HARTSVILLE, SC – The R.E.A.L. Experience Youth Conference Recap brought to you by TranspireOne

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XSEL PRODUCTIONS – It was a pleasure to be amongst so many beautiful people. So insipring. Thank you to TranspireOne for your continued efforts to support our youth.

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Shot & Edited by Alisha Xsel
Music by Maestro Daniel Sapp

The Day After Hurricane Florence in Hartsville, SC

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Hey everyone. Had to go out and get a few provisions the day after Hurricane Florence came through Hartsville, SC. This is what I saw on my way to and from the store. Everything was filmed within a few miles of my home here in Hartsville.

Hartsville is located in Darlington County, South Carolina. Science and nature.

Hartsville TN Real Estate | Homes for Sale Hartsville TN

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Hartsville TN Real Estate | Homes for Sale Hartsville TN

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Hartsville Real Estate | Homes for Sale Hartsville Tennessee

Stone Angel in Old Hartsville Cemetery, Tennessee

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I found this beautiful statue in the Old Hartsville Cemetery, which predates the Civil War. A heartbroken mother had her placed there, to watch over her young son. The marble tablet at the far end reads “HE WAS THE JOY AND SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE.”