Blessing the Graves at St. Mary’s Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery, Elkins Park, PA 4/11/10

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Blessing the Graves at St. Mary’s Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery in Elkins Park, PA on St. Thomas Sunday 4/11/10. The priests in the video (from left to right) are Rev. Myron Myronyuk, Rev. Volodymyr Kostyuk, Rev. Yaroslav Kurpel, Rev. Ivan Demkiv, Rev. Ihor Royik and Rev. Ihor Bloshchynskyy. To learn more about St. Mary’s Cemetery in Elkins Park, PA or Our Lady of Sorrows Cemetery in Langhorne, PA, contact the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia at 215-627-0143.

Christ Church EVP Investigation by LDL Paranormal 12/26/15 St Simons Island,GA

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LDL Paranormal Investigated Christ Church in St. Simon’s Island, GA 12/26/15 at about 2:00 am EDT. Christ Church has a Graveyard around it and very long paranormal history around it since its founding in 1736. There is legend about a women whose husband used to light a candle at her window, she died and he died and legend has it that you can see her light/candle late at night at the graveside of her..We investigated the Church and recorded the first ever recordings of the cemetary with some really cool EVPS. What we discovered is that maybe some of the Fort Frederica Soldiers might be here as well as some dudes from the plantations with the greatest EVP recordings in LDLTV history with clear- over the air recordings of men saying “Snow” and “Pitch Dark” ..on our SONY HD Cameras.

Christ Church is set in tall, mossy grass under towering oak trees. The church grounds include a cemetery. Christ Church, one of the oldest churches in Georgia, was founded on St. Simons Island nearly 70 years after the island was first settled by English colonists. Worship has been continuous since 1736 in Christ Church Parish, established by English colonists at Frederica under General James Oglethorpe.

In February 1736, James Oglethorpe and the first English settlers arrived on St. Simons Island. Shortly thereafter, in March 1736, Reverend Charles Wesley, who also served as Secretary for Indian Affairs and Chaplain to General James Oglethorpe, entered his ministry at Frederica. From 1736-1766, the first religious services on the island were conducted by John Wesley, George Whitfield, and other clergy members of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. When the Trustees surrendered their charter to the king in 1752, Georgia became a royal colony. It was after the Revolutionary War, in 1808, that Christ Church was founded. Though inspired by such men as John and Charles Wesley, the small St. Simons Island population was prevented by the Revolutionary War and War of 1812, among other factors, from erecting a church building until 1820.

Following a petition for a charter by descendants of early settlers, Christ Church was established by an act of the state legislature in 1808. It is the second oldest Episcopal Church in the diocese of Georgia. Before the actual church was built, people met at their homes. The first church building was constructed in 1820 on the same site where the present church is now located. In 1823, Christ Church of Savannah and Saint Paul Church of Augusta merged together. The first small church building lasted until Union Troops damaged it so badly that members of the church had to have service at their homes once again. The church was rebuilt in 1884.

St Mary’s Parish Anglican Church Tombs Graves Watford Hertfordshire Heritage

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St Mary’s Church is Grade I listed and is the oldest building in the Borough of Watford in the Church Street, Watford, WD18 0EG

It is an ancient and architecturally interesting building, some parts of it dating back to around 1230, with several extensions built and refurbishments completed since then. Today there is also an adjoining Church Centre, constructed in the late 1970s, which provides accommodation for some of our church activities.

Watford Borough Council was awarded a grant of £80,300 by the Heritage Lottery Fund towards a project to help restore a number of chest tombs in St Mary’s Churchyard.

The tombs that have been restored date from between 1725, the Isaac Finch Tomb and 1867 when John Dyson was buried in the Dyson Tomb.

This grave is of national significance, and represents a notable aspect of the social history of the town. The headstone marks the grave of a black man who was born in Gambia in West Africa. He was sold into slavery in Virginia, USA before starting work as a servant to the Earls of Essex on the Cassiobury Estate, for whom he worked for 44 years.

He was buried in the St Mary’s Church Graveyard in 1809 and we know from the parish registers that he had also been christened at St Mary’s Church 35 years earlier, in 1774.

St Mary’s, Church Street, Watford, WD18 0EG Hertfordshire,
Office Telephone (open 9am-4pm, Monday-Thursday):
01923 225189

Old Liberty Cemetary established in 1800’s in Arizona near Buckeye

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In 1885 Clem Collins donated an acre of land for a cemetery. The first burial (at least the oldest one now with a stone) was for John R. Beloat: 1863-1892. John’s brother, William R. Beloat, appears to be the most elderly: 1861-1954, 92 years. These men were step-sons of Mr. Collins. Rev. James Harer’s stone shows 1821 as the earliest birth date: 1821-1901. There are 78 stones showing dates before 1900.

For many years Liberty was the only cemetery in the entire Valley. There are over 500 names on record with about 400 graves located. There are 139 stones standing and readable. No burials have been made since 1962. For a short time Maricopa County used the cemetery for burials. During the 1930’s when people did not even have the $2.00 to pay for a grave site, a family might bring a loved one in the night and bury the body, leaving a record of the deceased only in the heart of the family. Please DONATE if you can:

The Grave of an American Revolutionary Patriot

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Out in Edgard, LA sits one of the oldest churches in Louisiana, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. Next to it is a cemetery that was established in 1772 and amongst the residents are a man who fought in the War of 1812, and a man who fought in the American Revolution! Please make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, thank you for watching!

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