Jesus, keep me near the cross – Aspinal Methodist Church, Gorton, Manchester (Hammond organ)

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Me playing the Hammond electronic organ model RT-3 at Aspinal Methodist Church in Gorton, Manchester.

I am playing the hymn ‘Jesus, keep me nearer the cross’ which suits the Hammond styling well both with vibrato on and off.

It must have been at least twelve years since I last touched a traditional Hammond organ and I am used to a more traditional organ with named stops as opposed to drawbars but it was good fun.

Many thanks to the church officials for allowing me access to this instrument.

Aspinal is part of Hyde and Denton Methodist Circuit and here are videos of me playing at some of the other churches in it:






ABANDONED House – Old Hammond Organ, newspaper from 1951

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Sorry I can’t tell you much about this abandoned home. I’m not sure how long its been abandoned or why. I did happened to find a newspaper from 1951 and some old books. The home also had a small church inside of it. What kind of church is beyond me…maybe you can figure out what religion. Thank You for watching and I hope you enjoyed the video.

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Dedicated to God by Hattie Hammond

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Dedicated to God by Hattie Hammond

Hattie Hammond: Calling Christians to a Deeper Walk with God
By Glenn Gohr
Originally published on PE-News, 18 August 2016

Hattie Hammond (1907-1994) was one of the premier preachers of the early Pentecostal-holiness movement. How did she gain that reputation? It was by preaching a simple gospel message of wholeheartedly serving God.

Born and raised in Williamsport, Maryland, she was saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit in a tent meeting at age 15, conducted by John Ashcroft, the grandfather of former Attorney General John Ashcroft. Even at that young age, she boldly began witnessing to her teachers and classmates, which was the beginning of her lifelong calling as an evangelist.

She was ordained by the Assemblies of God in 1927, and soon had invitations to speak in large churches in Cleveland, Ohio; Detroit, Michigan; Los Angeles and Oakland, California; Philadelphia; New York City; Washington, DC; and other places.

She also became a popular camp meeting speaker and Bible teacher. Her simple messages prompted abandonment of worldliness and inspired walking into a “deeper life” of consecration and holiness to God.

In a sermon called “Drawing Nigh to God,” published in the August 18, 1928, issue of the Pentecostal Evangel, she encourages people to develop a strong, devotional life: “As we enter into the presence of the Lord we should realize we are in the presence of a great, almighty, eternal God.” She also promotes waiting on the Lord: “We should not rush into His presence with haste, nor come as though we were coming into the presence of an earthly friend. We should take time to realize that He is God and beside Him there is none else.”

In this sermon she also talks about the need for God, salvation, spending time with God in prayer, and the importance of the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

She says, “The first thing necessary is that we become still, and know that the great I AM is God. Be still and know that it is God for whom we are waiting, that we are sitting in the presence of God, and that it is His great name upon which we are calling.” She concludes by saying, “We need the Holy Spirit to keep us true to the Cross, and to Jesus our Lover Lord, to be real overcomers.”

By the 1930s, Hattie Hammond had become one of the most powerful speakers in the Pentecostal movement. There are reports of remarkable miracles and healings which took place in her ministry.

She ministered all over the U.S. in colleges, conventions, Bible schools, churches of all denominations, and in more than 30 countries of the world.

Read Hattie Hammond’s article, “Drawing Nigh to God,” on pages 6-7 of the August 18, 1928, issue of the Pentecostal Evangel.

Also featured in this issue:

• “Elijah’s God Still Lives Today,” by Leonard G. Bolton

• “The Marks of Holy Ghost Converts,” by Stephen Jeffreys

• “Pentecost in Bulgaria,” by Martha Nikoloff

And many more!

Pentecostal Evangel archived editions courtesy of Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center.

ONLY YOU – DAVID JAMES – Classic ROCKIN Blues – Hammond Organ w/ SAX

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think Eddie and the Cruisers! lots of Hammond for the Blues in you! DAVID JAMES ON KEYS AND VOCALS.. recorded at ARCADEGROUP STUDIOS in Peoria, AZ. Classic 3 minute song style, won’t fit in today’s music but for the people who remember the 45 and AM radio this will fit the bill! THE FAB GARY GOULD ON SAX! what else can you say.

Great is thy faithfulness – Aspinal Methodist Church, Gorton, Manchester (Hammond organ)

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Me playing the organ at Aspinal Methodist Church in Gorton, Manchester.

The organ is a Hammond electronic tonewheel instrument model RT-3 built in around 1967. The church stewards choose this particular instrument after hearing one at a demonstration at another church.

I am playing the hymn ‘Great is thy faithfulness’ from the Methodist hymn book ‘Hymns and Psalms’ and using the vibrato in places after being inspired by hearing this hymn played by other organists on Hammond instruments at churches in the United States of America.

Darryl Houston “How Great Thou Art” Hammond Organ Solo

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Darryl Houston played the Organ Solo on the Hammond Organ the song How Great Thou Art, at The Home Going Services of Detroit Musician Mother Janet Cole. Mother Cole played the piano and Organ for many Churches and Funeral Homes in the Detroit Area. Mother Cole also, played on the Albums of Dr. Mattie Moss Clark and The Southwest Michigan State Choir, Donald Vails, and many, many more.. Mother Cole is the Mother of Detroit Musician Carolyn j. Cole and Mother-In Law to Grammy Award Winner Dorinda Clark-Cole of The Famed Group The Clark Sister……..