SOFIA WYLIE PRESENTS – THISisME – Tribute to the Feature Film “The Greatest Showman”

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SOFIA WYLIE PRESENTS – THISisME – Tribute to the Feature Film “The Greatest Showman” TAG them in the comments @greatestshowman @thehughjackman @zendaya @zacefron

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Born in Scottsdale Arizona, Sofia has an accomplished resume at such a young age. Growing up Sofia had an innate gift in performing and it was not long before Sofia’s talent were spotted while dancing for Justin Bieber and on America’s got Talent that she was encouraged to try acting professionally.

Sofia reputation continues to catch the eye of directors and producers and have been recognized for her professionalism, hard work and talent beyond her years. Sofia continues to cultivate her acting talents at the world renowned Second City Training Center in Hollywood California.
– “Sofia has natural acting ability that cannot be taught and has a huge future in the entertainment industry!”

Sofia’s role as Buffy Driscoll on the award winning Disney Channel hit series Andi Mack (2017) helped Sofia win her first lead in the feature film, “Back of the Net” (2018). Sofia other television credits include roles on Nickelodeon’s “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn” and “School of Rock”.

Sofia wants to expand her love of entertainment, and hopes to write, direct and produce her own films in the future.

In her free time, Sofia loves to binge watch entire TV series at home with her mother, eat gluten free pizza and shop. Sofia lives with her parents and sister who was a winner on the Food Network’s “Chopped Junior” cooking competition. She also loves her Teacup Yorkie named “Baby Violet”.

– “4K Dance Series #2 – Releasing TODAY at 12pm – Creator/Choreographer: Kylie Bronk @kyliebronk
Director/Videographer: Riley Jackson @rileysinaband
Rehearsal Studio: KONI Wray at Millennium SLC @millenniumdanceslc
Hair and Makeup: Michelle Katseneva at Paul Mitchell @mishkats
Styled by: Gina White at Moda Talent @modatalentmgt
Location: Church and State Salt Lake City Utah #thegreatestshowman 😘This is for one of my idols – @zendaya #thegreatestshowman #zacefron #zendaya #hughjackman #featurefilm

The Least Becoming the Greatest: Pastor Tim Carscadden, Christian Center Shreveport

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The greatest attribute of the “least” in the kingdom is living a life lived for the Lord. God will use the least for key battles in days ahead. Matthew 11:11, Isaiah 22:22, Zechariah 12, Matthew 18:1-6

4 Principles of being the least:
From Matthew 18:1-6
1. You must convert and be like a child. No desire for platform. Children have no agendas, they just to love and be loved.
2. Humble yourself – pride is the enemy of humility. Love, be love, and honor others.
3. Receive people who are like that- don’t judge the message by the messenger. A message delivered should touch you long after the messenger has gone.
4. Don’t cause that one to stumble – meaning honor the least. Don’t cause them to stumble.

The Greatest Generation – Pastor Earl Jones

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Earl Jones was an actual “rocket scientist” (as is described below). After his retirement, he became a very passionate student of history, but.., not of the “politically correct” versions we’ve all been taught by the “controlled media” !

Earl Jones (deceased on September 10, 2001) was from Deming, New Mexico and wrote a monthly publication called “The Intelligence Newsletter” which was part of his ministry by the name of “The Christian Crusade for Truth”.

This is a 2-part lecture that was given at one of pastor Peter J Peters (Scriptures for America) church-retreat gatherings. It’s a GREAT historical analysis of “Our People” (including our “warts” and all) from the days of Babylon, to the signing of the “Magna-Carte”, and then to the present.., with a special emphasis on the history leading up to.., AND after World War II.

Even for those of you, who consider yourself to be a “truth junkie” of “revisionist history”.., will learn MUCH from this presentation !!!

He was raised in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, and just after Pearl Harbor, he volunteered into the U. S. Army. Earl was in the Normandy Invasion, and fought under General George Patton through all six major campaigns in Europe during World War II in the Third Army.

After the war, he returned to Las Cruces and attended New Mexico State University. He then went to work at White Sands Missile Range where he, over the course of time, became Project Manager for Engineering and Testing for the Nike Ajax Missile, then the Nike Hercules and even started the Patriot Missile program !

He retired after 28 years of government service, and in 1983, he was ordained as a Christian minister by Pastor Sheldon Emry (of America’s Promise Ministry). Later he was later awarded an honorary Doctorate of Divinity. He remained active until the day of his death with the publication of a Christian newsletter and speaking at Christian meetings around the country.

As always.., please share here.., there.., or however you can.., in order to possibly help those who are asleep.., but who just may.., wish to be AWAKENED !!!

“He Who Wins the War.., also Writes the History”


“The Truth shall make you Free.., but at first.., it’ll make you Damn Mad” !!!

Jesus The Greatest Savior | John 19:16-30 | Wednesday Evening August 19th

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Wednesday Evening service from Calvary Chapel Spring Valley in Las Vegas, Nevada. Speaker: Pastor Derek Neider teaching through the New Testament from the Book of John.

Remembering Supt. Robert Cole: One of the Greatest Church Announcers

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Remembering Supt. Robert Cole: One of the Greatest Church Announcers. Pastor Crusader’s Temple Church of God in Christ. Los Angeles, CA. Rest in Peace March 15, 2015. Produced by Bro. Steve Harris. Excerpts from live 27 min video 2 years prior.

The Greatest Showman – This Is Me (Live Cover)

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For our Family Drive-In Series, we are using popular movies to illustrate biblical truths.

