AZ Republican Who Voted For Gay Segregation Drilled By Chris Hayes

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From ALL IN with Chris Hayes on MSNBC.

Reich-Wing Watch: “Fighting Despotism, Saving Democracy”
Reich-Winger (adj.): an individual who’s views are so far right that they are ideologically aligned with the Third Reich. A Reich-Winger typically is opposed to democratic institutions such as workers unions, support Social-Darwinism (survival of the finically fittest, usually disguised as ‘individualism’), are anti-semites, hate gays, hate immigrants, hate Marxists, support strong border security and national sovereignty, oppose separation of church and state, support voter suppression (voter ID laws + cutting early voting + cutting voting places), and believe in legislating morality (religious freedom laws + gay marriage + abortion).

AMAZING! 44% of Republicans say they’re ready to overthrow the United States government. Last time right-wingers tried to overthrow democratic government was when the American Liberty League, a Paleoconservative movement involving executives from JP Morgan, Goodyear Tire, and Prescott Bush (George W’s grandfather), plotted to overthrow Franklin Roosevelt after he implemented a massive overhaul of so called ‘free’ market capitalism, regulating banks and taking the nation off the gold standard.

MUST SEE: Right-wing terrorist acts ignored by United States government after the West Point Counter-Terrorism Agency releases report revealing right-wing terrorism is a larger threat than Islamic terrorism!

REAL HISTORY: Eye opening lecture by Professor Michael Parenti on the connection between Capitalism and Fascism.

Is Ales Jones a White Nationalist?

SHOCKING documentary on Ron Paul:

Reich-Wing Movements:
-Sovereign Citizens
-Klu Klux Klan
-White Nationalists
-Tea Party Patriots
-The Militia Movement

Modern Versions of Fascism:
-Unregulated Capitalism
-Social-Darwinism (Free-Market)

Some prominent Reich-Wingers include:
-Ayn Rand
-Alex Jones
-Andrew Breitbart
-David Duke
-Michele Bachmann
-Matt Drudge
-Louie Gohmert
-Ted Cruz
-Rick Perry
-Mike Huckabee
-Ron Paul
-Rand Paul
-Lew Rockwell
-Tucker Carlson
-Rep. Steve King
-Ludwig Von Mises
-Don Black
-Sarah Palin
-Sean Hannity
-Michael Savage
-Joe Sobran
-Thomas D. Lorenzo

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“Jesus Can Work It Out” (Original)(1980) Dr. Charles Hayes & Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer Choir

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This is track 6 from the 1980 album “Everything Is Alright”.
Lead by Diane Williams
Written by George Jordan

CREATION Health Report, Robert Hayes

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This video is the first of Florida Conference’s new monthly Florida Conference In Mission videos, a series about people reaching people. This report is from Robert Hayes, pastor of Palm Coast and St. Augustine Churches, describing how CREATION Health has made such a dramatic impact on members of both the churches and their communities.

Mt Rose Sanctuary Church Choir – Dallas TX Oh How Precious 5-29-11

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WWW.COSMOPOLITANCOP.COM Mt. Rose Sanctuary Church Choir of Dallas Texas – Pastor – Rev Jeffery Thomas singing OH HOW PRECIOUS during the 5-29-11 broadcast. This service is heard live every Sunday (while taping this telecast) over or in Chicago – 1690AM WVON from 5pm-6pm CST. Visit us Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer 842 E. 65th Street – Chgo, IL or