ch 15) Self Help In Hard Times

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chapter 15: A People’s History (Of The United States) Howard Zinn.
Chapter 15, “Self-Help in Hard Times” covers the government’s campaign to destroy the IWW, and the factors leading to the Great Depression. Zinn states that, despite popular belief, the 1920s were not a time of prosperity, and the problems of the Depression were simply the chronic problems of the poor extended to the rest of the society. Also covered is the Communist Party’s attempts to help the poor during the Depression.

Granite – A Montana Ghost Town – near Philipsburg, Montana MT

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High above a valley floor in western Montana you will find the ghost town of Granite, four miles south east of Philipsburg at 8,000 foot elevation. In 1896, Granite was the worlds largest silver mine. The company actually sent a 4,307 pound bar of silver to the World’s Fair in Chicago to showcase the areas riches.

The town prospered with over 3,000 residents. Granite had a Miners Union Hall (that held pool tables, a library and the Northwest’s finest dance floor), several banks, four churches and a school. It also included a weekly newspaper, a brewery and soda pop bottling facility, restaurants, hotels, a bath house, hospital with five doctors, roller skating rink, the lodges of three fraternal orders and hosted traveling theater companies.

Granite also had a water system, named streets, many homes but no cemetery due to the rocky nature of the mountain. No frontier town was complete without saloons and brothels; eighteen to be exact!

Today nature has overtaken the town of Granite. Most of its buildings are gone; some moved, others consumed by fire. The few structures that remain have been stabilized or in ruins. The town is full of granite foundations; an indication of a prosperous time past.

This video was captured in May 2013 with my good friend Jay and a Canon Vixia HFS-100 camera, a GoPro Hero3 black camera, and a indiSLIDERmini. It was edited with Adobe Premier Pro 6.

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1990 Hard Copy TV broadcast: Wedding at The 24 Hour Coin Operated Church of Elvis !! Greg and Annie wedding May 23rd 1990 !
Featuring the real Portland Elvis John Schroeder & Sister Paula drag Evangelist !! Making Portland Weird 27 years ago !!