“Shenandoah” Herbert W. Armstrong College Young Ambassadors

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Herbert W. Armstrong College Young Ambassadors sing Mark Rice’s arrangement of “Shenandoah” with music director Ryan Malone and assistant director Mark Jenkins on piano. Performed Armstrong Auditorium on May 23 as part of the Spring Choir/Dance concert.

Herbert W. Armstrong College is privately supported by the Philadelphia Church of God.

Herbert W. Armstrong College Robbers Cave 2014

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Philadelphia Church of God :: EDMOND—More than 100 Herbert W. Armstrong College students and faculty remembered their spiritual history and built unity March 5-9 during the college’s 12th annual spring midterm excursion to the wooded surrounds of Robbers Cave State Park.

Published on March 14, 2014.
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Herbert W. Armstrong College 2013 Graduation Highlights

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EDMOND :: PHILADELPHIA CHURCH OF GOD—Eleven seniors and 13 sophomores graduated from the four-year and two-year programs at Herbert W. Armstrong College on Mother’s Day, May 12, at a commencement ceremony that drew visitors from around the world. Graduates walked the stage of Armstrong Auditorium, receiving diplomas from college chancellor Gerald Flurry, and were congratulated by family members and visitors from across the United States, Canada, England and the Philippines.