Singing an orginal song about Jack Daniel next to his grave

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Well my home is in Alabama
but my mind is in Tennessee
With that old black label, that spring and his hat
Jack Daniel was a hell of a man

Maybe short in stature but he stood tall
All the women thought he had it all
When ever he made whiskey he did the best that he can
Cause Jack Daniel was a hell of a man

Had a Silver Cornet Band and a White Rabbit Saloon
He never made his whiskey by the light of the moon
He kept on keepin’ on for as long as he could stand
Cause Jack Daniel was a hell of a man

He did it good. He did it best.
Don’t you know that man was sharply dressed.

Over in Lynchburg, they still honor him.
And they make like he did way on back then.
It’ll taste the same no matter where you are at
Cause Jack Daniel was a hell of a man.

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*I do realize I say Jack Daniel’s for the most part. That is an obvious mistake but when you’re in Lyncburg for a few days and it’s plastered everywhere with the ” ‘s” it’s hard to refer to him as Jack Daniel. If I record it I’ll refer to him correctly.

Othniel Warren (Cleveland OH) Sacred Steel

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Playing praise music at the homegoing service of Bobby Golden (March 15,1998) Cleveland,Ohio Church of the living God,while sitting next to his father and pastor (left) the late Bishop Ronald Warren.

Pearls of Wisdom

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This is a video of Veronica Coldiron and Intrinsic Blue, (Tino Lopez and Ralph Casciaro), when they opened for the Voice of the Martyrs concert at the First Baptist Church of Cusseta on Friday, November 30th 2012. This song is an original called “Pearls of Wisdom” and is a title cut from their Gospel CD.

“I Will Rise” Church of the Harvest OKC (Worship Mash up Covers)

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FFDP Wash it all away live at the Denny Sanford Center in Sioux Falls SD 11.12.16

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dancin’ with the angels dick vernon going away party in Boulder City Nevada.wmv

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Jam at Dick Vernon’s going away party. Dick Vernon, Butch Baldassari, Marty Warburton, Gordy Nichol, John Jacobs, Becky Cooper, Don Lanning, Curly Warburton, Don Mitchell

Music Shed (Praise & Worship) – Turning Point Church, Indy, IN

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Triumph the Church – National Music Department Workshop – Shreveport LA

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Stephan Thomas picks a pretty good guitar at the National Music Departments – Regional Workshop in Shreveport LA – Mo. Gwendolyn Hendon – National Minister of Music

EMD dick vernon going away party in boulder city.wmv

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A “going away jam” for our good buddy Dick Vernon. held at the lakeview park in Boulder City, Nevada. my adopted home town. in this clip: Dick Vernon, Joe Ross, Curly Warburton, Marty Warburton, Gordy Nichol, Don Lanning and Butch Baldassari.