Online Business Consulting Georgetown TX | (512) 277-5961

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Online Business Consulting Georgetown TX | (512) 277-5961

“Business culture is like a wild mustang running out of control: nostrils flaring, hooves beating, his mane waving in the wind daring you with defiance. As your coach, Scott Carley will teach you to lasso him in, put a bit in his mouth, a saddle on his back and your feet in the stirrups. With the reins taut in your hands, you will command your daily routine.”

Frazzled executives, frustrated managers and all manner of business owners and entrepreneurs are those who clamor for Scott’s expertise. He works with department heads to develop company organizational structure; builds leadership teams by clarifying their individual responsibilities and works with individuals on their time management skills and habits.

Scott will appraise your flow of activity and perform organizational angioplasty to liberate the stream of income producing labor. He will confront and then synchronize the efforts of teamwork among your key personnel. Scott can create strategies to master the emerging business owners monthly, weekly and daily calendars. Scott’s strengths are: Illustrate Organizational Clarity

• Illustrate Organizational Clarity
• Resolve Teamwork Dysfunction
• Break Time Management Thresholds
• Coach Emerging Leaders

Scott has traveled in 40 states and on 4 continents over the past two decades as an independent Church Growth Consultant. After attending Christian Life College in California and Texas Bible College in Houston, Scott built his career in church related management and organizational development. His work consisted of consulting with church leadership teams and building customized programs to assist in their organization and growth.

In 2001 he went through a transition in his church growth work that encouraged him to broaden his horizons into the business culture. Scott says, “I found that many of the same principles and practices I shared with churches were very applicable in the business culture. As I continued to explore the opportunity, I discovered my perspective and approach was unique, popular and more importantly — effective.” Once a client appreciates the logic of what Scott teaches, they can quickly adapt the skills to their own monthly, weekly and daily agenda.

Besides his favorite topic, Taming the Mustang; a time management practicum, Scott also offers other workshops and coaching programs on the following topics;
• Arresting Your Time Thieves
• Focus On What Matters
• Defining Your NICHE Specialization in The Marketplace
• Creating A Head-Turning 60 Second Introduction
• The Power of 3rd Party Selling
• The Formula for Momentum
• The Leadership Pyramid
• The 5 Dysfunctions of a Leadership Team

Call Scott Carley today at (512) 277-5961 and unleash the full potential of your business.

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Facing Slavery’s Legacy at Georgetown University

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Adam Rothman, professor of history at Georgetown, discusses the university’s roots in the slave economy of early America and their implications for today. He describes university efforts to research its history and reach out to descendants of the Maryland Jesuit slave community. Rothman is part of the university’s Working Group on Slavery, Memory and Reconciliation. Presented in partnership with the Historical Society of Washington, D.C., as the Letitia Woods Brown Memorial Lecture to open the 43rd Annual Conference on D.C. History.

Jaron Jones, Georgetown K-8 School

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This kid is bravely sharing his art with you and the world. Listen up and prepare to be impressed. The Deep Center is an education nonprofit organization in Savannah Georgia. We provide creative writing workshops at public schools because we believe that Their Stories Matter.

Black Georgetown Remembered, 25th Anniversary

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On Februrary 24, 2016 the University community gathered in Gaston Hall to commemorate “Black Georgetown Remembered,” which chronicles and celebrates the rich but little-known history of the Georgetown black community from the colonial period to the present.

Drawing on primary sources, including oral interviews with past and current residents and extensive research in church and historical society archives, the authors record the hopes, dreams, disappointments, and successes of a vibrant neighborhood as it persevered through slavery and segregation, war and peace, prosperity and depression. This event celebrated the beautiful commemorative 25th anniversary edition of “Black Georgetown Remembered,” which was first published in 1991, with a new introduction by Kathleen Menzie Lesko and a foreword by Maurice Jackson.

Moderator: Maurice Jackson (Georgetown University)
Panelists: Valerie Babb (University of Georgia), Kathleen Menzie Lesko (Huntington Library), Vernon H. Ricks, Jr (Mount Zion United Methodist Church), Monica Roaché (Georgetown’s Advisory Neighborhood Commission), and Neville Waters, III (Fifth Generation Georgetowner).

The video Black Georgetown Remembered, a documentary from 1989 that complements the book, which can be viewed here:

Georgetown Stats: Traditional Religious Orders Attracting Novices

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