Believers In God A.O.H. Church ~ Columbus, Ga. Pt.3

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Pastor Kelvin Davis ~ (Sermon 5.19.13) “Your Soul Is At Stake” Pt3

Erik & Yesenia Bakke Bringing Hope to North Las Vegas- ABC Channel 13 News Spot

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Erik and Yesenia Bakke pastor at The Potter’s House Christian Fellowship Church at 4444 West Craig Rd in North Las Vegas, NV. This video came about after a member of his congregation wrote a letter to ABC News Channel 13 about how much her life has changed because of Erik and Yesenia, and more importantly because of Jesus Christ.

Crosswinds Assembly of God Dedication 9/27/14

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Crosswinds Assembly of God Fernley,NV dedication by Rev. James Braddy, District Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, Northern California and Nevada District.

Embracing Your defining Moments by Jason Sciscoe

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Please keep Jason and this ministry in your fervent prayers for a blessing. His Bio. Jason comes from a great heritage of apostolic ministry. He is a fourth-generation Pentecostal. Though born in St. Louis, Missouri, Jason spent his first fifteen years in Racine, Wisconsin, growing up in a pastor’s home. He received the Holy Spirit at the age of five and was baptized at the age of six. When Jason was eight, God called him to preach and confirmed His calling by giving Jason his first vision of mass evangelism at a junior camp when he was eleven. Jason preached his first revival three days after his sixteenth birthday and began full-time evangelism when he was eighteen.

Beyond the tremendous foundation of spiritual education given to him by his father, Pastor William Sciscoe, many other mighty men of faith worked extensively mentoring and tutoring him over a period of years.

In 1991, Jason moved to Columbus, Ohio, with his family. He married Kimberly Brown (his longtime friend and prayer partner) in 1996. They continued to evangelize together until becoming co-pastors of The Apostolic Church in Beaumont, Texas in May 2000. They worked with Senior Pastor Marvin L. Cole for four years.

In May of 2004, Jason and Kimberly Sciscoe launched their international ministry. In his more than twenty-five years of ministry, Jason has preached and ministered in churches, singles meetings, youth camps, international crusades, healing crusades, Holy Ghost crusades, and in prayer conferences in more than thirty states and eleven countries.

Praise Break at Cornerstone Church (with Bishop Michael Pitts)

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See more Free Streaming from Cornerstone Church Toledo at

Scottsdale Christian Church ‘Faith to Give’ Trust God with it All

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‘Faith to Give’ Trust God with it All at Scottsdale Christian Church, a Scottsdale Bible Church, non denomination Bible Teaching church in Scottsdale Arizona

Kc God’s Anointed Ones – Rescue Baptist Church 2901 Indiana, Kansas City, MO

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Kc God’s Anointed Ones –
1 – Come too far
2 – God’s Anointing Ones
Sung at Rescue Baptist Church 2901 Indiana, Kansas City MO

Video by donmademyvow