located at 5200 W. Chicago Avenue, was constructed in 1927 by architects Querin Cook and Frederick Meyer. The art-deco style buildings exterior was covered in coins, beehives, quirrels and other symbols of savings and prosperity. The imagery was sculpted by the artisans of the Northwestn Terra Cotta Company in which Cook and Meyer worked for, and denotes some of Chicagos finest terra cotta work.

Pecos National Historical Park – New Mexico

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Southeast of Santa Fe, New Mexico are the remains of what was once the largest Indian pueblo in the Southwest. Pecos Pueblo dominated a major trading route between the farming Pueblo Indians and Great Plains’ hunters.

Music 1: “Rain On Lake Erie” by Purple-Planet

Where History Comes to Life – Old Colorado City Historical Center

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Old Colorado City Historical Center – Episode 1 – Part 3

Next we will go to the History Center which was originally the 1st Baptist Church of Colorado City. In 1917, it became the Bethel Baptist Church. Currently it is owned and operated by the Old Colorado City Historical Society. We invite you to visit the museum where you can see artifacts that have been donated throughout the years. While the Old Colorado City History Center is no longer a church, it still has the original church bell that you and your children can ring.

Introduction 00:00-00:31
OCCHC introduction 00:32-01:14
The Histories Center’s original use 01:15-02:08
Leo Knudson: member of the Historical Society 02:09-05:04
A look inside 05:06-06:23
Artifacts collected through the years 06:24-07:22

25 Shocking Historical Photos

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25 Shocking Historical Photos……

1. Timothy O’Sullivan Photo of Native Americans
2. Timothy O’Sullivan 1868 Photo of Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah
3. Two Barmen Tend to An Old West Saloon
4. Cowgirls Assemble In Front Of A Watering Hole
5. Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show Comes Through Town
6. Timothy O’Sullivan 1873 Photo of Canyon De Chelly in Arizona
7. Timothy O’Sullivan 1873 Photo of Black Canyon on the Colorado River
8. Ox Teams at Sturgis
9. Raising The Stakes In A Gambling Hall Poker Game
10. Timothy O’Sullivan 1872 Photo of Green River City, Wyoming
11. Timothy O’Sullivan 1873 Photo of Old Mission Church, Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico
12. Chinese Railroad Workers Pause During Construction
13. Timothy O’Sullivan 1874 Photo of Shoshone Falls
14. Timothy O’Sullivan Photo of the Pyramid and Domes at Pyramid Lake, Nevada
15. Public Execution of Horse Thieves
16. Timothy H. O‚Sullivan 1868 Photo of Dune de sables, Carson Desert, Nevada
17. 1871 Photo of Timothy O’Sullivan with Wheeler Survey and Native Americans
18. View From The Mountaintop In Colorado’s Browns Park
19. Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show
20. Timothy O’Sullivan Photo of a Mountain Pass
21. Timothy O’Sullivan Photo of Railroad Tracks
22. Timothy O’Sullivan 1871 Photo of the Colorado River
23. Timothy O’Sullivan Photo of Gold Hill, Nevada
24. A Marching Band Plays Along A Parade Route, 1888
25. Blocks Of Land Along The Main Drag Are Sold For $750 A Lot

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2. LDS TEMPLE,YUKON 35°35’30.83″N 97°43’36.03″W
3. GOVERNOR MANSION & OKLAHOMA SHAPED POOL 35°29’33.00″N 97°29’49.51″W
4. TULSA ZOO,TULSA 36°12’38.71″N 95°54’29.11″W
5. OKLAHOMA CITY NATIONAL MEMORIAL 35°28’23.53″N 97°31’1.24″W
6. LIFE CHURCH CROSS,EDMOND 35°38’59.06″N 97°25’20.86″W
7. WINGS ON THE WAY,OKLAHOMA CITY 35°23’39.98″N 97°36’54.72″W
8. FORT GIBSON 35°48’14.07″N 95°15’27.29″W
9. MUSEUM OF ART,OKLAHOMA CITY 35°28’11.10″N 97°31’13.75″W
10. PRAYING HANDS STATUE,TULSA 36° 3’7.41″N 95°57’24.97″W
11. MUSEUM & ZOO PARK,OKLAHOMA CITY 35°31’10.98″N 97°28’16.49″W
12. FORT NICHOLS,CIMARRON 36°45’14.76″N 102°55’35.31″W
14. GILCREASE MUSEUM OF AMERICA,TULSA 36°10’27.31″N 96° 1’16.79″W
15. GIANT MILK BOTTLE,OKLAHOMA CITY 35°29’39.22″N 97°31’55.64″W
16. FORT SUPPLY HISTORIC SITE 36°33’46.36″N 99°33’35.30″W
17. AIR FORCE BASE AIRPARK,TINKER 35°25’57.49″N 97°24’14.73″W
18. BAPTIST CHURCH,OKLAHOMA CITY 35°28’49.05″N 97°31’0.13″W
19. GOLDEN DRILLER STATUE,TULSA 36° 8’2.43″N 95°55’52.55″W
21. HUGE TRAIN (2.10 KM),CLAREMORE 36°15’0.34″N 95°40’9.79″W
22. GEODESIC DOME “GOLD DOME”,OKLAHOMA CITY 35°29’34.19″N 97°31’50.46″W