The Virgin Mary Haunting Stone Statue A MIRACLE FROM GOD!

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Amazing Footage of what appears to be the Virgin Mary Statue coming to life when a girl video tapes! The Virgin Mary Haunting Stone Statue A MIRACLE FROM GOD! Watch now and help spread the word and share with friends on facebook and twitter!

Most Haunted House in America | Real Demonic Haunting, The Devil House

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My haunted house, Demon of Brownsville Road, true story of demonic dangerous infestation of a 100-year-old home a former abortuary on A HAUNTING “The Exorcist Files”, first aired September 12, 2011. Bob Cranmer, author of The Demon of Brownsville Road, talks about the It took a team of exorcists two years to finally rid the home of evil–and in the process, Mr. Cranmer became a Catholic. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!
As a child Bob Cranmer was fascinated with the house on Brownsville Road in Pittsburg. He grew up in the area and had been drawn to the property. He dreamed of owning the home someday. Years later after starting a family the home was for sale. Bob bought it. After the family moved into the home, strange phenomenon began to happen….the activity gradually increased and turned into a spiritual war with a malicious entity that placed everything Bob held dear in jeopardy.
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Carrie Underwood’s Performance At 2016 ACM Awards Was Haunting

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Carrie Underwood gave a mind blowing performance at the 51st annual Academy Of Country Music Awards, when she performed ‘Church Bells’ in front of a packed crowd in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Haunting in Commerce Texas

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I was visiting my friend in Commerce. She lives in an old church that was transformed into an 4 apartment building. She has had a lot of weird things happen and her neighbor prays over the property every morning. Her neighbor warned us say the place held demonic beings. Here are two EMPs that I picked up with my Iphone. The first one I heard with my ears and the second one I only heard during playback.

KOAT Albuquerque Report on The Old Cuchillo Bar Property Haunting.

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KOAT Albuquerque ABC affiliate reports on paranormal activity and a haunting at The Old Cuchillo Bar and Store in the southern New Mexico Ghost Town named Cuchillo. Cuchillo is near Truth or Consequences, and Elephant Butte, NM.

PRISM Paranormal Investigation Recap – Downtown Omaha Nebraska Residence Haunting (2004-2005)

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This is original content from Paranormal Research & Investigative Studies Midwest (PRISM). We investigated a downtown Omaha Nebraska residence from 2004-2005 and captured lots of evidence of the paranormal. This included video recordings, digital and 35mm photographs, EVP audio recordings, olfactory apparitions, and EMF and temperature fluctuations.

More info on this investigation can be found on our website:

All photos taken by PRISM; All EVP audio clips recorded by PRISM; All video clips taken by PRISM; all graphics made by PRISM

All music clips are royalty free – Licensed under Creative Commons by Attribution 3.0 – Composer, Darren-Curtis

Songs: Freedom In Isolation, Labyrinth Of Lost Dreams, & War Of The Pianos

Neighbor recalls haunting of Portsmouth house in 1962

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The house that once stood at 949 Florida Ave. in Portsmouth, Va., was the spitting image of two others that sat in a row on a small plot of land in a middle-class neighborhood. But unlike the others, according to countless witnesses, 949 had a dark side. Neighbor Helen V. Davis talks about the paranormal activity. Story:


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Epic Horse Riding Adventure –
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An Introduction To Silver City NV Historic Cemetery

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This historic cemetery is located in the heart of a semi ghost town called Silver City. The cemetery is rumored to be haunted and many of the graves date back to the 1800’s. Further in the video you are going to see some vandalism. Almost every entire gravesite suffers the same fate and we bring it to YOU. Expect our team to work with this location more in the future its a jewel. Check us out

3 Scary Places I’ve Visited In Tennessee (Knoxville)

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Here are three Scary places i’ve visited in knoxville tn that I’ve personally had some experiences at.

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Shadow Paranormal | Return To Kedington | S02E10

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The team return one final time to the abandoned hospital in Kedington where a number of strange things have been experienced on previous visits…

Kedington is a village located between Clare and Haverhill in south-west Suffolk. Known as Kidituna in the Domesday Book (1086), there were 280 people living there at that time. Kedington’s church, St Peter and St Paul, is one of the historical treasures of East Anglia, dating from the late 13th century. However, the church is built on top of a Roman villa, the remains of which can be viewed under small trap doors located in the pews towards the back of the nave. There is an Anglo-Saxon stone cross located above the altar on the east wall of the church. This was found near to the church and is believed to be from a church dating from Saxon times. Kedington comes in the top rank of small English churches and is renowned for its unmodernised interior and Barnardiston tombs. John Betjeman understandably christened Kedington ‘ a village Westminster Abbey’. The 17th century Archbishop of Canterbury John Tillotson was rector of Kedington prior to his elevation.

What you are going to watch is a very real, scary ghost video. Nothing has been faked or set up for the camera.

Las Vegas Yard Haunt Vortex Halloween 2011 LV Haunted House.avi

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Madholiday’s “Halls of Agony” themed Haunted House in Las Vegas NV for Halloween was much smaller for 2011 due to the recession, our 1st baby being born and moving to a new neighborhood. We built a Yard Haunt in Las Vegas instead of a Las Vegas Haunted House for 2011. We concentrated on the Halloween Laser Vortex room and made it larger than ones used in our haunts from years past. See the Las Vegas Yard Haunt video to see the results.
For more information on this Las Vegas Haunted House and pictures visit or the Haunters Huddle group on Linkedin. We are excited to announce we have joined the Rocky Mountain Haunters Association. We plan to link fellow Las Vegas Yard Haunters and Las Vegas Haunted House owners together to build a presence for Haunting in the Las Vegas Valley.
Watch next month for Christmas Light Shows in Las Vegas. We plan to update our map between Halloween and Thanksgiving in order to share homes with great Christmas Light Displays for 2011.
We plan to bring Madholidays Halls of Agony back for another round scares for next years Las Vegas Haunted House in Las Vegas for next Halloween, check in with us at for the best free Las Vegas Haunted House. You can contact Michelle Sproul at [email protected] or 702-608-4MLS (4657) for any real estate needs.