Busy Signal – Hungry Days [Street of Gold Riddim] May 2013

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Busy Signal – Hungry Days – Street of Gold Riddim – May 2013
Produced by Penthouse Productions


Busy Signal – Hungry Days – Street of Gold Riddim – May 2013 Busy Signal – Hungry Days – Street of Gold Riddim – May 2013 Busy Signal – Hungry Days – Street of Gold Riddim – May 2013 Busy Signal – Hungry Days – Street of Gold Riddim – May 2013

Yellow Brick Road or Street of Gold [August 4, 2018]

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Where is humanity when we can’t repent. Because you see we have become so complacent we didn’t know what road we followed.

Are you walking down the yellow brick road believing the lies that’s betrayed before you in these pulpits and over the media or are you walking toward heaven where you will one day walk on a street of gold.

#CherylRemington #ATLife #notme

Please watch: “112418 Between Two Opinions”


The Glory of God I-rains gold dust and diamonds in church

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Since a few weeks ago something supernatural has been happening in this church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. After Pastor Angel Fajardo preached on Issiah 60:2 gold dust,oil and precious stones began to fall and appear in the hands of many present and since then it has continued to happed in all the the meetings till today

Drone footage shows secret Scientology Gold Base in California

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Drone footage shows secret Scientology Gold Base in California
This is the first drone flight over the Scientology Gold Base near Hemet California.

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Culvert Gold Rush, Ohio 2015

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Sara and I took off to the Scenic View Claim on OSPA property. Culvert dredged some. Removed debris from culvert and recovered lead, mercury and some other minor metals 😉

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Chinese Camp Ghost Town!! Remnant Of Notable California Gold Rush Mining Town

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Chinese Camp is a census-designated place (CDP) in Tuolumne County, California, United States. The population was 126 at the 2010 census, down from 146 at the 2000 census. It lies in the grassy foothills of the Sierra Nevada near the southern end of California’s Gold Country.

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Gold Canyon, Arizona – Methodist Church Parking Lot

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Had a little car gathering in Gold Canyon, Arizona on 06/10/2017. They are trying to get a new show gathering to take off for this next show season this fall/winter and it will be every Saturday. Hope it takes off and I think it will be a great place to gather with friends. It was 103 degrees out but there was some shade so it wasn’t to awful bad and tolerable. Now, on to the next one…

Karatbars Income 12 Weeks to Financial Freedom with Karatbars Gold Savings Plan Karatbars Income

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The Church of Scientology Cult’s GOLD Base Drone Video – DJI Phantom 4 Flight 1

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Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker blog post about the video:

This is the first drone flight over the Scientology Gold Base near Hemet California. It is part of a series covering all of the major Scientology bases in the Western USA. This video was created for use in documentaries and may be used by anyone without credit or restrictions.

Rick Alan Ross is a private consultant, lecturer, and cult intervention specialist. He began his work as an anti-cult activist and community organizer in 1982.

Ross first became concerned about controversial groups and movements in response to a radical religious group that had covertly targeted his grandmother’s nursing home. Since that time he has raised awareness about cults and facilitated more than five hundred interventions to rescue people from cultic situations.
Ross is one of the leading experts on cults in the world today.

He has consulted with the FBI, the BATF, and various other law enforcement agencies, as well as the governments of Israel and China, on the subject of cults. Ross has been qualified, accepted and testified as an expert court witness in eleven different states within the United States including US federal court. He has worked as an expert analyst for CBS News, CBC of Canada, and Nippon and Asahi in Japan.

Ross has lectured at more than 30 universities and colleges including the University of Chicago, Dickinson College, Carnegie Mellon, Baylor, Wuhan University of China, Assumption University of Thailand and the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. He has also been published within peer-reviewed academic journals on the topic of cults.

Regarding his cult intervention work Ross states that historically about 75 percent of the people that he conducts an intervention with decide to leave the group by the end of such an effort. He has done interventions across the United States and around the world. Ross did two successful interventions with the notorious Branch Davidians led by self-styled messiah David Koresh.
Ross has appeared in fourteen documentaries and has been interviewed and quoted in media all over the world.

For more information about this, and much more:



