Light Church Tulsa 106 Oklahoma (Last days anointing continued)

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Sermon on 9-14-2014. Please watch all of the video.Theres music and pictures of everyone after the Sermon is done.Watch the credits please for more information about our church.Thanks

Church Pastor in Augusta GA of The ISUPK: Teaching his kids Hebrew Israelite Lesson on the Sabbath

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Honorable Hebrew Israelite Ministers like Dr. Azariyah Ben Yosef (The Witnesses of God) are being led by The Holy Spirit to awaken our people who are The TRUE Children of Israel and educate their kids on Patriarchal Biblical Principles that will improve our Black Communities and prepare us for the coming of our Lord and Savior “Jesus Christ”, the Black Israelite Son of God whose name in Hebrew is YAHAWAHSHI!! All praises belong to The Most High God of Israel YAHAWAH!!!

Alive – Noemi Cagley -Testimony/ Music/Song

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The first part is a Powerful Testimony & the second is a Powerful Song PLEASE Listen & Enjoy

2013 Revival on Nov 11th @ The Potters House Christian Fellowship Church in Buckeye, AZ
Original Song by Natalie Grant

Some Slaves Still Wrote Hebrew, FIRST AFRICAN BAPTIST CHURCH, Hebrew carved in the pews by slaves.

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First African Baptist Church, located in Savannah, Georgia claims to be derived from the first black Baptist congregation in North America. While it was not officially organized until 1788, it grew from members who founded a congregation in 1773. Its claim of “first” is contested by First Baptist Church of Petersburg, Virginia, whose congregation officially organized in 1774. First African Baptist Church operates a museum which displays memorabilia dating back to the 18th century.

There are holes in the sanctuary flooring that form a design meant to look like a tribal symbol. These were air holes for escaped slaves who would hide in the church, which served as a stop on the Underground Railroad (UGR). During the Civil War, the church housed runaway slaves in a 4-foot (1.2 m) space beneath the sanctuary floorboards. The 9-squared ceiling showed that the church was part of the UGR.

These pews located in the balcony are original to the church. These pews were made by slaves, and are nailed into the floors. On the outside of the pews are markings written in the African dialect known as “Cursive Hebrew”. #HebrewIsraelite #Hebrew #Israelites #BlackHistory


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