A Walk Around the Beautiful Plaza in Ajo, AZ, and a Super-bloom of Mexican Gold Poppies

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I’m a full-time van dweller, and I choose to live this life so I can spend most of my time exploring in nature. In this video, I take you on a walk around the beautiful Ajo Plaza, in southern Arizona. While I’m visiting with locals there I learned about a super-bloom of Mexican Gold Poppies just a few miles up the road. Join me for this little excursion into Area B. Please share, like and comment, but please be kind, hateful comments and trolls will be deleted.

Metal Detecting 1943 Silver Nickel + Wheatie $5.83 in coins searching for gold

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Found a $1 Dollar Coin and a War Nickel from 1943 that is silver clad over copper. A cop car drove by but didn’t stop so i was free to keep hunting. Slowly sweeping the closed High School sports fields complex, hope to search every square inch and hit the motherload of old stuff.

bounty hunter tracker iv four 4 metal detecting detector gold coins silver jewelry money treasure nickle

Pastor Sam Davison- Brass Is No Substitute For Gold

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“Brass Is No Substitute For Gold” preached by Sam Davison, Pastor Emeritus of Southwest Baptist Church and President of Heartland Baptist Bible College, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Wednesday night, August 3rd, 2011, at Cleveland Baptist Church’s 6th Annual Great Lakes Youth Conference. Apologies for the audio and video not being together very well; hopefully a blessing can be had from the message anyhow. 🙂

Mr Porcupine, Moose, Gold and White Foxes

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TrueORF GOLD: the only expression-validated cDNA clones

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Expression cDNA clones are an important for gene function study. TrueORF Gold is a class of cDNA clones ideal for protein expression
1) Western blot test of the transfection lysate
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Metal Detecting A Ghost Town Finds Awesome Boot Plate, Coins and Relics on the Surface!

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Watch our full length metal detecting movie here Team Dirt Fishin America travels to a long lost ghost town to metal detect in the high desert of Nevada. The dry desert doesn’t allow much to sink, leaving the coins and relics virtually on the surface! Chinese coins, seated liberty and more! Finding, coins and relics. Digging the past!

A walk thru Goldfield Nv

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Early morning tour of Goldfield Nevada. Goldfield is a cool old town that still has some working mines and a lot of history. Below is some information from Wiki.

Goldfield is a community located in Esmeralda County Nevada with a population of around 270.
Goldfield was a boomtown in the first decade of the 20th century due to the discovery of gold between 1903 and 1940, Goldfield’s mines produced more than $86 million. Much of the town was destroyed by a fire in 1923, although several buildings survived and remain today, notably the Goldfield Hotel, the Consolidated Mines Building (the communications center of the town until 1963), and the schoolhouse. Gold exploration continues in and around the town today.
Gold was discovered at Goldfield in 1902, its year of inception. By 1904, the Goldfield district produced about 800 tons of ore, valued at $2,300,000, 30% of the state’s production that year. This remarkable production caused Goldfield to grow rapidly, and it soon became the largest town in the state with about 20,000 people.

Historic 1881 Eureka Opera House in Nevada – Road Trip Vlog 17

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Restored 1881 Eureka Opera House on Hwy 50 in Nevada where they were having the Nevada State Old Time Fiddler’s Contest.
See it at:

Eureka, Nevada was settled by some silver prospectors from nearby Austin n 1864 when they found silver/lead ore at Prospect Peak. By 1873, Eureka was Nevada’s second ranking mineral producer next to the Comstock Lode.

In 5 years, the population of Eureka would swell to 9,000 people. Their economic mainstay would be in operating the smelters that would separate silver from lead. With all of the black smoke and soot coming from 16 smelters, Eureka would be known as the “Pittsburgh of the East”.

Due to a decrease in mine production, the smelters closed down and the population fell. During its heyday, Eureka had over 100 saloons, several gambling places, an opera house, hotels, churches and 5 fire departments.

The population consisted of Irish and Cornish miners, German, Italians (including the Carbonari who manufactured charcoal for smelters), Chinese and Jewish settlers. The population that wasn’t miners worked in general labor, making food, the laundry business or in medicine. It was a thriving town.

