Howe Gelb (Giant Sand) – Spiral – LIVE 2008

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Howe Gelb – ‘Spiral’

LIve version of the song found on the new GIANT SAND release on Yep Roc records.. *proVISIONS*

(this live version is issued on the vinyl release of proViSIONS as a bonus track on side 4)

Recorded on April 17, 2008 at St. Phillips Episcopal Church, Tucson, Arizona.

Video produced for the program Arizona Illustrated on KUAT-TV/Arizona Public Media
Video shot by Bob Lindberg and Sooyeon Lee
Video editing by Bob Lindberg
Audio Recording & Mastering – Jim Blackwood

Copyright 2008


Electric Walkie Stacker Forklift New York Long Island New York City Big Joe PDS BGL Blue Giant Hilo

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Giant Cross at Groom Texas – A Walk Around the 12 Stations

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Giant Cross at Groom Texas –

The giant cross at Groom Texas is said to be the largest cross in the western hemisphere. Located just east of Amarillo on Interstate 40, the Christian cross stands 190 foot tall and is white in color.

The giant cross at Groom, TX attracts Christian visitors of all denominations. This video shows the cross and the 12 stations surrounding it.

No doubt, the Groom Texas giant cross is an inspiration to us all. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel before you go to get more Christian inspiration. Thanks for stopping by.

Pastor Trainer Expounding on I’VE FACED THE GIANT AND I’M STILL HERE Part 2 @ New St John BC 1048 West Gulfway Port Arthur, Texas Sunday March 8, 2009 3p for 45th year ushers annual

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Giant tumor removed: Mexican boy takes Viagra to shrink neck tumor prior to surgery

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After two years of treatment in the U.S., an 11-year-old Mexican boy finally received surgery to remove a tumor that took over the left side of his body.

The boy was brought to New Mexico in 2012 with assistance from the First Baptist Church of Rio Rancho whose missionaries first met the boy in Ciudad Juarez.

For a while, doctors gave the boy Viagra. Apparently, the same ingredients that give grandpa a boner also help reduce the size of tumors in children. Although the tumor wasn’t cancerous, and the oral medication was working to shrink the tumor, surgery was still recommended as the best option for the boy.

After a 12-hour operation involving 25 medical professionals, the boy is now recovering at the University of New Mexico Children’s Hospital.


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Ossuary 7 – Resolve Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


(Canal Español)
(English Channel)


There are several news I let go by because they are too obvious, but then they appear in miss information media which give life to news where there is really nothing to say.
Several of you have been sending me news about what seems to be a fallen angel, a giant demon with wings, or even what is called a moth man.
The original picture was published by the Facebook user Richard Chirstianson on January 1st 2017, who asked the question “What the heck do you see on this image?”
People began sharing the picture until it turned viral. Later on the user erased the picture from his Facebook page. Unfortunately the news has no more details or information which substantiates it.
(Read more

Ray Johnston & Scott Johnston: The Life Of David – Defeating The Giant Of Fear

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This video is presented to you by Bayside Church – with 5 locations around Sacramento, California – one of the largest and fastest growing churches in North America. Let us know how we can meet your needs at

Curt Harlow: The Life Of David – Defeating The Giant Of Anger

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Storm Chaser Movie May 20, 2013 Moore, Ok Tornado F5

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Recorded history’s most devestating tornado tore a path of extreme destruction from Newcastle, OK to eastern Oklahoma City. Moore, OK yet again received most of the raw fury that is an F-5 tornado. Captured by Videa Studio’s Michael Cassettari, He records the behemoth’s path from when it drops from the clouds that afternoon to when it dies some 45 minutes later. Videa Studios: 405-514-3687 Copyright Videa Studios 2013

Andrew McCourt: The Life Of David – Growing The Giant Of Self Control

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This video is presented to you by Bayside Church – with 5 locations around Sacramento, California – one of the largest and fastest growing churches in North America. Let us know how we can meet your needs at

Facing My Giant by Pastor Michael L. Henderson – New Beginnings Church

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“Facing My Giant: The Pathway to Promotion” by Pastor Michael L. Henderson of New Beginnings Church. For the full version visit New Beginnings online at during services or Call 704-567-2900 for more information.

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New Beginnings Church 7027 Stillwell Rd. Matthews, NC

American fair, Jonesboro, Arkansas

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In this video I’m showing American fair in Jonesboro, Arkansas, United States. Hope you will like this video.
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Thank you, guys:)

P.S. Purpose of this video is strictly educational. Disclosure of any confidential data was never intention of this video.