Pastor Jamal Bryant Sermons 2016 – DEATH To Gold Diggers

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This video Pastor Jamal Bryant Sermons 2016 – DEATH To Gold Diggers
Jamal Harrison Bryant (born May 21, 1971) is an African-American pastor, as of February 2008, of the Empowerment Temple AME Church in his Baltimore, Maryland in the U.S. He is the son of Bishop John Richard Bryant and Rev. Cecilia Williams-Bryant, the latter of whom, as of this date, is an official of the 4th District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. The younger Bryant is a graduate of Morehouse College and of Duke Divinity School.
Jamal Bryant was born in Baltimore, Maryland, to Bishop John Richard Bryant and Rev. Cecilia Williams-Bryant in Cambridge, MA while Bishop Bryant (at the time Rev. John Bryant) was the pastor at St. Paul AME Church. While growing up, Jamal Bryant saw the influence and dissected the messages his mother and father delivered each time they stepped in the pulpit. When his father was elected bishop in the African Methodist Episcopal Church the summer of 1988, the family spent time in Africa for their first assignment. The time spent in Africa helped change and prepare Jamal Bryant for his call to the ministry in the church.
Jamal Bryant dropped out of high school after the 11th grade but later obtained a GED to further his education. He holds a BA degree in Political Science and International Studies from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, and earned a MA of Divinity degree from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. In 2005, he received his Doctorate of Ministry degree from the unaccredited Graduate Theological Foundation. In 1988, Jamal Bryant spent a year in West Africa in what he calls his Damascus Road experience.
Prior to his role as pastor, Jamal Bryant served as the director of the NAACP’s youth and college division. A dynamic motivational speaker, he was responsible for over 650 youth councils and college chapters representing over 68,000 young people in the United States, Germany, and Japan. Today, his ecumenical messages have been heard in places abroad such as South Africa, Belgium, England, and India.
Jamal Bryant founded Empowerment Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church in 1999. The congregation has grown rapidly, becoming a major Baltimore mega-church with more than 10,000 members. Rev. Jamal Bryant and the congregation have a large digital and television footprint. Rev. Jamal Bryant claims more than 35,000 followers on Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace, and his “Power for Life” program is broadcast on nine different stations around the country.
Under Jamal Bryant’s leadership, his church has expanded into the Empowerment Academy serving grades pre-K through seven and the Empowerment Family Life Center. These two institutions serve the community by offering quality education, foreclosure assistance, food and clothing, Christmas gifts, and Single Parents’ Wheels car-buying assistance program. The church has pledged thousands of dollars to get guns off the street and to lower the crime rate.
Over the years, Jamal Bryant’s ministry has also become an international effort as he has ministered in Africa, France, England, India, and Australia. He is the host of the Got Power television broadcast which is seen in 35 cities in the U.S., and the radio broadcast is currently heard by a half million people across the continent of Africa.

Scientology: Dec. 7, 2010 Torture at Gold Base

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Dec. 7, 2010
Riverside County Board of Supervisors.


See “Radical Scientology Torture” at “Moving On Up a Little Higher”:

YouTube video:


Today I’d like to speak about torture at Gold Base.

There’s a blog called “Moving on Up a Little Higher” from two ex-executives of the Scientology organization that have since left, and they were discussing various torture methods that are used at the International Headquarters of Scientology in San Jacinto.

These are extremely serious allegations.

There are some 400 staff and some elderly men and women at that location. Mr. Heber Jentzsch, 75 years old, a 6-year resident of “The Hole” – that’s how that place is called, the place where people are getting beaten up – beaten by Mr. David Miscavige, the cult leader, at least 10 times.

Elderly women such as Penelope Mace have also been abused. She was required to jump into a freezing lake as punishment and nearly drowned and had to be rescued.

Under California law, as public officials, all 7 of you are “Mandated Reporters”.

When any Mandated Reporter has reasonable cause to suspect or to believe that someone aged 60 or over has been abused, neglected, exploited, or abandoned, they must report this.

Mandated reporters who have observed or have knowledge of an incident that reasonably appears to be physical abuse, abandonment, isolation, financial abuse, or neglect must report the abuse right away, and must file a written report within 48 hours.

Now you have the knowledge.

A Mandated Reporter who fails to make a report of known elder abuse or child abuse is guilty of a misdemeanor crime, which is punishable by up to six months in the county jail and/or up to $1000 in fines.

No supervisor or administrator may impede or inhibit an individual’s reporting duties or subject the Mandated Reporter to any sanction for making the report.

Why don’t people at Gold Base simply call 911? I conferred with several people. I received an email that lays it out very simply that people on that base cannot use or, in fact, are forbidden to make outside calls. They cannot call 911. That’s a OSHA violation of the regulations established in 2006 that employers must provide the ability for employees to call 911.

In addition, I recommend that any religious, non-profit organization that has been convicted of crimes be denied their property tax exemption. And that’s not just for Scientology. Last week, somebody talked about the organization “Set Free”, and after a little Google search, I see that they were charged with attempted murder back in 2008. I don’t know what the outcome of this is, but if these guys were convicted of murder, they most definitely not have tax exempt status in Riverside County or any other breaks.


The international headquarters of the Church of Scientology are located at a compound called “Golden Era Productions”, aka “Gold Base”, in Gilman Hot Springs near Hemet, in Supervisor Jeff Stone’s district.


Find 12/7/2010, duration 1 hours 25 min.
00:15:12 – 00:18:37
Excerpt from the public comments period.

Scientology and Human Trafficking? You decide.

Ex-Scientologists Speak Out