“WEAR PANTS AND HIGH HEELS!”Jinger Duggar Shows Off Latest Maternity Wear The endanger Her Pregnancy

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Jinger Duggar Shows Off Latest Maternity Wear: White Pants And High Heels

Jinger Duggar isn’t letting being pregnant stop her from rocking pants. The Counting On star’s bright white maternity jeans are receiving rave reviews from fans, but Jinger’s Instagram followers aren’t just freaking out over her latest pregnancy outfit. Her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, has also debuted a new look that’s making jaws drop.

On Sunday, Jinger Duggar took to Instagram to show off some of her stylish and sophisticated maternity wear. She chose a patriotic color palette for the Lord’s Day before President’s Day, rocking a pair of pure white pants paired with an unbuttoned blue blazer and a red top. The Duggar daughter completed her look with a pair of high heel wedges that she’s been photographed wearing a few times now. The upper portions of the shoes are light gold, while the wedges are decorated in a black and white pattern.

In his wife’s photo, Jeremy Vuolo is dressed up in a suit. The image was taken outside of the Laredo, Texas church were Jeremy preaches, so it would seem that Jinger Duggar wore jeans during her husband’s most recent worship service.

The outfit that the mom-to-be chose to praise the Lord in earned her a plethora of praise from her admirers, many of whom were pleased to see that she’s decided to rock maternity jeans and high heels during her pregnancy. According to Jinger, she’s currently 18 weeks along.

“Pregnant and wearing heels and skinny jeans…good for you!!” wrote one of Jinger’s followers.

“PANTS!!! And those SHOES! Get it girl!” another remarked.

However, not all of the Counting On star’s followers were pleased to see that she’s still rocking jeans. A few commenters parroted her mother Michelle Duggar’s stance that women should not wear pants. In one of her old TLC blog posts, the Duggar family matriarch claimed that God has told her that he wants her to only wear skirts and dresses.

contrarian commenter in response to Jinger’s post.

“I would, so to be consistent I believe women should dress like women and men should dress like men. It’s not judging them, just using common sense and consistency.”

Jessa Duggar decided to share her thoughts on her younger sister’s Instagram post, but her focus was on Jeremy Vuolo’s face, not Jinger’s fashionable attire.

Qam YASHARALAH! The ISOC in Augusta GA: Hebrew Israelite Committed to The Most High & The Holy Ghost

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Totally committed to The Most High, Christ, and The Holy Spirit for all eternity!!!
(John 3 and Galatians 5).

Israelites Saints of Christ
Camp Leader in Augusta GA:
Elder Azariyah

“Shabbat Shalom Israelites!
Stay in THE TRUTH and never give up the fight of faith!”

Qam Yasharalah!
Hear O Israel The Lord Our Elohym is ONE!!! (Deuteronomy 4-6).

Read Ecclesiasticus Chapter 2
For edification and inspiration!

St. Johns Bakersfield Jr High Chapel.mpg

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For the Friday chapel service at St. John’s Lutheran School in Bakersfield, CA some of the Junior High students assist with the presentation of the message. The Core Virtue for the month is “Love of Country” and they presented an acronym of “American Pride, USA” along one of the students singing, “God Bless the USA” by Lee Greenwood. It was a moving performance by the students. Share this video with family and friends.

After Charleston, The Confederate Flag Is Still Flying High

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In the wake of a mass murder at a black Charleston church, many are questioning whether the South Carolina Capitol should fly a Confederate flag.

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The Confederate flag that still waves from the grounds of South Carolina’s statehouse in Columbia has come under attack in the wake of the murder of nine black churchgoers in Charleston.

The murders have ripped open racial scars in a state that generally chooses to celebrate its role as the first state to secede from the union after the election of Abraham Lincoln. (Video via The National)

But in the wake of the Charleston attack, many are saying anew that the flag celebrates the centuries of violence experienced by blacks under slavery and segregation. (Video via WCIV)

That’s because police say these murders were racially motivated, carried out by a shooter who in a website it appears he built openly displayed the Confederate flag in pictures and on his car’s license plate.

“Like, how you can you make sense of your state actually fully embracing you and seeing you in a moment of grief when that thing is flying on this ground?” asked Chris Hayes.

“What I’d say is, as with any other political compromise, it will be imperfect.” said U.S. representative and former governor Mark Sanford. (Video via MSNBC)

The flag’s current status is a product of politics — it was originally placed on the state capitol’s dome in 1962 at the height of the civil rights movement by South Carolina’s all-white legislature.

“And it was done so across the South and the implication was clear.” said Rev. Joseph Darby.

“What do you see when you see the Confederate flag flying?” asked Elaine Quijano.

“Rape, torture, terrorism, murder, subjugation.”

In 2000, a political compromise moved it from the dome to a nearby memorial to Confederate soldiers, where it still flies today. (Video via WHNS)

“Meaning the compromise of being able to still fly the Confederate flag because it’s part of the proud traditions for some Carolinians…” said Aliysn Camerota.

“Yeah, there’s a Confederate war memorial out front and there’s an African-American memorial…” said South Carolina Senator and presidential candidate Lindsey Graham.

“And that works for you?”

“It works here.”

And, per state law, the flag “must be flown,” which is interpreted as meaning it can only be lowered by order of the legislature. So while every other flag is at half-staff in the wake of the shooting, the ol’ stars and bars stands tall.

A political reporter based in Columbia pointed out the flag isn’t currently on a pulley system, so half-staff isn’t even an option.

A range of public figures have already called for the flag to be removed, promising a fight between those who see it as a symbol of hate and others who see it as a symbol of heritage.

In South Carolina, opinions on the flag are divided along racial and political lines. Most Democrats and black people want the flag off of government property, whereas most white people and Republicans support the status quo. What that means is that for now the flag is probably staying put.


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Image via: Getty images / Sean Rayford

Wadena-Deer Creek High school demolition – Brainerd Dispatch MN

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WADENA — It was an emotional roller-coaster ride in the Wadena-Deer Creek School District Monday.
The school district began its day by beginning to demolish the high school that was destroyed in the June 17 tornado as the entire student body watched — to going to the elementary school for a pep fest to celebrate the high school’s volleyball victory in winning the Class 2A state championship.
At the demolition W-DC principal Tyler Church told the students and community members that the school is not about the building, but is about the students, the staff and the community.
“It’s a sad day,” said Church. “A lot of kids have been here for a long time … but we need to move on.”
“This is a very emotional day,” Wayne Wolden, Wadena mayor, said through tears. “My daughter is a senior and she was hoping to graduate here in this gym, but there is hope that they’ll be able to graduate on the football field … Today, this is about closure because seeing the high school the way it is has been a constant reminder about the tornado and the damage it did.”
Church said the new school is expected to open the fall of 2012.
Superintendent Virginia Dahlstrom said the demolition will take five weeks and they hope to break ground by April.
Brainerd Dispatch/Jennifer Stockinger