Officer Answers Door Naked For Pizza Delivery Girl – LEO Round Table episode 112

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02:53 Off-duty officer ambushed at church
04:41 FBI agent arrested after shooting at Michigan cop
05:45 High school student with knife shot by campus cop
11:58 Bill will ban police from informing feds about immigrants
13:34 Officer on leave after answering door naked for pizza girl

LEO Round Table is an internet based law enforcement talk show. This is episode 112, recorded on 12/12/2016, with the following on-air personalities: Chip DeBlock (Host), Stuart Boyd (Attorney), Bret Bartlett, David D’Agresta, John Risenhoover and Keith Hamilton. In addition to your host, the other panelists (except for attorney Stuart Boyd) are retired law enforcement officers.

This segment was taken from our 1-hour LIVE show that was broadcast on our YouTube channel. We broadcast LIVE every Monday evening at 7 pm EST (the 2nd Monday of every month is at 8 pm EST). If you miss our LIVE show, you can watch 10 – 15 minute segments of it uploaded to our YouTube channel (and at LEOROUNDTABLE.COM) Tue – Sun.

Topic 1 concerns a Kansas City (Missouri) Police officer who was ambushed while working an off-duty assignment at a church.

Topic 2 concerns the arrest of an FBI agent after he reportedly brandished a gun at a Planet Fitness gym and shot at a responding Grand Rapids (Michigan) Police officer.

Topic 3 concerns a 14-year-old Nevada high school student armed with a knife and threatening other students who was shot by a Reno campus police officer. Police Chief Jason Soto was quoted in the story.

Topic 4 concerns a bill introduced by California Democratic Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon that will forbid law enforcement from adhering to requests from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to be notified when immigrants are being released from jail.

Topic 5 concerns Las Cruces (New Mexico) Police Officer William Gonzalez who allegedly ordered a pizza while off-duty at his home and answered the door naked for the pizza delivery girl. Chief Jaime Montoya is quoted in the story.

Watch The Moment a Cop Finds an Abducted 3-Year-Old Girl in a Parking Lot

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Video shows the dramatic moment a police officer discovered a three-year-old girl sitting alone in a dark parking lot, hours after she was taken in a stolen car. Caraline Leon-Alcocar was inside her mother’s vehicle in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but when her mom got out run a quick errand, a thief jumped into the vehicle and took off, police said. After hours of searching, Caraline was found just after 1 a.m. by Officer Chris Poccia and the moment was captured on his lapel camera.

Wedding Venue | Virginia Beach | Country Villa Inn | The Girl Tyler

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Planning a wedding in Virginia Beach or looking for an outdoor venue? Consider Country Villa Inn and its beautiful grounds, located on four acres in rural Virginia Beach, for your next special event or party. They prepare gift baskets, specialty cakes, order limos, arrange special events as well as plan weddings and schedule massages with our on-site licensed massage therapists. Pampering you really is their business.

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Girl in the Rain | Umbrella Art | Beginner Acrylic Painting Lesson

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Girl in the Rain with a Red Umbrella Easy Paint tutorial for New painters. This Beginning Acrylic Tutorial of a walk in the rain is a fully guided paint along with complete Step by step instructions. Every part of the painting process is covered so you can sit back and enjoy making your own painting right at home. Bring friends and something to drink and you can create a memory that will hang on your wall forever!!!

*** Acrylic Paint Colors ***
Titanium White:
Yellow Ocher:
Burnt Sienna:
Cadmium Red, Medium Shade:
Mars Black:

*** Recommended Canvas Size ***
16×20 (41cm x 51¾cm) canvas, pre-gessoed:

*** Recommended Brushes ****
Bright 1” ½” ¼”
Filbert 1” ½”
Detail round medium and fine
½ shader

I generally paint with Simply Simmons , Creative Mark, Ebony Splendor and Pro Stroke brushes. I also use some Windsor Newton and Ruby Satin Silver

My favorite Brush is Goldilocks or Simply Simmons bright #10 Extra Firm Filament

*** Other Supplies ***
Paper towels
Water cup
Chalk, a few colors
Table easel
Delicious snack or beverage
A smile!

Have fun Live with The Art Sherpa during this BEGINNER HOW TO PAINT art lesson in acrylic art tutorial. This is an easy, fun, social art lesson for canvas. We talk about art and other fun subjects. With help and guidance, anyone can paint. You can paint!

Want to see something? Just comment! Tell me what you’d like to paint, or what you want to know about art. This is YOUR art journey. Open your heart and access your art.

Acrylics are a fun and enjoyable painting medium. I prefer ‘Creative Mark’ brushes, and I use Liquitex heavy body acrylic paint, Matisse Derivan, and golden colors.

I love teaching people to paint in a supportive environment. Everyone deserves to have art in their lives and feel the joy that art can bring! Follow along and share your art journey with me! I look forward to hearing from you.

TWITTER: @artsherpa

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If you’d like to share our tutorial/original painting design with a church group, skilled nursing facility or other nonprofit interest, do get in touch. We have ideas, guides and a few fun little extras to make bringing the Art Sherpa to your community one big party. Let’s collaborate!
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Gone Girl Oral Sex Scene Raising Eyebrows In Hollywood

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“In the prudish ‘90s and early aughts, including a scene of a man going down on a woman would earn you an ugly NC-17 rating. Now, thankfully, the MPAA has loosened up… a bit.

In the past, a scene like that—depicting a woman well on her way to achieving orgasm—would have earned the film a big, ugly NC-17 rating from the relentless prudes at the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), a shadowy trade organization that’s long deemed any degree of corporal violence as far more acceptable than female sexual pleasure, and has done more to shame male-to-female oral sex than Michael Douglas. But recently, the MPAA has loosened the stick in its collective ass and allowed women to go there whilst maintaining an R rating.”

