Haunted Graveyards : The Wicked Monk of Kenilworth

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A site survey of the haunted graveyard. St Nicholas Church is located in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, England. Built in the 1120s, at the same time nearby Kenilworth Castle was constructed, by Geoffrey de Clinton, a Norman Lord. It was built upon an earlier Saxon settlement called Chinewerde.

In 1124, next to St Nicholas, an abbey was also built on what became renamed as Abbey Fields. Geoffrey de Clinton placed a curse on the land so that no secular power might strip the clergy of their land or property when he said ” Take this land from The Church and be cursed by God. ”

The Abbey itself was raised from Priory to Abbey in 1447 but was eventually dissolved and left a ruin during The Reformation on 15th April 1538. Today it remains a ruin and has done since 1538. The Abbey Field site remains undeveloped and is open to public access. During the 20th Century there were a few attempts to develop the land but all failed. Perhaps the curse of Geoffrey de Clinton still works ? The Abbey has been excavated several times in 1840, 1880, 1922 & 1967.

The current graveyard of St Nicholas holds the ruins of the Abbey within its precincts, thus making it a haunted graveyard, though the Ghost which haunts is from the Abbey.

St Nicholas graveyard is haunted by the Ghost of a monk from the Abbey ruins – one who was in Holy Orders before the Reformation.
He has been called The Wicked Monk or The Faceless Monk due to having no discernible facial features, the inside of his hood being a hollow void. The Wicked Monk is a sinister Ghost, who seems to bear ill will against the living. The haunting seems to cover the spectrum of paranormal experience. Some people walking through the graveyard have experienced the feeling of somebody standing right behind them – only to turn to see nobody there. Other reports claim that people have actually been shoved from behind, have heard sinister whispering behind them – again when they turn to investigate, nobody is there. Other witness reports claim to have been overcome with a sense of dread, or a pressing sense of evil as they pass through the graveyard.

The thoroughfare which connects the graveyard to Bridge Street seems a source of this haunting – with most reported cases naming that path. Though The Wicked Monk has been seen around the ruined Abbey buildings, and drifting amongst the headstones.

Quite why this Ghost is so nasty and spiteful is speculation, as is why he should direct his anger at the living today – when his Abbey was ruined nearly 500 years ago. But this bitter vengeful Ghost seems to have found no peace over the centuries and has been witnessed several times.

On occaision The Wicked Monk has been known to materialise into a visual manifestation – the last recorded sighting of his visual Ghost was last seen in 1997. A dangerous spirit to try and communicate with. Best left alone. The name of The Wicked Monk is not known, nor is the exact time period he lived in. Neither is it known the original reason why he should feel so hateful and violent towards the living. But he does.

In 1858, at the outcome of an approaching storm, The Wicked Monk was seen in the graveyard, standing motionless. Later on a bolt of lightning struck the church and its spire was completely destroyed.

The Wicked Monk of St Nicholas Church

RV Living: Small Town America and Another Free Camping Spot

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I show you another free camping spot near Crossville, TN (you’ll never guess what woke me up in the middle of the night this time!), and I tour the town of Crossville during a fun community weekend. I also explore a 19th Century church and graveyard in the countryside!

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FAMOUS GRAVE TOUR: 2 Munchkins, 1 Keystone Kop & Others At Greenwood Memorial In San Diego, CA

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Welcome to Famous Grave Tours. Thanks for joining me as I visit the cemeteries, graves, memorials and final resting places of the famous people who have touched our lives. From movie stars to world leaders, from those whose died before their time, to those who lived to be centenarians–they may be gone, but they’re not forgotten.

Today, I’m taking a tour of the Greenwood Memorial Park and Mausoleums, in San Diego, California, where I’ll share with you such stars as Wizard of Oz Munchkins Johnny and Marie J. Maroldo, silent actor and uncredited Keystone Kop, Walter E. Bystrom, Entrepreneur Sol Price and others. Plus, I’ll visit the memorials to the American Legion, Canada Legion, and the San Diego Fire Department.

Since this cemetery is having a special Father’s Day event, I’d like to wish all fathers, buried and interred here, a happy Fathers Day!

Here is a list of the famous people, buried or interred in the cemetery grounds or one of the Mausoleums, that I was not able to find or visit on my cemetery tour today: Victor Buono, Cory David Rand, and Harold Bell Wright.


Greenwood Memorial Park and Mortuary
Address: 4300 Imperial Ave, San Diego, CA 92113
Phone: (619) 450-1479

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Disclaimer: My cemetery video tours are made independently and are not endorsed by the cemetery.

FAMOUS GRAVE TOUR: Betty Hutton, Marian Marsh, Chris Alcaide & Others At Desert Park Memorial

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I finally found the grave site of actress, singer, dancer and comedian Betty Hutton in Desert Memorial Park, in Cathedral City, California, which is located in the greater Palm Springs desert area.

Hutton is buried in the same section as singer Sonny Bono, 1930s leading lady Marian Marsh, TV cowboy Chris Alcaide and TV theme song composer Earle Hagen.

In a way, it was like visiting old friends, but I feel like I got to know each of them just a little bit better, by visiting their final resting places. They may be gone, but they’re not forgotten.

If you decide to visit them in person, below is the cemetery address and contact information:

Desert Memorial Park
Address: 31705 da Vall Dr, Cathedral City, CA 92234
Phone: (760) 328-3316

St Philips African Moravian Church, Winston-Salem, NC

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Constructed 1861 with 1890 addition, restored 2004. Historic St. Philips Church is the oldest African American church still standing in the state of North Carolina and one of the earliest in the entire country. Built for the African American congregation, the church matched most of the other churches in the area built at the same time with the large brick, Greek Revival style.
The church was expanded in 1890 with the need to add more classroom space downstairs and above in the balcony. The church extended out into the graveyard, which later caused structural issues on the front walls.

The congregation moved out of the building in the 1952, and the church sat vacant until restored for use as part of Old Salem Museums & Gardens tours. The steeple, which had been removed in the 1920s was part of the exterior restoration. The original pews and other details are back in place inside the building.