Lex was quick to point out a rare 5 hole outhouse erected in the middle of the town. We really didn’t know it was that rare till we read the historical marker on the fence surrounding it – the fence was probably to protect it from people who might still want to use it. It must have been quite a prize because it was the object of a lawsuit between two men who claimed ownership.

We decided to leave the famous outhouse alone and visit The Eureka Opera House.

Read more and see photos at: lexandneek.wordpress.com/2017/11/03/historic-1881-eureka-opera-house-in-nevada-road-trip-day-8-ep-17/


Sleepy Jake by Silent Partner

Music track courtesy of YouTube Music Library

Gold Rush Joshua Hendy Stamp Mill, Mariposa Museum & History Center PaPa’s Page

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041 Joshua Hendy Manufacturing 5 Stamp, (5000 lbs) Stamp Mill, at the Mariposa Museum & History Center 5119 Jessie Street, Mariposa California 95338. Operated at the Gold Key Mine for many years during the gold rush.
Thank you For Watching and sharing PaPa’s Page

Thank You for watching and sharing PaPa’s Page

Pioneer Trek – Gold Coast Stake Youth 2017

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In April 2017, the youth of the Gold Coast Stake trekked along the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail from Moore to Yarraman, covering a distance of 47 kms over 3 days.

A “Pioneer Trek” is an event where a youth group, ages 12-18, ‘trek’ along a designated trail pulling handcarts with only the bare essentials. Part of this is to help appreciate what our pioneer ancestors endured in order to find a peaceful home to freely live their faith. The other purpose is to give our youth an idea of what they can achieve when they are determined and focused.

Filmed and Edited by Renee Simon

Glendale – A Montana Ghost Town – near Melrose, Montana MT

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The ghost town of Glendale, just west of Melrose, began around a smelter built in 1875. The smelter burned in 1879 and a larger smelter was built in its place a couple of years later. During the mining boom of the 1880’s 2,000 people lived in Glendale.

Glendale was the most sober, non-violent, civilized town in the area. It contained schools, churches, stores, offices and even a water works system and fire protection.

The roaster glowed red as the three 50-ton blast furnaces roared. Bullion from the Glendale furnaces was melted into 90 pound silver bars and shipped to Omaha for final processing. The district produced 18-22 million dollars in silver and other metals.

In 1900 the mines were closed and the smelter torn down. Today, nature has overtaken the town. Most of its buildings are gone; some moved, others consumed by fire. The few structures that remain are in ruins. The town is full of rock foundations, an indication of a prosperous time past.

It wasn’t until I reviewed the video that I realized I should have been wearing a hard hat around the base of the chimney! A lot of bricks are precariously balanced at the top and are ready for the journey to the ground at any moment!

This sequence was captured with a Canon Vixia HFS-100 camera and a GoPro Hero3 Black on a DJI Phantom quad copter (drone). It was edited with Adobe Premier Pro 6.

Music is “Air Prelude” by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0.


“Amazing Grace 2011” by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0.

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Scientology Gulag (Nr. Hemet, California)

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The cult calls it “Golden Era Productions” and it does include an AV production facility but it is also home of the infamous Sea Org. There’s Mansions for the leaders, overcrowed dorms for the staff and the RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force) complete with running pole (google maps for satellite view).
All surrounded by railings, razorwire, electrified fences, CCTV cameras plus car license plate cameras on the highway. Some “religion” eh?

Cult HQ, Satellite image, Google maps:
New better Annotated version of above:

Video Produced by Jeff Jacobsen. 2001

Keith Henson picketed this base and $cientology had him arrested. On 30th May 2007 he was sentenced to 180 days in jail, plus 3 years probation plus terms not to annoy $cientologists etc. There is now also an ongoing civil case where 3 $cientologists want $25,000 each plus $23,000 costs. see and the Riverside county court website for details (criminal and civil)

cases: HEM014371 (criminal) and HEC009673 (civil)

Video Produced by Jeff Jacobsen. 2001

Mid-America Pickleball 60+ 4.5 GOLD MEDAL Brad Tew/Paul Higgs v David Tappe/Geoff Hodsdon

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Mid-America Pickleball 60+ 4.5 GOLD MEDAL (part) Brad Tew/Paul Higgs v David Tappe/Geoff Hodsdon. Hot Springs, AR. 3-25-2018.