REAL Ghost(?) Caught on Camera in Old North Hibbing Cemetery by the Greyhound Bus Museum

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I’ve been there many times, all throughout this month. I’ve even sat in the cemetery in the daytime for a few hours updating the ghost on history(or future) depending on how you look at it. But found no evidence of it being haunted that couldn’t be ruled out as something else. Until now…

Video is played in real time and then slowed down by 0.125X. Taped on October 31st 2015.
We didn’t see or hear anything unusual until relooking at the footage.

Motor Bus Society 2016 Fall Convention Sacramento, CA 1956 Greyhound Scenicruiser PD4501

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8028 PD4501: 826 Scenicruiser 1956. Western Greyhound from the late 1960’s to early 70’s, Then it was used for Hesselgrave Charters, then went up to Bassett Transit in Richland Washington. For the past 14 years Dave Pagel and Ted Campbell have been restoring this bus.

©Videographer: Mitch Friedman

Pocatello Idaho Union Pacific Railroad ID Greyhound Bus Depot Video

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Guided Tour Pocatello ID Drivearound Union Pacific Bus Station Hotel Guided tour thru the town of Pocatello with Ken and our Livewire Energy. Hope you enjoy and Thank You for watching and please Share my Videos Comment on the Like them and Make sure you are Subscribed..;-)

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Busboys Vintage Bus Parade for the first time at the former Greyhound Terminal in Evensville IN 2017

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Note: Recorded 9-24-17.

My 2nd Vintage Bus Parade video but even longer with more vintage buses.

I was located in a small town called Evansville in Indiana (Mideast)

And for the first time in Evansville a big and major vintage bus parade of real vintage buses from around the United States which each driver has traveled a long way to make this happen but was created by the Busboys who’s been around for some time now.

Now part of this vintage bus parade was buses from the 1940s, 50s, 60s, & 70s. Most of these vintage buses are converted RVs & motorhomes.

We have in this parade are GM Silversides, Scenicruise, GMC Buffalos (Deck 1/2) , Blue Bird, MC-8, MC-9, MC-12, MCI-DL3, Prevost, Flxible Flxliners, & much more.

If I miss any vintage buses please feel free to let me know.

This was one great and amazing bus parade all for the former Greyhound terminal which was a block away from where we were at and has close for bus service back in 2007 and has been converted to a restaurant.

Hoping for another year of this great bus rally in Evansville.

Please enjoy the video and stay tuned for more videos.

Brownsville Texas New Greyhound Bus Station

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This new bus station is also the home to El Expreso buses, Tornado buses, Panamerican buses, Transpais buses to Mexico, as well as others. There is a Subway Restaurant and Church’s Fried Chicken. Here you can also make connections to Brownsville Urban System Metro buses to all points in Brownsville. Also you can connect to Valley Metro mini buses to Harlingen and Port Isabel, with connections to South Padre Island. You can also take buses to Matamoros Tamaulipas Mexico with connections to the interior.