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Buddy Holly – Greatest Hits vol 1 (FULL ALBUM)

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Buddy Holly
Greatest Hits vol 1 (FULL ALBUM)

00:00 Peggy Sue
02:38 Everyday
04:46 That’ll Be the Day
07:04 Rave On!
08:52 Not Fade Away
11:11 Send Me Some Lovin’
13:45 Think It Over
15:30 True Love Ways
18:19 Oh, Boy!
20:23 Maybe Baby
22:24 Love Me
24:29 Heartbeat
26:39 Early in the Morning
28:44 It Doesn’t Matter Anymore

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Buddy Holly was a singer/songwriter whose records, conveying a sense of the wide-open spaces of West Texas and unstoppable joie de vivre, remain vital today.

Born on September 7, 1936, in Lubbock, Texas, Buddy Holly was an American singer/songwriter who produced some of the most distinctive and influential work in rock music. Already well versed in several music styles, he was a seasoned performer by age 16. With hits such as ‘Peggy Sue’ and ‘That’ll Be the Day,’ Buddy Holly was a rising star when a tragic plane crash struck him down in 1959 at age 22.

Singer. Born Charles Hardin Holley on September 7, 1936, in Lubbock, Texas. As the fourth and youngest child in his family, Holly was nicknamed “Buddy” by his mother, who felt that his given name was too big for her little boy. “Holly,” the altered form of his last name, would later result from a misspelling in his first recording contract.
Buddy Holly learned to play piano and fiddle at an early age, while his older brothers taught him the basics of guitar.

A 1949 home recording of “My Two-Timin’ Woman” showcases Holly’s skilled, if prepubescent, singing voice. Holly’s mother and father, a tailor by trade, both proved to be very supportive of their son’s burgeoning musical talents, generating song ideas and even penning a letter to the editor of Lubbock’s newspaper in defense of rock ‘n’ roll-loving teenagers lambasted in a conservative editorial. Despite his parents’ support, Holly couldn’t have become a founding father of rock ‘n’ roll without engaging in some degree of rebellion.

Once a preacher at the local Tabernacle Baptist Church asked him, “What would you do if you had $10?” The young rocker reportedly muttered, “If I had $10, I wouldn’t be here.” Holly had clearly set his sights on something other than growing up to join his brothers in their tiling business.

After high school, Holly formed a band and played country and western songs regularly on a Lubbock radio station. He frequently opened for more prominent national acts that toured through town. Bandmate Sonny Curtis viewed Holly’s opening for Elvis Presley in 1955 as a crucial turning point for the singer. “When Elvis came along,” Curtis recalls, “Buddy fell in love with Elvis and we began to change. The next day we became Elvis clones.” Although the bespectacled, bow-tied youth lacked Elvis’s incendiary sex appeal, Holly’s conversion from country to rock ‘n’ roll did not go unnoticed. A record company talent scout soon caught his act at a skating rink and signed him to a contract.

In early 1956, Holly and his band began recording demos and singles in Nashville under the name Buddy Holly and the Three Tunes, but the group’s lineup was later revised and dubbed The Crickets. Holly wrote and recorded his breakthrough hit, “That’ll Be the Day,” with The Crickets in 1957. Between August 1957 and August 1958, Holly and the Crickets charted seven different Top 40 singles.

In October 1958, Holly split from The Crickets and moved to Greenwich Village in New York City. Due to legal and financial problems resulting from the band’s breakup, Holly reluctantly agreed to tour through the Midwest in 1959 with The Winter Dance Party.

Holly’s music never really died, though, despite the singer’s tragic and untimely death. Unissued recordings and compilations of Holly’s work were released in a steady stream throughout the 1960s. Due to the continued popularity of his music and film adaptations of his life’s story, Holly’s hiccup and horn-rimmed glasses are easily recognizable today.

Gods of Music – Sound Without Time!
Soul – Jazz – Blues – Funk – Pop

Listen to the Best Music of:
Elvis Presley, Count Basie, Little Walter, Herbie Hancock, Edith Piaf, Aretha Franklin, Charlie Parker, Lightnin’ Hopkins, B.B. King, Thelonious Monk, Howlin’ Wolf, Quincy Jones, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, Paul Anka, John Coltrane, John Lee Hooker, Coleman Hawkins, Robert Johnson, Dean Martin, Oscar Peterson, George Gershwin, Ben E. King, Hank Williams, Benny Goodman, Art Tatum, Big Joe Turner, Bing Crosby, Jimmie Rodgers, Mamie Smith, Ma Rainey, Dave Brubeck, Mahalia Jackson, Fats Domino, Marvin Gaye, Bud Powell, Sonny Rollins, Tony Bennett… and many others!

GREATEST TRUMP VIDEOS OF ALL-TIME – Ultimate MAGA Video Compilation Made By Supporters

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CAUTION: GOOSEBUMPS AHEAD — The ultimate Donald Trump best of movie and musical compilation created by proud American patriots from coast to coast. This video contains nearly two hours of the best videos and ads of the entire Trump campaign all in one place to share on all social media platforms and with friends, family, and others across the country. Below are links to even more sensational Trump videos that we encourage you spread far and wide.

PART TWO: The Official Trump Movement Video Storybook – Photos Of Americans Coast To Coast Who Helped Make Political History

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Eric Trump’s RNC Speech

Don Trump Jr’s RNC Speech

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Trump’s Coming Landslide – Ancient Biblical Prophecy Documentary

Trump Chosen By God To Stop America’s Destruction – The Viral & Unfolding 2011 Prophecy That’s Sweeping The Nation


Trump’s Immigration Policy Speech

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Trump’s National Security Speech

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