Allegretto – How Great Thou Art – Diane Bish

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Diane Bish is joined by John Dee on the Oboe as she plays the cabinet organ of Sitka Lutheran Church in Sitka, Alaska.

John Dee:
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Great and Mighty – The Temple Church Nashville, TN

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The Temple Church is one of Nashville’s trailblazing churches where a balanced ministry is provided for the whole person and the whole family. We are a diverse congregation that is embracing and compassionate.

Twitter: @thetemplechurch

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Find a Great RV Rental in Anchorage, Alaska

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0:18 No visit to Alaska would be complete without seeing Mt. McKinley. At 20,320 feet high, Mt. McKinley is the tallest mountain in North America. It is the centerpiece of Denali National Park.

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Focus 2015 Conference At The Rock Virginia Beach

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Isaiah Saldivar speaking at the new years conference for the rock church international in Virginia Beach

The Great Diamond Debate – Minecraft Xbox One Edition Part 11

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St. Marys In The Mountains Virginia City – Part 1 “Nevada’s First Catholic House Of God”

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Let me take the time to welcome you to the first Catholic Church of NV which resides in the center of Virginia City. Though many hardships this parish was founded over 150 years ago and is a prominent structure downtown which serves as a piece of history. We invite you inside to take a good look at some of this history as we uncover its secrets of ghostly activity and value many holy relics inside. You can see photos from this church at

How St. Leo the Great Catholic Church engaged its multicultural parish with Flor y Canto hymnal

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In this video, Fr. Jim Schutte, pastor of St. Leo the Great Catholic Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, explains why they chose the OCP hymnal, Flor y Canto to engage their multicultural community.

Meet Fr. Jim.

Fr. Jim Schutte is pastor at St. Leo the Great, an inner city parish in Cincinnati where the Catholic call to welcome the outsider is lived out every day. Known as a “beacon of light” in their low-income, urban neighborhood, the parish is home to a Burundi Refugee Ministry and Guatemalan Immigrant Ministry. Weekend Masses here are a vibrant, energetic blend of Anglo, Guatemalan and African culture, readings and music.

Last year, the parish purchased Flor y Canto hymnals for the growing assembly. Since the music in Flor y Canto, Tercera Edición is easy for everyone to sing and read, this multicultural congregation can now worship together in a new and inspiring way.

Learn how St. Leo united their multicultural parish with Flor y Canto.