Read more from The Daily Beast here:

Cenk Uygur ( and Ana Kasparian ( of The Young Turks discuss. Did you see ‘Gone Girl?’ Tell us what you think in the comment section below.


Scroguard, Gone Girl, West Africa, Magazine Cover Fail & Playground Swings – The Young Turks 10/6/2014 Social Commentary


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‘Girl Crush’: Little Big Town Performs Controversial Song to Cheering ACM Awards Audience

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Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush” song wasn’t well received in Boise, Idaho, but it was sure loved in Arlington, Texas at Sunday’s American Country Music Awards.

Jayme Closs missing girl psychic reading by Brian Ladd 12 15 2018 slideshow

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from dd’s
Jaymee Closs found, go back look in the crawlspace, the phone she used to talk to him is there, cars unrelated, motorcycle, police missed the box?

Jayme Closs, body found 6 miles from home, January 12th, 2019, lazy eye, returns to home (this is for January 2019 and does not mean she has already been murdered)

12/5/2018 – Jaymee Closs, these 6 dd’s come from dreams and map dosing and provide exact search locations, I realize these areas may have already been searched, but they need to be looked at again…specifically for 2 items that police
Jaymee Closs found, look again, drove right by the trailer, Dallas (I realize dd says Dallas, I do not think this trailer is in Texas)

Jayme Closs look again, he’s going to kill her on December 16th, Hania Aguila killed December 25th, numbers, church, trailer (may not be the right translation of last nights dream but I will be posting additional dreams on these 2 cases in a few day

Trailer, he took her here, Hania Noelia Aguilar found, fire tower, 27, more numbers.

He’s taking another girl, trailer, December 2018

Mollie Tibbits is still alive after killing, trailer, 27, 27, 57 feet, fire tower, he going to take another girl – always 2. I’m aware she is not alive and I’m not sure what this means.

Hania Aguilar case may be related to the Jayme Closs case an could explain why I’m having so much difficulty finding this trailer.

Jayme Closs is still alive in trailer, lacross Thee dreams are from November 11th – 13th 2018 and are from my hospital room in Port Saint Lucie Florida. Please visit my site news for more details on this case at

Jayme Closs, police are withholding this item, someone knows when she had this, drugs (meth) are being shipped in and out of turkey plant in the bird’s cavities, Road Dogs Biker Gang.

Box in truck, Colton Treu, was in Rice Lake, Eau Claire, refrigerated trailer, knows where Jayme Closs is?

The man at cameron? who will go to James Closs’s funeral is the same man who has Jayme Closs

10/24/2018 from all thee dream drawings (dd’s) This is the trailer Jayme Closs is being held in. DD states that LE already searched the area but did not break the lock, the man who took Jayme has the only key.

Connersville, numbers, Jayme Cross (this is important)

Jayme, look again, she missed it (Jayme Cross search area related)

October 23rd, 2018 Jaymee Closs news report? links to auto garage and moms boyfriend, rice lake.

This is the same trailer related to the Jayme Cross case.

Engle Creek Springs, Jayme (maybe related to Jayme Cross missing teen case, this is a real location map included)

Dark blue car, I’m in the back seat and this is what I can see, there are crosses handing inside the car and on the floor (this is a lucid dream form 10/19 or 10/20 of 2018)
Engle Creek Springs, Jayme (maybe related to Jayme Cross missing teen case, this is a real location map included)

Missing teen Jayme Closs I believe will be located shortly, I will post what I can at expect some sort of update by LE on October 23rd and much more to follow!

The cartel did not do this, grain silo (this may or may not be related to a missing person case Jayme Closs)

Auto garage and flags metal rebar, Jayme Closs would walk her to see him, go back, numbers.

Aka? Dawn Gordon Jayme Closs, id, renee is a hero, rx (no clue how this is related to Jayme Closs missing girl case unless its another Jayme, awful dream though)
Road block ??? wisteria lane south west in Adamsville, missing girl Jayme Closs with Steven K.

Jayme Closs, wrong information, she had more than one fight with her parents, look in her room again (whatever was found in her room by LE has more to it and will provide a more accurate location than what they are going by right now)

Eau Claire, Jayme Closs Deerfield Road?

Jayme Closs search map

DNA of Steven Procopio fount at home of James and Denise Closs in the bathroom.

These 2 dd’s (dream drawings) from 10-16-2018 are related to a missing girl named Jayme Cross, I have opened a case file located at

Westboro Baptist Church Interview On Anonymous Threat/Hoax, Calls Host “Little Girl”

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-Shirley Phelps-Roper from the Westboro Baptist Church discusses the alleged threat from Anonymous, which is being called a hoax by some, insults both the host, David Pakman, and her estranged brother, Nate Phelps, and says plenty more.

The David Pakman Show is an internationally syndicated talk radio and television program hosted by David Pakman

24/7 Voicemail Line & Studio Number: (219)-2DAVIDP

Broadcast on February 21, 2011 Support TDPS by clicking (bookmark it too!) this link before shopping on Amazon: David’s Instagram: –Donate via Bitcoin: 15evMNUN1g4qdRxywbHFCKNfdCTjxtztfj

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Ghost of murdered girl follows guys at haunted brothel in Milwaukee

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On Sunday, August 19th my friends and I spent the night at the haunted, Shaker’s Cigar Bar in Milwaukee. Our goal: to invoke the spirit of Molly Harvey Brennan among other spirits who reside here. Molly was a star who worked in the penthouse when the building served as a brothel. In 1930, at the age of 19 she was brutally murdered by her estranged lover, Patrick Harvey. This video chronicles our adventure into the other side.